One Week of Muslim Arson Attacks on Jews!

(Where is the international outrage and the UN condemnation?)

Thursday - July 30

- Muslims threw Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicles near the village of Beit Ummar in Gush Etzion.

Wednesday - July 29

- Muslims threw firebombs and stones at police in Jerusalem’s Isiwiya neighbourhood.

- Muslims threw an explosive device at the Tomb of Rachel. The worshipers were taken away and a police sapper on his way to the scene (Tazpit News Agency).

Tuesday - July 28

- Muslims threw firebombs at homes in Ma’aleh Olives in Jerusalem’s Old City.

- Muslims firebombed military vehicles on the Gilad road in Shomron.

Monday - July 27

- A fire broke out in the town of Psagot Benjamin after Muslims threw multiple firebombs at homes

- Muslims threw a Molotov cocktail at Israeli vehicles near the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim

- Muslim terrorists imprisoned in jail, ignited a fire in one of the cells. 11 prison guards and two inmates were injured.

Sunday - July 26

- Two policemen were wounded by a Molotov cocktail thrown by Muslim rioters in Isiwiya

- Muslims set fire to a forest fire in Gush Etzion hills. Six planes and six firefighters with volunteers were in place.

- Elon forest fire flared up again. Eight firefighters and six aircraft were in place. Two mobile homes were burned down

- Muslims threw Molotov cocktails and stones at Border Police in Isiwiya

Friday - July 24

- Fire fighters arrived to extinguish a fire in Isiwiya Jerusalem, a confrontation between police and Muslim rioters.

This doesn't make the headlines. It's not a breaking news story. There's no outrage. It's just life everyday under the shadow of Islamic hatred. And while none of this was that bad, it's just one week.

Anti-Zionist Déjà Vu in Israel

A few years ago a mosque was set on fire in an Arab village.  Immediately, international media, Israeli leftists and other ‘Jew-lovers’ blamed “radical” Jews. The villagers paraded burned carpets and the Quran books. Israeli government arrested few young Jewish men without any evidence, before investigation even began. Later, the truth came out - villagers had a fight with visitors from another Arab village, located in the Galilee, and a few young Arabs from that village entered the mosque at night and set it on fire as retaliation! And, NOBODY CARED!

List of Israeli Children - 177 - Killed by Arab Terrorists!

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The biggest harm to the Jewish people and Israel comes from Jewish traitors, who have compulsion to prove the loyalty to their ‘masters’ and the need to show that they are ‘good Jews’! They were appeasers of Greek and Roman occupiers; active in the Communist regime of the Soviet Union; ‘advisors’ of the many governments, including the US and UK; converts with a pathological need to prove that they are good Christians or Muslims; so-called Internationalists - Jewish members of Socialist and Communist parties, as well as members of various Human Right movements, including Jewish gays, who are more interested in dismantling Jewish values and traditions then in their own causes!

CHINA and RUSSIA Friends of IRAN

Iran is to purchase from China the Chengdu J-10 multirole jet fighter, known in the West as the Vigorous Dragon. Beijing has agreed to sell Tehran 150 of these sophisticated jets, which are comparable to the US F-16. From Moscow, Tehran has ordered 250 highly-advanced Sukhoi-Su-30MK1 fighters as well as 100 in-flight refuelling planes. (Thanks to Obama and Kerry Iran is able to buy advanced weapons, but is still not interested in improving the lives of its people.)

Iran is in Violation of Agreement Already!

The highest authorities in Tehran launched a public campaign in support of impending ballistic missile tests. This would flaunt Tehran’s non-acceptance of their prohibition under the Vienna nuclear accord and UN Security Council Resolution 2231 of July 20.

Israeli Government Intimidation of Zionists

A grandson of Meir Kahane, a rabbi who founded the anti-Arab movement Kach and was assassinated in 1990 in New York, Ettinger was arrested in Safed in northern Israel "because of his activities in a Jewish extremist organisation", said a Shin Bet spokesman. Police said Ettinger was suspected of "nationalist crimes" but did not accuse him of direct involvement in the recent firebombing.

