Jewish Jihad is Better.

by Steven Shamrak.

Many Muslim mullahs, imams and terrorist chiefs have been igniting their followers by the word “Jihad” – Holy War. Even the leaders of some Muslim countries are not able to resist temptation. Their true intent is a war against everything that is un-Islamic. Any infidel, not just Jews, any non-Islamic country is a target. Even Muslim countries that allow some flexibility, freedom and personal rights that are not inline with hard-core Islamic doctrine are considered as a blasphemous and also are targeted.

Sometimes, in order to disguise the actual aggressive nature of Islamic Jihad, Muslim leaders say that they are misunderstood. They say that Jihad has nothing to do with terror and the desire for world domination by Islam; rather it is a call for the inner struggle of an individual Muslim. Little do they know that the concept of “inner struggle” is a deep spiritual idea of Judaism and Jewish spiritual teaching.

Every year Jews celebrate the exodus from Egypt. Most Jews celebrate Pesach (Passover) as the freedom Jews had obtained from physical slavery in Egypt, some 3,300 years ago. Not many remember or know that the Passover reminds us that internal freedom of mind and spirit is even more important.

Unfortunately, even so many years after the creation of the independent Jewish State, many Jews are still living in inner mental slavery. We are constantly living under the fear of “THEM”: “What will they think?” “This is current reality, they will not allow us to…” – these are the questions that continuously sabotage our efforts to obtain true sovereignty and end endless torture or Arabs’ terror that is unleashed on Israel and is artificially fostered by international hypocrisy.

We neglect our own right to the unity of Jewish land. Our right to self-determination is forgotten and regularly abused. Our right to live in peace in our own country is non-existent! At the same time many Jews support the fictional people – ‘Palestinians’, who were created for one reason only – to destroy Israel!

It is time for the Jewish people to shake off the “Mitzraim” (internal slavery) and declare our own Jihad! This is the fight against self-doubt, self-hate and lack of self-respect. We must unite the Jewish nation, get rid of our enemies and reunite our land! Only when we start to believe in ourselves will the respect from ‘THEM’ follow. As you can see, Jihad is good when it is properly used. So, let’s start a Jewish ‘Jihad’. It will be good for us!

No Such Luck for Israel. The Palestinian Authority welcomed the withdrawal of a proposed U.N. statement on the situation there, saying it had not been consulted about it. "It is unacceptable for anyone, including friends, to act on our behalf without our knowledge, without consulting us... It would send wrong messages." Mansour PA representative. (Most the UN statements about Israel “had not been consulted about” and there was never such a prompt withdrawal of any of them!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Lately, Israel has been proudly announcing that hundreds of Jews, who are running from increased anti-Semitism in Europe and USA, made Alia. However, they have been mute about hundreds of thousands of Jewish Israelis who have been driven from the country by economic despair, corruption and lack of political leadership and vision, which have led to the escalation of Arab terror!

Betrayal in Progress. Arab media reported that Israel's prime minister and the PA president opened secret talks on a final-status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. (Olmert does not talk about the ending of terror or the transfer of Arabs from the Jewish land, but about giving up our rights to the land!) Israel has lifted its ban on diplomatic ties between Israeli diplomats abroad and their Palestinian counterparts.

Disclosed Intention. A Libyan agent who was convicted of blowing up a the Pan Am passenger jet over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 will soon be freed in exchange for the Bulgarian nurses and Arab doctor who were recently freed by Libya, according to Muammar Kaddafi's son. (It seems that the fake charges against the nurses and doctor were made up to free a killer of 270 victims of Lockerbie bombing.)

Damascus has Deferred its War Plans. (DEBKAfile’s) Syria’s political and military leaders had rescheduled the start of hostilities against Israel on the Golan for the second two weeks of November, 2007, postponing their original planning by more than two months.

Mossad Helped Free Nurses from Libya. Bulgarian intelligence chief Gen. Kirtcho Kirov said that the Mossad "put us in contact with people in Libya and across the world who had the information and influence to create a favorable psychological environment to resolve the problem." (In order to achieve the “environment”, Bulgaria participated in Israel-bashing!)

Exile to Egypt. A commission of inquiry set up by Fatah determined that 100 senior Fatah terrorists who ran away from Gaza to Judea and Samaria should be exiled to Egypt as a result of their failure to prevent Hamas from taking over Gaza. (Good idea, Israel must do the same to all enemies living on Jewish land!)

Half the People’s Army. Defense Minister Ehud Barak complained that the IDF has become the army of only half the people due to draft dodging. “A soldier does not need to feel he’s being taken advantage of,” Barak continued.  “A soldier needs to run forward because he feels that the home-front has been breached.” (When country has been run by corrupt, self-hating idiots with no morality and national pride for so long, it is surprising that as many as half of the young people of Israel are still dedicated to the defence of their Jewish homeland!)

Quote of the Week:

"…all the West has to do is follow Putin's ways. He assassinates his enemies without blinking an eye. Assassinate the four or five Mullahs who run the show, Ahmadinejad, and a few more Iranian fanatics (and some Saudis), and the War can be avoided.” Israeli Christian Arab.Arabs know that the West “Did not get!”

Justifications of Gutless Traitor. In a break from historic Israeli opposition to U.S. arms sales to Arab states, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert posed no objections to a new U.S. plan to sell state-of-the-art weaponry to Saudi Arabia and other ‘moderate’ Arab states, saying “We understand the need of the United States to support the Arab moderate states and there is a need for a united front between the U.S. and us regarding Iran.”

Sinai Bus Crash. 45 Israeli-Arab families submitted a request to the National Insurance Institute (NII) asking to be recognized as victims of terrorism. 11 people were killed and dozens were wounded while they were returning to Israel from a trip to the Red Sea resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh in Sinai. Driver began harshly criticizing them for being Israeli citizens and called them "trash of the Jews," they said, and warned that the ride would be their final. (Why don’t they claim compensation from that ‘moderate friend of Israel’ – Egypt.)

Arabs Attack Fire-fighting Crews. A large Arab mob at Segev Shalom, a largely Muslim-Bedouin municipality, in the Negev attacked firefighters and policemen wounding one policeman. The incident began when a fire-fighting crew that tried to put out a fire in a Negev garage was attacked by the Arab mob. (Another reason to clear Jewish land of its enemies!)

Iraqis are Allowed to Enter Judea and Samaria. Israel has recently agreed to allow a group of 41 Iraqi refugees of ‘Palestinian’ origin to enter the West Bank and reunite with relatives there, as a gesture of good will to the government of Prime Minister Salam Fayad. (How many more secret ‘good will’ gestures are being planned by governmental self-destructive stupidity?)

All Quiet on Lebanon Front. After 67 days of fight, unofficial statistics number in 122 Lebanese military casualties, 81 to Fatah el Islam and 41 ‘Palestinian’ civilians. (The international press, the UN and other well known Israel ‘lovers’ are quiet about atrocities that are committed in Lebanon during the past 2 months!)

Late Change of Heart. Some 60% of Jews in Israel feel that the uprooting of Jews from Gush Katif and northern Shomron was an error - but 18% still support a similar move in Yesha. (It is easy to manipulate public opinion. That’s what the Israeli government did before ‘Withdrawal’. As many as 18% of Jews in Israel are deeply psychologically traumatized or pitiful self-haters.)

‘Peace-Loving’ People. Over 75% of Arabs in the Palestinian Authority believe that use of suicide bombers to attack Jews in Israel is at least sometimes justified. Less than one-in-10 PA Arabs see suicide attacks as “never justified,” the Pew poll said.