In Memory of Victims of Islamic Terror Worldwide.

Since the 9/11 attack on the United States there have been no popular demonstrations staged by Muslims in their countries in protest of brutal Islamic terror, only PR charade ‘support for victims’ organised by Muslims community bureaucrats in Western countries. In contrast, Muslims are quite prompt and extremely vocal in their mass protests against the cartoons or a Qur'an burning.

A few days ago, on September 11, at the end of Ramadan and during the Eid festival, Muslims around the world did not repent the sins committed by their brothers against humanity, but vigorously protested against the fake intention of a self-promoting pastor to burn books of Qur'an. In Muslim countries the practice of burning of our flags, putting people in prison for their religious believes, destroying Bibles, even in ‘Islamic’ airports of transit passengers, is widespread. If there are moderate Muslims, where are they and why are they silent?

We are told by our inept leadership to be tolerant and understanding of Islam. We have done so - but our enemies have no interest in acceptance or respect of others. They have been committing acts of terror in a hideous and hateful manner worldwide while enjoying global energetic or silent support from the majority of Muslims. Appeasement does not work - it is time to regain our self-respect and fight back. We owe it to the victims of Islamic terror! Modern Western political correctness is self-destructive. Our enemies are just laughing at us.


Jewish Blood as Portrayed in the Western Media.

by Professor Phyllis Chesler

Four young civilians - human beings - fathers, mothers, one of whom was also pregnant, collectively the parents of seven children, were brutally gunned down by armed, masked terrorists. Their murders were openly celebrated in the streets by their attackers and by thousands of their supporters.

You would think that the world would recoil in horror - or that those who report the news world-wide, would do so. Think again. These four precious souls were Israeli ‘settlers’ and, as such, have already been so demonized that they are now seen as having provoked their bloody, pitiless deaths…

The New York Times presents this incident on page 4, not on page 1; the early pages are usually reserved for all incidents in which Israelis fight back so that Israeli “evil” is seen immediately and framed as among the most “important” world news of the day. The accompanying Times headline? Unbelievably, it is this: “Killing of 4 Israeli Settlers on the Eve of Peace Talks Rattles Leaders on Both Sides.” It’s really not clear who killed the “settlers.”  What is clear is that “both sides” are “rattled.”

…The piece also positions President Mahmoud Abbas as the “good” guy who, like his negotiating partner, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has “condemned” the attacks. Yes—even as Abbas is busy honouring the Palestinian terrorist who planned the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic games, Amin Al-Hindi, as well as the Palestinian terrorist, Omar Muhammad Ziyada, who murdered an Israeli civilian in a human bomb homicide in 2002.

…My point here is simply this: If American journalists, professors, scholars, teachers, read and trust only the New York Times, they will continue to view “militant Israeli settlers” as more blameworthy than Islamist Palestinian terrorists... In edition after edition, this point is made over and over again…

Food for Thought. Steven Shamrak

There is a Jewish saying: "Any evil can be justified by quoting Torah out of context". Anti-Jewish and anti-State of Israel bigots have been readily justifying Islamic terror in order to diminish the right of Jews to live in peace on Jewish ancestral land.

When Praying is a Crime. Two Jews who entered the Fatah-controlled city of Jericho were arrested by IDF forces after praying along with eight other worshippers at the ancient Naaran Synagogue. (There will be no freedom of worship in PA control territories, Jews will not be allowed to live there and Christians will be forced to study the Koran as they do in many Muslim countries. Why does the Israeli government continue to facilitate this insanity?)

Actuality of ‘Peace’ Process. Thirteen armed Palestinian groups, including the militant Islamist movement Hamas, say they have set up a centre to co-ordinate operations against Israel. We have decided to create a co-ordination centre for our operations against the (Israeli) enemy," said Abu Obeida, spokesman for the Ezzedine al-Qassam brigades, Hamas's military wing, speaking on behalf of the 13 groups. He pledged to hit "the Zionist enemy in any place at any time", adding that "all options are open" in response to a question on the possibility of firing rockets at Tel Aviv from Gaza. (It is time for Israel to consider all options!)

Strange Deal. Russia and Israel signed a framework military cooperation deal that Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov suggested would lead to further purchases of Israeli weapons and technology. "It's very important to us that in the transition to a new image, the Russian armed forces use the experience the Israeli armed forces have and the work they have done," Serdyukov said. (What will stop Russia from selling those weapons and technologies to the enemies of Israel?)

