Jew-Friendly Arabs are a Myth!

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Zionism has nothing to do with Arabs’ pathological hate and violence!

Arabs had always attacked Jews, long before the re-establishment of Israel in 1948! Here is a timeline of Arab violent rapes, attacks and murder of Jews for the past 500+ years, NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE:

1517 – Ottoman Empire attacks Jerusalem. Jews were beaten, raped and many were killed in their home

1517 – Muslim mobs attacked Hebron unknown number of deaths. It led to Jews fleeing the town.

1660 – Druze Rebels attacked around Tiberias, which led to Jews fleeing Tiberias unknown numbers of dead.

1834 – Egyptian took Hebron committing a massacre, over 500 plundered, raped and killed.

1834 – Safed – Arab Rioters Reports committed torture and mass-rape of Jewish population, unknown numbers of dead.

1838 – Safed – Druze rebels and Mulsim mobs plundered Jewish quarters for three days.

Theodore Herzel wasn't born till 1860 - so no excuse for Zionism there.

British Mandate of Palestine Era:

March 1st 1920 – Battle of Tel Hai – started by Arabs, ended with 8 Jews dead and 5 Arabs dead.

April 1920 – Nebi Musa Riots – Started by Arabs, resulted in 5 Jews Dead 216 Wounded, 4 Arabs dead 18 wounded.

May 1921 – Jaffa Riots – Started by Arabs, resulted in 95 deaths – 48 Arab, 47 Jews – wounded 140 Jews and 73 Arabs.

November 2nd 1921 – Jerusalem – Started by Arabs, 5 Jews killed in stabbing attack. Multiple wounded, including women and children

23rd-26th August 1929 – Palestine Riots – Started by Arabs, 133 Jews, 116 Arabs killed; 339 Jews and 232 Arabs wounded

24th August 1929 – Hebron Massacre – Started by Arabs - 67 Jews killed; 58 Jews wounded.

29th August 1929 – Safed Massacre – Started by Arabs, 18-20 Jews killed; 80 Jews wounded.

ApRil 19th 1936 – Jaffa Riots – Started by Arabs, 9 Jews killed, 40 Jews wounded (11 critically). Police killed two attackers. Further 7 Jews and 3 Arabs killed the next day.

13th August 1937 – Safed – 4 members of a Jewish family, 3 children, shot dead by Arabs who broke into their home.

November 9th 1937 – 5 Jewish Keren Kayemet workers killed near Har Haruach in Arab ambush.

Finally in 1937 Jews started fighting back after taking over 400 years of abuse! (This is just a short list of atrocities that have been committed by Arabs/Muslims in Palestine against Jews!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The Israeli self-hating left worries that the NGO transparency law would discourage foreign governments from supporting them, pretending that they care about other human rights NGOs. The truth is - the European governments and other traditional ‘friends’ of Israel and Jews, in the age of fake political correctness, prefer to conduct/finance their anti-Semitic business in the shadow of anti-Israel’s self-hating NGOs!

Nothing will Appease anti-Semites and Blackmailing ‘Friend’!

Israel is to resume the building in the Judea and Samaria after a lengthy moratorium. Following 18 months with no new housing developments, Israel’s Supreme Planning Council of Civil Administration has approved the construction of 153 new units. The news comes just months after the US reportedly warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that if new settlements are declared Washington won’t come to Israeli’s aid and veto a UN Security Council resolution declaring the West Bank housing units illegal. (So, why not build Eretz-Israel anyway!)


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who is a Holocaust denier, will address UNESCO, the United Nation’s science and culture organization, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Israeli Left’s Reliance on anti-Semitic Support

MK Michal Rozin (Meretz) called on the Knesset legal adviser to block Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s NGO transparency law to be presented for a first vote. According to NGO Monitor, in the period between 2012-2014, 27 Israeli NGOs associated with the left and with anti-Zionist positions, received a total sum of $65,811,236 in grants and donations, of which 65% ($42,777,017) came from governments. (Guess how much my editorial receives from them?)

PA Commits Demographic Fraud

The Palestinian Authority has been concealing data regarding large-scale negative immigration, hundreds of thousands, and includes Palestinians living abroad in its population count to increase EU assistance.

Hypocritical Hillary after Jewish Money Again!

Speaking before a crowd of 150 at the Jewish Federation of Des Moines (potential donors to her presidential campaign), Clinton insisted that amiable relations between the two countries “has to be understood in our national interest.” She said: “Israel needs a strong America by its side, and America needs a strong and secure Israel by our side - to have an Israel that remains a bastion of stability and a core ally in a region of chaos.” (She has been an active and eager participant in the US anti-Israel policy conducted by her husband and by president Obama later!)

Palestine will not Disappear, but the PA Will

PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat claimed that the “acting president” of the Palestinians is none other than IDF General Yoav Mordechai, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). The reason for this, claimed Erekat, is that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is controlling the Palestinians through the Civil Administration for Judea and Samaria, making Mordechai acting president and not PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas. In a statement, Erekat warned that “Palestine” could disappear from the political map for 100 years because of Israeli policies. (“Palestine” is the name Roman occupiers gave to Jewish land 2,000 years ago!)

