Legally non-Binding Resolutions!

by Steven Shamrak

I realised a long time ago that people’s political views are based predominantly on their emotional attachments to their personal upbringing and life experiences and have almost nothing to do with the facts of history, be it ancient or modern, and legality of the issues. Nevertheless, I decided to take a risk and so compiled the following legal information about the most ‘famous’ resolutions related to the Arab-Israel conflict. The fact that that most of the resolutions have expired or are not legally binding do not bother most of the members of the international anti-Semitic chorus. Strangely, most of Israel’s previous governments bow to international pressure even though they are fully aware of its unfairness and anti-Israel bias!

This information is for people who are interested in forming their opinion based on facts or for those who are still open-minded and capable of changing their political view about the right of state of Israel and Jewish people to live in peace on the land of our ancestors in its entirety.

1) In July 1922, the League of Nations entrusted Great Britain with the Palestine Mandate, recognizing “the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine” (Jews were commonly called Palestinians at the time). Article 5 of the resolution stated: “The Mandatory (Great Britain) shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of, the Government of any foreign Power...” Three months later, in violation of the Mandate, in order to obtain full control over the Suez canal, Great Britain and France made a deal with the Hashemite Kingdom and Egypt and ceded the trans-Jordan (77%) and Golan Heights (5%) from the Palestine Mandate. The League of Nations just rubber-stamped this deal, made by major political powers at the time in violation of the League of Nations’ resolution!

2) UN Resolution 181 (“Partition Plan” of 1947): Julius Stone, the eminent professor of international law, completely refutes that UN Resolution 181 is still legally binding on Israel. He argues that that resolution never came into legal force at all: “The Arab states (including Jordan) not only rejected it, but committed armed aggression against it and against Israel, and thus wholly aborted it. They deliberately destroyed it, as it were in utero, before it entered the world, of legal effectiveness...”

3) Security Council resolution 242 (Nov. 22, 1967) was not carried out and became obsolete because the Arab states refused to give “respect for, and acknowledgment of, the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of” Israel. Therefore, Israel had retaliated by refusing to withdraw.

4) Roadmap: was a “performance-based and goal-driven” agreement. Its deadline expired in 2005. The Palestinian Authority has never stopped terror attacks against Israel, which is the first and most important prerequisite of the Roadmap agreement prior to further negotiations. Therefore, the agreement has no validity any more.

5) The Annapolis Accord was an attempt to push Israel toward acceptance of a two-state solution. It completely ignored the continuation of the PA’s terrorist activities against Israel and disregarded the spirit of the Roadmap agreement. Taking into account that the Accord has not been ratified by both Israel and the Palestinian Authority, just the same as many other international agreements, it is not legally binding! The Annapolis accord was seen as a last-ditch attempt by President George W Bush to make his ‘mark’ on history!

The legal rule that actions have consequences seems to have completely escaped the attention of recent Israeli leaders and the international anti-Semitic community of states and organizations (UN, EU, the Quartet, Russia and the US) since the beginning of the Oslo process and long before it!

Evil is Coming - Westerns Must See It!

(Speech of a professor from Kuwait - a country with every reason to be grateful to the USA for liberating it from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein.)

No to Jewish State – No to ‘Palestinian’ one!

PA spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh on Thursday night slammed Netanyahu’s insistence that the PA first accept the concept of Israel as a Jewish State before Israel continues talks to establish a new Arab country. The Hamas-led breakaway PA government in Gaza, meanwhile, still refuses to recognize Israel at all, referring to the Jewish State only as “the Zionist entity” whenever it must discuss Israel. (They must leave Jewish land!)

Twenty-three delegations storm out of UN Racism conference

as Ahmadinejad condemns Israel as "racist" - The Geneva anti-Semitic conference coincided with main Holocaust Day ceremony in Jerusalem!

Quote of the Week:

"West Bank (and Gaza) at present held by Israel does not belong to any other State, the (4th Geneva) Convention would not seem to apply to it at all… Jordan (and Egypt) has, by virtue of the principle ex iniuria non oritur ius no territorial rights in the territories concerned, the case would not fall within the convention"  - The eminent Professor of international law Julius Stone. – By pushing the two-state solution, the enemies of Israel want to change the international legal status of Judea, Samaria and Gaza!

