Jews are a Peculiar People

Following is written by Eric Hoffer, LA Times, May 26, 1968 - after Israel’s victory in the 1967 War, what is striking is that the challenges faced by Jews and Israel then are almost the same as today.

The Jews are a peculiar people: things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews.

Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people, and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it, Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey threw out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchman. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese and no one says a word about refugees. But in the case of Israel displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single Arab… (even 3rd and 4th generation of their descendants)

Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious, it must sue for peace...

Other nations - when they are defeated - survive and recover, but should Israel be defeated it would be destroyed. Had Nasser triumphed last June he would have wiped Israel off the map and no one would have lifted a finger to save the Jews. No commitment to the Jews by any government, including our own (US), is worth the paper it is written on…

I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish the holocaust will be upon us.

Remember Hebron Massacre

18th of Av - 85 years ago (August 24th, 1929) the ancient Jewish community of Hebron was massacred and destroyed by Arabs. (Now they call themselves ‘Palestinians’)

Obama - an 'Israel-friendly' US President?

The White House has instructed the Pentagon and the US military to put on hold a transfer of Hellfire missiles that Israel had requested during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge operation. The White House and the State Department are now demanding to review every Israeli request for American arms individually, slowing down the process.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Israel is the only country in the world, through all the human history of warfare, which is supplying its enemies, occupier of its land, with water, electricity, food and medicine - and is still criticised by international bigots! It is time for Jews and Israeli politicians to realise that appeasement of anti-Semites will never work for us. Israel must do what is good for the Jewish state - end Arab occupation of Jewish land and reunite Eretz-Israel!

Ceasefire - Hamas Style

Two hours before the Gaza truce was due to end last Wednesday midnight, Hamas fired a barrage of rockets towards southern Israel on Wednesday night. Israel and the PA Arabs agreed to an extension - another useless ceasefire!

UN - ‘Ugly Nothing’ - Financed Construction of Hamas Tunnels

An internal United Nations audit report reveals that a UN Development Program office that funds and monitors spending on construction in the territory was not properly keeping track of expenditures or receipts in the financial system. The report adds a new level of potential credibility to Israeli accusations that internationally-managed relief supplies to Gaza were diverted into construction of the elaborate and highly-engineered tunnels under the territory that were used by Hamas terrorists to launch and coordinate rocket attacks and incursions into Israel. (‘Ugly Nazi’ has been facilitating the destruction of Israel since 1947! UN artificially created and ‘maintains’ the so-called Palestinian refugees and finances enemies of the Jewish state. Now it is letting Hamas use UN buildings, schools and shelters, for weapon storage and cover for rocket launchers.)

Jordan Deported ‘Palestinian’ - No Outrage

The Jordanian government has been criticised by a human rights group for forcing Palestinian refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria to return to the conflict-stricken country. Human Rights Watch reports that more than 100 Palestinians refugees had been expelled from Jordan. (The Islamic world despises the so-called Palestinians and only uses them in its anti-Israel political game!)

Obama: Bibi Too Strong in Polls

US President Barack Obama opined in a New York Times interview that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is too popular at the moment to make territorial compromises with the Palestinian Authority. (PA is irrelevant, has been for a long time. It is Hamas that fires rockets at Israel! Have US presidents been declaring ceasefires with Al-Qaeda when they attacked Afghanistan or Islamic State in Iraq now? No, not even when they were unpopular in UN polls. Why must Israel? Al-Qaeda and Islamic State do not present an existential threat to the US, unlike Hamas and PLO to Israel!)

Rockets were Fired from Church at Israel

Gaza City Greek Orthodox church compound, a site that sheltered hundreds of residents of Gazan, was used by members of Hamas to launch rockets at Israel, said Archbishop Alexios of the Saint Porphyrios church. (Hamas was hopping to provoke Israel to retaliate and destroy the church)

Fatah Calls for Ethnic Cleansing of Jews

Fatah Central Committee Member Tawfiq Tirawi posted a message to his official Facebook page reading, "O our free people of resolve and sacrifice in Gaza, you are more honored than us all... We remain committed to the promise: freedom, independence, and driving out the occupier from the entire pure land, from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea." (Enemies of Israel have a clear agenda, which has not changed since the Middle Ages. What is the goal of the Jewish nation? Just survival or “Quiet” are not national goal - it is a miserable existence, which perpetuating terror!)

Most People do not Care

Despite common conceptions in Israel that France is perhaps Europe's most anti-Israel country, a poll conducted last week showed that 74% of French citizens don't sympathize with either Israelis or Palestinians more than the other in the current conflict in Gaza. Only 17% answered in support of the Palestinians while 9% said that Israel had their backing. (It proves again that the ‘Israel-friendly’ press and politically motivated anti-Semites are artificially boosting the importance of the Arab-Israel conflict.)

