Jewish People Alone Created Israel

by Ken Cohen

Not the Holocaust - Not the UN - Not European guilt.

In the course of a few days in January 1942 - 80 years ago - Hitler’s henchmen, including SS chieftain Reinhard Heydrich, as well as Adolf Eichmann and other top members of the Third Reich, conferred at a villa in Wannsee, Germany to engineer the “Final Solution” to the “Jewish problem.”

But this horror neither prevented the birth of the Jewish state nor did it - contrary to the narrative of many Israel haters - provide an excuse for Israel’s formation.

Ironically, many of those who oppose the State of Israel today blame its existence on the success of the murderous plans drawn up at Wannsee. Israel’s enemies minimize the righteousness of its birth in 1948 by attributing the Zionists’ achievement to global sympathy over the loss of Europe’s Jews, as if the most devastating genocide in world history would not justify the formation of the first Jewish state.

This objection to Israel conjures up the image of the United Nations and a few Western nations imposing a Jewish nation on native Arabs living in Palestine. This version has Israel created in a fit of guilt by the world’s nations because they stood by as the Holocaust unfolded. Israel is, according to the myth, a guilt-offering to compensate for the world’s indifference to the slaughter.

Four facts what makes this tidy narrative nonsense:

1) Jews are the indigenous people of Palestine, preceding Arab arrival by some two millennia and having maintained a continuous presence and several periods of sovereignty in this land over some 3,000 years, since the Kingdom of David in 1,000 BCE.

2) The Arabs, who did not define themselves as Palestinians until 1964, have never had sovereignty - or even control - over Palestine.

3) The formation of the State of Israel in Palestine was preceded by determined Zionists and Zionist organizing that began officially in 1897 with the first Zionist Congress - 45 years before the shame of Wannsee.

4) A distinct ambivalence - and even outright opposition - towards a Jewish state in Palestine predominated in many nations, including Great Britain and the United States.

While Great Britain deserves credit for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, it quickly worked to undo its effects, violating its League of Nations-granted mandate by carving out three quarters of the land for what became Jordan. Then, it promulgated the infamous 1939 Palestine White Paper which virtually eliminated Jewish immigration to Palestine.

As Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently said, reflecting on Wannsee’s significance: “The State of Israel isn’t ours ‘thanks to’ the Holocaust but because the Land of Israel was, is and will always remain the home of the Jewish people.”

The courageous leaders and people of Israel created - and fought at a huge cost of blood and treasure to create - the State of Israel in 1948.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Jews have always been advisers, clever jesters, ministers to rulers in the Diaspora - but never had the power to make really important decisions! When something was done well and people were happy, the rulers took credit; otherwise, Jews were blamed for failures. Even now, having our own state, Jewish leadership is still unable to break this mental barrier and remains in a 'galut’ mentality mind-frame! Jew-hate is a religion - regardless if a hater is Christian, Muslim, Democrat, Socialist, Communist or Nazi, intelligent or idiot! No rational response or justification is able to end it, or even change the mind of an Anti-Semite.  Only a strong, proud, confident and unapologetic Israel will!

The PA Funding Illegal Buildings in Jerusalem

The Palestinian Authority will provide legal and financial assistance to Arabs in eastern Jerusalem whose illegal homes have or are set to be demolished. To date, the PA has provided 3.6 million NIS in emergency aid to 137 families whose homes are facing demolition. (The PA is using money to undermine the Jewish state that Israel is so generously providing to the enemy.)

The US is Weak and Delusional at Nuclear Talks with Iran

US State Department says restoring waivers will help return Iran to the tattered 2015 deal, will serve US non-proliferation and nuclear safety interests. The waivers had allowed Russian, Chinese and European companies to carry out non-proliferation work to effectively make it harder for Iranian nuclear sites to be used for weapons development. (It did not stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon in the past.)

UAE Textbooks vs the PA Curriculum

UAE textbooks teach tolerance as PA curriculum calls for violence, anti-Jewish incitement and hate. Gulf students don’t learn about the Holocaust or the long history of Jews in the region. Thousands of pages of teaching material produced by the Palestinian Authority call directly for violence and promotes anti-Semitism, even after promising European Union donors it would implement changes. (The Anti-Semites of EU and UN are still aiding the fake Palestinians.)

Israel and Arab States Send Message to Iran

A mere 200 kilometers away from Iran, Israel’s defense minister Benny Gantz made a clear statement: We are building bridges with your neighbors and we are here to stay. Gantz was in Bahrain for a whirlwind 24-hour trip to the Persian Gulf kingdom to sign historic military agreements. Bahrain has been of strategic interest to Iran for years. The kingdom has previously seen several large attacks by the terror cells organized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hezbollah, and continues to face threats posed by Sunni terror groups.

Defense MOU between Israel and Bahrain

Defense Minister Benny Gantz held official meetings with the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, in the royal palace. One year after the signing of the ground-breaking Abraham Accords, a historic defense MOU is signed between the two countries.