“We’re the only democracy in the region, but there’s no reason why we have to be the only suckers as well. We must show strength.”Daniel Friedmann, Minister of Justice of Israel from 2007 to 2009.

Letting Pariah of the Hook. The United States and European countries are preparing proposals to drop the US demand that Iran shut down its nuclear facilities during early talks on its nuclear program. The proposals mark a sharp break from the approach taken by the Bush administration, which had demanded that Iran halt its enrichment activities to initiate negotiations. (Weak policy against “Rough states” creates more problems! North Korea is good example.)

Six Months of Hypocrisy. The US President Barack Obama will grant a waiver allowing the PLO to maintain an office in Washington for another six months. U.S. presidents have repeatedly signed similar waivers, allowing the PLO office to remain open despite legislation that would restrict its activities due to its ties to terrorism. (The US government has been using the ‘another six months’ waiver for years, delaying transfer of the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, ignoring the US law!)

Green Light to Iranian N-Bomb. Iran has taken a giant step towards the capability to produce a nuclear bomb. According to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran has completed a cycle for producing and processing nuclear fuel. At the same time the United States State Department is trying to discount the claim and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that his country will not pressure Iran to drop its nuclear program. (All are mute and quiet now but will scream their hearts out when Israel will stop Iranian nuclear aggression.)

The US is Deliberately Holding Israel Back. US State Department officials are refusing to put a deadline on US attempts to negotiate: "we are pursuing direct diplomacy at the moment."  There is a danger that the talks will be postponed until after June's elections in Iran and then until a new Iranian government is formed. That would merely buy Teheran more time to develop a N-bomb and that is what Iran is aiming for!

Hypocricy of the Headlines.

“After Gaza, Israel grapples with crisis of isolation” – published by International Herald Tribune and The New York TimesThe article is even more disturbing. It has not even attempted to suggest that Hamas should be isolated after firing thousands of rockets into Israel and holding an Israeli soldier hostage. Anti-Semites have no shame!

One Way Use of International Law Against Israel! "These outrageous threats of resorting to criminal and terrorist acts against a sovereign country and a member of the United Nations not only display the aggressive and warmongering nature of the Zionist regime, but also constitute blatant violations of international law," Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee wrote in a letter to the UN Security Council. (Why is international law only applicable to the Jewish state? Didn’t the Iranian president vow to destroy Israel just recently? Furthermore, the entire Arab world never hides sharing the same aspiration!)

The Games They still Play. In neighboring Jordan, senior officials from several Arab states reiterated their support for an Arab peace initiative offering recognition to Israel in exchange for Israel’s surrender. "If Israel wants to engage in political negotiations, it must accept a two-state solution, agreements signed and halt settlement activity," said Saeb Erekat, the chief PA negotiator. (If a two-state solution is so important for the PA, why hasn’t the PA ratified it yet, but continues with terrorism against Israel? Has Hamas accepted the Annapolis Accord?)

Keep the Biggest Bigot Away from Israel. It was announced last week that Pope Benedict XVI will travel to Ramallah during his trip to Jerusalem, where he will meet the president of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and pay a visit to the Aida ‘refugee camp’. In his Easter message the Pope called for a renewed push for Israeli-Palestinian peace just weeks before he travels to the Holy Land. (He is not willing to pay full tribute to Jewish Holocaust victims, but is eager to visit and give credence to enemies of the Jewish state! Must Israel pay NIS 43 million for security of the papal visit? He does not want to change the position on condoms, gay marriage and priests, true reconciliation with Jews or condemn messianic activities of Christians world-wide but eagerly advocates creation of a country for the terrorists!)

Drug War Against Hezbollah. Israeli police say Hezbollah, the dominant power in the towns and villages of south Lebanon, takes a cut of the drug trade, narco-terrorism and uses the money to fund operations and recruit agents inside Israel. Between four and five tons of heroin entered Israel in 2008, nearly all of it through Lebanon. On the Israeli side, the trade is controlled by Israeli Arab crime-families with close ties in Lebanon.