Hamas: Destruction in Gaza "is for the best"

Hamas justified the civilian deaths it caused in Gaza, claiming that it was beneficial to those killed to have died for Allah as Shahids - Martyrs. Now, Hamas is justifying the widespread destruction it caused to infrastructure and homes, saying: “Maybe it's (destruction) for the best, so we'll build them again better and nicer... We'll build them bigger, with monuments..." (And in the process Hamas leaders will fatten their personal bank accounts with international aid funds, so eagerly provided by international ‘Jew-lovers’! Next time Hamas will rebuild, with the UN blessing, houses with built-in missile launchers, like Hezbollah did.)

Israel Pressured by British anti-Semites

The British government will suspend the sale of some military equipment to Israel if the ceasefire in Gaza is broken. Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, linked sale of military equipment to Israel to success of peace talks. (The British government did not make a threat that if Hamas breaks the ceasefire it will suspend aid to the PA!)

ISIS Flags Flown in Israeli-Arab Cities

As the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) continues its bloody conquest of Iraq and Syria and begins invading Lebanon, all in the name of establishing a global Sunni Muslim caliphate system, ISIS flags have been commonly seen in Arab-Israeli towns in northern and coastal Israel, notably in the cities of Nazareth and Akko. (It is a well-known fact that most Israeli-Arabs are enemies within!)

Deranged Muslim is Western Security Insider

An official at the Dutch National Cyber Security Center was suspended after tweeting that the Islamic State is "a preconceived plan of Zionists". Yasmina Haifi, wrote, “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It is a preconceived plan of Zionists who want to deliberately make Islam look bad.”

Tunnel Diggers Executed by Hamas

Hamas executed dozens of diggers responsible for its extensive tunnel system in past weeks, fearing the workers would reveal the site locations to Israel. The tunnelers would work for 8-12 hours a day, and received a monthly wage of $150-$300. In 2012, a Journal of Palestine Studies article claimed 160 Palestinian children were killed while working on Hamas’s tunnel system. (This kind of information is never reported by the Israel-hating international press!)

Quote of the Week:

"A ridiculous committee of ridiculous commissionership, that instead of investigating the murder of millions of Muslims by other Muslims, investigates the most moral army on the planet; this is a disgrace for the UN." - Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid), Israeli Finance Minister, condemned the UN ‘war crime’ committee.

Hatred of Jews has Returned to the West

by: Andrew Bolt

A Putrid Jew-hatred has returned to the West, fed by mass immigration and stoked by the Left. Do not mistake this anti-Semitism for mere anger at Israel over the war in Gaza. That war is just the calculated pretext for a month of menace that has terrified many Jews...

France now has more than six million Muslims and two weeks ago Arab protesters - some chanting “death to Jews”...

Germany now has four million Muslims. Arab and Turkish protesters were this month filmed shouting “Gas the Jews” and other Jew-hating slogans and a Berlin imam, Sheik Abu Bilal Ismail, was filmed at his mosque preaching: “Oh Allah, destroy the Zionist Jews... Count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them.”

The Netherlands has almost one million Muslims and protesters in The Hague this month chanted “Death to the Jews” in Arabic, while some waved the black flags of the Islamic State terrorist group...

Belgium has 700,000 Muslims and in Liège this month a Turkish shop showed a sign that read: “Dogs are allowed in this establishment, but Jews are not under any circumstances”…

Austria has 500,000 Muslims, and this month Arab protesters invaded a soccer game involving an Israeli team, kicking players and waving Palestinian flags. Even in Sydney this month, Greens senator Lee Rhiannon told an anti-Israel crowd that Israel was guilty of “war crimes”, while protesters waved the black flags of jihad and the yellow flags of the Hezbollah terrorist group...

Yes, these pictures of dead Palestinian children are horrifying. They are meant to be, which is why Hamas shoots from among its civilians and orders them to ignore Israeli warnings to move clear of targets.

That is also why the United Nations has found missiles hidden in at least three schools it runs (why have the ‘Ugly Nazi’ allowed the use of its facilities as Hamas weapon storage and was silent about it?)  in Gaza and why Hamas so pointlessly launches them at Israeli cities - to provoke Israel into exactly this self-defence against an enemy whose stated aim is to destroy it...

Don’t tell me these protests are about Israel’s “blockade” of Gaza, which actually has a border with Egypt porous enough to let Hamas smuggle in thousands of rockets. Don’t tell me they’re about Israel’s “occupation” when Israel does not occupy an inch of Gaza... No, if these protests are really against killing Muslims - and not against Jews - then where are the protests over the 2000 Syrians killed by other Muslims in the past two weeks?

If these protests are really against barbarism, then where is the outrage over the Muslims who this month had their heads hacked off by Islamic State militants in Syria’s Raqqa and impaled on a fence? If these protests are against crimes against children, then where are the marches against the Boko Haram terrorists who cut the throats of schoolboys and enslaved nearly 300 schoolgirls in April?

...Or is killing a Muslim only an international outrage when a Jew does it in self-defence? Is the only good Jew one who let himself be killed?