The US is still Invited to Strike Iran

In a precedent-setting move, Israel allowed an American military officer to participate in an Air Force exercise simulating an air-strike on long-range targets, including targets in Iran. In doing so, the IDF demonstrated its capabilities to strike Iran to the US military. The training reportedly included several scenarios, including aerial refuelling, attacking a long-range target and dealing with surface-to-air missiles.

Biden is Destroying Trump’s Presidency Achievements

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that the Biden administration does not support (Jewish) settlements or the expansion of existing Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and is “committed” to reopening a US consulate in Jerusalem that serves as a de facto embassy for the Palestinians. (Not in Jerusalem, not on Jewish land!)

Israel Sends Message to Putin about Syria

Despite Damascus airing to Moscow its frustration with repeated Israeli-linked attacks on its soil, Jerusalem signals it won't pull any punches to stop Iran's entrenchment along its northern border.

Recently, Russia conducted a joint flyby with Syrian air forces along Israel's Golan Heights border. The joint patrol included Russia's latest fighter jets: the Sukhoi Su-34 attack aircraft; Sukhoi Su-35 multi-mission fighter jet; A-50 command and control aircraft, as well as the Syrian army's MiG-23 and MiG-29 aircrafts.

Israel to Participate in the US 5th Fleet Exercise

The Israel Navy is for the first time taking part in one of the largest American-led naval drills in the Red Sea. More than 9,000 personnel and up to 50 ships from more than 60 militaries and international organizations will take part. “The exercise will allow participating forces to test unmanned systems and artificial intelligence in different training scenarios and ultimately apply the lessons learned to future real-world operations,” the US Navy said.

Quote of the Week:

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein – At the moment, it looks like the Arab states – UAE, Bahrain and even Saudi Arabia – are better partners for Israel in dealing with nuclear threat from Iran than the United States.

Make Israel Proud Sovereign Nation!

by Steven Shamrak

Israel must stop looking for approval from international anti-Semites and so-called friends. It will never get it! Since 1948 they have been undermining Israel’s independence and even its existence. Only by exercising self-respect and determination to remove enemy terror threats and reunite Jewish ancestral land will the Jewish people be able to live peacefully in Eretz-Israel!

Why is Israel constantly seeking approval and searching for unattainable high moral ground? No matter how hard Jews have been trying to get it - this is a futile exercise; we have never received any respect, understanding and appreciation of our aspirations and humane efforts in dealing with enemies from international anti-Semites.

Contraire, Israel is denigrated by the endless successive resolutions eagerly adopted by the vicious attacks from numerous anti-Israel organisations, as well as by Arab appeasing states - like the EU and BDS supporters, Oxfam, Amnesty International, the Red Cross and innumerable others!

Why does Israel have to prove its "right to exist"? No other country has this pathological need – this is a strategy for losers!

Always on the defence, Israel behaves as if it has done something wrong, by allowing others to accuse it of crimes it has never committed. Israel’s leadership is persistently unable to make a psychological transition from the historic scars of anti-Semitic persecution. It needs to shake off the shtetl mentality and start acting as a proud nation!

The Jewish leadership is unwilling and incapable of recognizing that Israel is a modern, highly developed sovereign state with a powerful and capable military. Does Israel have an overriding sense of a viable political and military strategy or clearly defined direction for deal with its adversaries? This absence of clearly articulated and identified national goals and lack of self-respect has robbed Israel of decisive victory in its last five conflicts in Lebanon and Gaza.

While engaging in endless military conflicts, Israel proudly announced that it trucks supplies the enemy during conflicts – aiding and abetting the enemy! Israeli military gave advance notice to enemies in Gaza of its next military action, and even provides details about imminent targets. It is irrational behaviour – no army in the world acts like this during a military conflict!

Israel provides medical treatment to the enemy population, including the extended families of Abbas, and Khalid Meshal and Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, all of whom have openly declared their genocidal intent towards Israel and Jews. This behaviour also defies any rational logic and comprehension!

Wars are not won by winning the high moral ground, which international anti-Semites will not allow Israel to attain anyway - they are won on the ground, by decisively defeating enemies and not having to replicate the same conflict over and over, and over! It is well known that Israel’s enemies, Arab and Muslim states, respect only strength and have contempt for display of weakness, which is how they perceive Israel’s behaviour!

The most insane of all, was bringing the exiled PLO terrorists into our backyard, legitimizing them and laying the foundation for yet another Arab State on Jewish ancestral land.

By giving up the Sinai, three times, ceding the Temple Mount, unilaterally withdrawing from Gaza, and most catastrophically signing the Oslo Accords for a delusion of peace, and many more so-called confidence-building gestures Israel validates Albert Einstein’s famous quote: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

By these bizarre displays of weakness, Israel only gives its enemies the hope and expectations that they will eventually be triumphant in destroying the Jewish state. This behaviour only encourages their perpetuating aggressions against Israel.

Jews are considered, even by their enemies, as smart people – this is not intelligent behaviour that one expects of an advanced military and industrial state! Jews need to change our shtetl mentality and stand as a proud nation and get rid of this incessant need for approval from others!