US Conducts Disinformation War Against Israel

A top State Department official helped disseminate the false "information" that top Israeli intelligence officials believe the nuclear deal with Iran is "good." Marie Harf - former State Department spokesperson and now a senior adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry tweeted the story and its link to her 40,000 followers. The only problem is that "it isn't true." Of the four experts, two actually used the word "bad" to describe the deal, another described pluses and minuses, and none have unequivocally described the agreement as "good for Israel."

Israeli Hurt by Molotov Cocktail

A 27-year-old Israeli woman was moderately wounded from a Molotov cocktail thrown at a car on road 20 near Beit Hanina week ago. (This is a daily terror Jews are subjected to by enemies. Do international anti-Semites care?)

US will Protect Israel - When Kosher Pigs Fly!

If Israel is attacked by Iran, the United States will protect it, a senior US official said in a press briefing. "We have a relationship of allies and the word ally has meaning for us. It means that if you are attacked we will defend you as we would a NATO member." (After an Iranian nuclear attack? The history is full of examples when the US betrayed its allies – the most recent one is the betrayal of the Mubarak government in Egypt! Many times the US governments have undermined Israel’s victories over enemies!)

Israeli Government Declared War Against Zionists Again

In the aftermath of an arson attack that killed an 18-month-old Palestinian boy in the occupied West Bank, Israel is set to resort to a controversial tactic seldom before deployed against its Jewish citizens: detention without trial. (Due process was never in play when an opportunity to blame Jews presented itself! It is still unknown who committed this attack - quite often PA terrorists attack Arabs and blame it on Jews!)

Hamas Threatens Violence

Hamas warned of renewed violence (which has never stopped) unless Israel lifts its blockade of Gaza. The comments were made at a ceremony marking the end of a military-style summer camp for 25,000 residents of Gaza, which had encouraged children to commit Jihad against Jews.

Obama Resorted to Fake Emotional Blackmail of US Jews

President Barack Obama missed the point by warning the 22 Jewish leaders invited to the White House that if Congress strikes down the Iranian nuclear deal, “…Hezbollah rockets will rain down on Tell Aviv.” Iranian-supplied rockets have repeatedly rained down on Israeli population centers from the 2006 Lebanese war and up to the July 2014 Gaza operation. They hang over Israel today, like yesterday and probably tomorrow, irrespective of whether Congress endorses or throws out Obama’s nuclear deal with Tehran. (So if the nuclear deal is rejected, conventional Hizbollah rockets will rain on Israel. If the deal goes through, there will be nuclear missiles aimed at Israel. Which is better option?)

Quote of the Week:

“To demand from a country which Iran threatens publicly to destroy, to wipe it off the map, that it not express its opinion on something so relevant for our national security, future and existence is an illogical and even immoral demand... Congress is sovereign to make any decision. If it rejects it, that means there is a big majority among the Republicans and also many Democrats who think the accord is not good and is full of holes, and needs to be rejected… if the agreement will be rejected by Congress, then Israel will turn into a scapegoat, is unacceptable to us” - Yuval Steinitz, Israel National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Minister.

Justifiable Voice of Jewish Outrage!

(This message was posted on the Facebook by a frustrated Jew!)

Unfortunately, ONCE AGAIN, Israel is going in the wrong direction, with incredible declarations by her politicians, and the president saying things like "my people has chosen terror", that is an ANTISEMITIC (self-hating) statement of GENERALIZATION and DOUBLE STANDARDS - he never said anything similar about the Mohammedans terror, and passing judgment before knowing the fact.

Yesterday the Israeli Government passed authoritarian, Bolshevik-like and fascist-like decrees, which allow PREEMPTIVE DETENTION without trial of whichever JEWS the government doesn't like... I expect a repeat of the 1995-1999 WAR ON SETTLERS and Religious Zionists.

IF the ghetto-like European elites holding tight on their dominion in Israel had no FEAR OF WHAT THE GENTILES MIGHT SAY, and also were not affected by complete IGNORANCE and DISREGARD of the LAWS OF WAR FROM THE TORAH, Mohammedan terror in Israel would have ended a long time ago...

Just like the Jüdenräte and the Judenpolizei in the Polish Ghettoes, THEY FIGHT AND PERSECUTE JEWS.

They cannot tolerate resistance, only subservience and submission. They FREE terrorists, instead of killing them; and they denounce and have the gall to call un-Jews those who dare to rebel, to resist, and to call for avenging our brothers.