Stillborn Negotiation. Nabil Shaath, a member of Palestinian negotiations team, told the Voice of Palestine radio that the Palestinian negotiating team turned down Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request to discuss the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state during the upcoming round of peace talks in Egypt. (They want to create another Islamic state on Jewish land, but will never recognise Israel. In response, we are still pretending that there is a peace process.)

Time to Worry. Head of the left-wing Peace Now group, Yariv Oppenheimer, has congratulated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for creating a positive atmosphere for negotiations with the PA. In his speech, Netanyahu referred to Judea and Samaria as the “West Bank", not Judea and Samaria, called PA chief Abu Mazen his “peace partner” and called for “painful concessions”, which Israel only ‘must’ make. (When self-hating Jews, enemies from within, make compliments to the Prime Minister of Israel on statements such as these, it is time to be concerned!)

Another Israel ‘Lover’ in the Media. Time Magazine’s latest issue has a cover story "Why Israelis Don’t Care About Peace", slamming and accusing the Israeli people of not wanting peace, claiming that Israelis have abandoned the idea of peace and that they are mainly engaged in worldly matters like making money and spending time at sea (Why shouldn’t Jews in Israel have some normality in their life? It is long overdue! Time Magazine, like all other Jewish ‘friendly’ media bigots, does not question if the PA wants peace and what “painful concessions” has it made or ready to make to achieve it! The answer is – None!)

Neglect of Judaism’s Holiest Site. The State Controller is expected to release a damning report on the State’s mismanagement of the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site. Israeli media reports that the Controller will slam the government for not enforcing Israeli law on the site - first and foremost the law forbidding digging or building on an archaeological site by Arabs.

Open Your Eyes – This Problem is Global! A police official in Germany reported that there has been an increase in the number of Muslim citizens training in terrorist bases outside the country, including Afghanistan. According to the report, law enforcement officials in Germany have identified more than 400 radical Muslims living in Germany and at least 70 German citizens have participated in military training in terrorist bases.

Hypocrisy in Action:

Mideast peace talks can secure Clinton’s legacySecurity of Israel or genuine peace is not essential? The short-lived ‘legacy’ is important, at any cost!

"Troubling" is not Enough! The White House said that a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency stated that Iran was speeding up its uranium enrichment was "troubling". A statement by the United States presidential staff said the report showed that Tehran is still trying to develop its ability to create nuclear weapons. Iran has already produced 2.8 tons of enriched uranium.

Low Expectations – No Result!

by Steven Shamrak (March 2003 - Has anything changed?)

Re: Middle East Leaders Set Bar Low in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

President Bush said: "I'm the master of low expectations". What does it mean? For 55 years the voice of Jewish national aspiration - Greater Israel – was subdued in order to achieve normal life - Peace. With each year even this “low expectation” became more and more illusive. The true leader must inspire people and lead them toward realisation of their highest potentials. One can’t achieve it by setting mediocre goals. There is another saying: “Aim low and you get nothing”. That is precisely what Israel is getting by building peace on faulty foundation and pretence:

In the Gaza Strip on Friday, thousands of armed masked Hamas followers marched against the Middle East road map and demanded continuation of anti-Israel violence. Many Arab Palestinians have been dismayed by Abu Mazen's statement in Aqaba. He actually did not say much at all. But they are always angry. There is a need to blame someone but not themselves!

There were six Israeli casualties when three Palestinian gunmen opened fire on an Israeli military position at Gaza Strip-Israeli crossing early Sunday. They approached the position in a heavy early morning mist, dressed as Israeli soldiers and hiding among Arab workers on the way to Israel. Terror shops are never closed. Business as usual! But, Arabs are never blamed!

PA Deputy Foreign Minister 'Adli Sadeq described President Bush as the "the head of the snake". He could be right. Media and President Bush are still blaming Sharon for ‘driving down the road map’! They were silent as usual and did not blame Arabs for wrecking the peace process when 4 solders were killed in Gaza and Hebron. President Bush refused to negotiate with Al-Qaida, Taliban and Iraq. At the same time Israel must. Why? Michael Semel, 24, a security guard from Jerusalem, said "Nobody rewarded Al-Qaida for blowing up the 'twin towers', so why are we giving these terrorists who murdered us a prize?"