Foreign Governments are Key Backers of Peace Now.

by Scott Shiloh.

Peace Now, a far-left Israeli-based organization promoting Israeli withdrawal to pre-1967 borders and removal of all Jewish communities in Judea/Samaria, is largely funded by foreign governments. The organization, which spends large sums of money finding and detailing every new Israeli structure in Judea and Samaria, is effectively on the payroll of at least three European governments, according to Israeli investigative reporter David Bedein...

Bedein said a member of the Finnish Parliament told him the money was forwarded to Finland by the U.S. government. Bedein said another source of financing for Peace Now is the economic Cooperation Foundation, a group funded directly by the European Union. The EFC was the subject of controversy last year when the Israeli media revealed that the organization was funding the activities of left-wing MK Yossi Beilin (Meretz).

The foreign governments which fund Peace Now, such as Britain and Norway, are fundamentally opposed to the existence of all Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. (Effectively, they oppose the existence of the state of Israel. This is an open violation of the sovereignty of an independent state - Israel. It is bordering upon a declaration of war! The Holocaust was not enough, they are determined to finish job!)

1.      A mass abduction of about 100 Iraqi factory workers is staged by dozens of gunmen in Tajji north of Baghdad.

2.      An alQaeda-led Iraq group announces a decision to kill four Russian embassy hostages.

3.      The two missing US soldiers recovered in Yusefiyah south of Baghdad had undergone "barbaric torture" and their bodies were booby-trapped.

...and what UN is worrying about. "The Secretary-General calls on Israel to respect international law and to ensure that its actions are proportionate and do not put civilians at grave risk,"  - First, the UN must make a strong uncompromising ultimatum to perpetrators and sponsors of terrorism - Hamas, PLO, Al Qaeda, Jamal Islamia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and other 'quiet achievers'! Second, eradicate the internal anti-Israel infestation of anti-Semitism within the UN! Yes, I know, it is too much to ask!

Business as Usual. Hamas recently declared an end to an unofficial truce with Israel. An 8-man terrorist force crawled through an underground tunnel into Israel. Two Israeli soldiers were killed, four others wounded and one is abducted during the raid. Hamas endorsed and played a leading role in the long-planned attack. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has urged the United States to press Israel to stop military escalation against the 'Palestinians'.

US Urges Israel Restraint. THE international community of hypocrites urged restraint as thousands of Israeli troops massed on the Gaza border poised for an offensive over the kidnapping of a teenage soldier. (For 58 year, only Israel has being exercising restraint. It is time to get rid of our enemies once and for all and free Jewish Land!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel's consul general in New York, Aryeh Mekel, has stated that those American Jews who do not support Olmert's realignment plan "will be told to keep quiet." - The president of Australia Zionist Federation, Philip Chester, also said that Jews in Australia should not protest against deportation of Jews from Judea and Samaria, because it will not change anything. - So much for the democracy and freedom of speech! - When Jews do not challenge apathetic leadership, National disasters happen. There are many compelling examples in Jewish history.

Guns Supplied by Israel to kill Jews. Members of PA President Mahmoud Abbas' personal guard, "Force 17", used Israel's weapons to shoot Israelis this week. Abu Yousuf, a senior member of Force 17, said bluntly that the weapons will be used to shoot Jews, and added that the terror organization may share the weaponry with Hamas as well, if its 3,000-member militia is absorbed into the general PA police force. (Jewish blood is on the hands of Olmert.)

Red Cross has Done it Again. Israel's aid organization, Magen David Adom has been admitted as a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.  The Palestine Red Crescent has also become a member. Israel first tried to join the International Red Cross Movement in 1949, but Middle Eastern politics have kept Israel out. (It took 58 years for Israel to get to this point of 'recognition'. It took no time for non-existent, fictitious anti-Israel entity to be recognised by the Red Cross. Now is a very good time for Israel to resign from this deeply anti-Semitic and anti-Israel organization!)

The War is Declared. The armed wing of PA governing group Hamas said its forces aided the attack, using firearms and bombs. spokesman for Gaza's Popular Resistance Committee said they carried out the attack on an Israeli army position near the Gaza Strip. (Do not kid yourself, the war is declared by Hamas government! When will Israel clear Jewish land of our enemies?)

Egypt and Jordan rejected Olmert's 'Realignment'. President Hosni Mubarak and King Abdullah warn Israel against unilateral steps - realignment plan for the West Bank.

Quote of the Week:

"When rulers are wicked, their people are too; but good men will live to see the tyrant's downfall." Proverbs 29:16

Terror is 'product' of Arab society. Saudi Shura Council member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi said the following in his interview: "In my opinion, we should not describe these people (slaughtering the other) as deviant. This is the product of our culture... They are the product of a culture that believes the other does not deserve to live, and is an absolute enemy with whom no understanding is possible."

Vocation in Israeli Prison. Nablus teenager Mohammed Kharaz, 17, heard from a kid in his class that if you get yourself arrested by the Israeli army, they send you to a prison with digital television, interesting books, and even a decent soccer field. To Mohammed, it sounded like a dream vacation, so on Feb. 25, he tucked a kitchen knife under his shirt and headed toward an Israeli checkpoint [seeking arrest]. It played out just as his friend described. "It's a real phenomenon," said Jacob Dallal, a spokesman for the Israeli army. He said soldiers had seen dozens of similar cases. (Israel has not money to compensate Gush Katif refugees, but plenty for being nice to enemies!)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity:

Israeli-Made Technology Helped to Target Zarqawi. Israel's Rafael Armament Development Authority's Litening advanced airborne infrared target acquisition and navigation pods was installed USAF F-16s that killed Zarqawi, according to USAF commander in Iraq, Lt.-Gen. Gary North.

Israel regrets civilian deaths . Ehud Olmert, in his first meeting with Mahmoud Abbas as Israeli prime minister, on last Thursday told the PA president he regretted the deaths of Palestinian civilians in recent air strikes on the Gaza Strip. (Did Mahmoud Abbas reciprocate by  expressing regrets for killing Israeli civilians by the Blood thisty Arab Palestinian terror infrastracture? - NO! Stop appologising Mr Olmert. Do your job and get rid of our enemies!)

Is Israel a Free Democracy? Eran Sternberg, director of Arutz Sheva's televised programming, was forcibly detained and questioned by General Security Services (GSS) on Tuesday. They warned him that he "had best be careful." (The 'incidences' like this are becoming too common in "the only democracy in the Middle East"!) More than two-thirds of those who back last year's expulsions of Jews from Gaza object to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's plan to continue with more destruction and expulsions from Judea and Samaria. (Will democratically elected prime minister of Israeli listen to his people? Or, will self-hate privail!)

Plot to down Israeli plane foiled. Swiss intelligence services foiled a terrorist plot to shoot down an Israeli plane over Geneva. Seven people of North African origin are under arrest. French authorities had taken six suspected Islamic militants into custody in the Paris area. (This was hardly mentioned in the news.)

Stupidity in Progress. In meeting with Nobel Prize laureates Olmert says that in framework of withdrawal from parts of West Bank, settlers would be allowed to choose if they want to move into Israel's borders or stay in areas controlled by PA. (It is in line with UN resolution 181, but what a stupidity! He makes it up as he goes.)

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