US Ambassador’s ‘Crocodile Tears’

Dan Shapiro acknowledges that 'timing was not ideal' when he said Israel has different legal standards for Israel and Palestinians on the same day of terror victim Dafna Meir's funeral. (He regrets not the US double-standard attitude toward Israel! The biggest problem Jewish people have is the existence of self-hating Jews, who are eager to help enemies of Israel. No other nation has this phenomenon!)

Israel is 8th Most Powerful Country

US News & World Report places Israel in the world's top ten power-wise, mostly because of its military. Israel was also ranked #25 in the world's "best countries" list of 2016. The IDF received a score of 9.7 – similar to the US, and second only to Russia's military, which received a perfect 10.

‘Ugly Nazi’ Encourage Terrorism Against Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the United Nations chief of “stoking terror”. At a special United Nations Security Council session, Ban condemned the presence of Jews in Judea and Samaria, while justifying murderous attacks against Israelis as a result of "Palestinian frustration." (‘Ugly Nothing’ is unable to resolve many major international conflicts, and as usual is hiding it by its anti-Semitic attitude toward Israel!)

Just One Day of Israel's 'Normality'!

1. Palestinian killed by own bomb in attack on police in East Jerusalem.

2. Palestinian girl, with knife tries to stab guard in West Bank, is killed.

3. Palestinians in Gaza fire rocket towards Israel.

(This only what was reported!)


Japan rejected 99 per cent of asylum applications last year, accepting only 27 refugees out of a record 7,586 asylum applications in 2015, up 50 percent compared to the year before.

More Has to be Done.

Israel has repatriated 22,000 illegal African migrants over the last number of years. Israel reportedly is paying $3,500 to migrants who are willing to voluntarily leave the country. The number of illegal African migrants in the country is estimated at some 42,000, though the actual number is believed to be considerably higher.  Most of them are from Eritrea and Sudan.

Tunnel collapse in Gaza – Killed Terrorists!

Eight Hamas terrorists were reported missing after a tunnel collapsed in northern Gaza following several days of heavy rain and flooding. Israel asserts that in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, Hamas has begun efforts to restore its military capability by building tunnels into Israel as well as replenishing its arsenal of rockets. (When IDF does Nothing, Nature does it Best!)

Israelis Unhappy how Netanyahu Handles Terror Wave

Two-thirds of Israelis are not happy with the way Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is handling the ongoing wave of terrorism. The ongoing wave of terrorism, which began in early October and included mostly stabbings but also vehicular and shooting attacks, claimed the lives of 28 Israelis. (Israel deals with terror ‘reactively’. The only way to defeat it is to have a plan and execute it on its own terms. Removal of the enemy population from Jewish land would be the perfect plan!)

Quote of the Week:

“I think it is increasingly clear that the old notion that the path to peace and stability in the Middle East runs through a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is mistaken (and I acknowledge that I was one of those who shared that notion until a few years ago.) There are multiple interlocking conflicts unfolding across the region right now - and to be blunt, the Israeli-Palestinian issue is peripheral to all of them.”General PetraeusUnfortunately, the international hypocrites are silent about the truth when they are in a position of power!

Jew-Washing – Technique of Anti-Semitic Zionophobia

by Andrew Pessin

The problem for Zionists is clear: the fact that so many Jews are comfortable calling themselves anti-Zionists means that the underlying anti-Semitic nature of most forms of anti-Zionism is easily obscured...

It’s commonly assumed that racism has a general nature: to be a racist is to display a certain negative attitude or behaviors toward all members of the targeted group... When medieval Christians hated Jews on the basis of religion, for example, they hated all Jews (we usually think), until they converted. When the Nazis hated Jews on the basis of race, they hated all Jews (we think) no matter what their creed, even those Jews who had converted and assimilated...

Many individuals then invoke those Jews for Jew-washing purposes, to deny the charge of anti-Semitism by noting both that “some of their best friends are Jews” and that many prominent Jews share their anti-Zionism (Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, Tony Judt, etc)...

And it doesn’t take much scratching beneath the surface before you discover that the Jew-washer quite seriously dislikes those other Jews—the Zionist Jews... The proof is that there are many other Jews, the good Jews, that I do like. It’s because they are Zionists that I don’t like them. It’s not them - it’s their ideas, their ideology, their behavior. It is anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitism. And of course it’s okay to object to, be hostile toward, an ideology!..

Many Jewish anti-Zionists are what we might call JIGOs: Jews in Genes Only. Their commitment to Jewishness is skin-deep, pretty literally: it’s only biological, and does not include any particular Jewish ideological component and indeed often explicitly rejects such...

More relevant are the many Jews whose anti-Zionism can be said to be based in something more than biological Jewishness. There are plenty of Jews who find the essence of Jewishness, their Jewishness, to be in Judaism’s important emphases on compassion, social justice, tikkun olam, universal ethics, and so on. ..

When such people say, “As a Jew, I am an anti-Zionist,” what they are really saying is something like, “As a human being who believes in compassion, justice, universal ethics, etc., I am an anti-Zionist.” might be better to refer to the new anti-Semitism as Zionophobia!

So if your ‘Ok’ Jews are only those who don’t identify with the Jews, who don’t identify with a particularist Jewish history or religion, or who aren’t interested in standing up for the rights of Jews - then you, the Zionophobe, may be an anti-Semite after all!