Jerusalem Conference – What a Waste!

by Steven Shamrak.

I visited and reviewed an official website of the Jerusalem Conference which took place last week. The only thought that came to mind was “What a waste!” The waste of time, human and financial resources and the waste of opportunity to set the agenda for reaching a Jewish National Goal and uniting Jews and our true friends around the world behind it.

The site stated: “The Jerusalem Conference openly deliberates core issues that will determine Israel’s future as a viable modern democratic Jewish State. The Jerusalem Conference provides a broad public forum for diverse viewpoints to freely discuss issues of national importance. Topics range from national affairs and security to social welfare and economics, from Jewish education to Aliyah, Israel as a Jewish State to its functional relationship with its neighbours and nations of the world.”

Very fine words, but only words!  While I was reading an itinerary of the conference, I recalled the conversation between Dorothy and scarecrow in “Wizard of Oz”. She asked him which road to take, but did not know where she was going. His answer was: “Take any, it will get you there!” For many years, the leadership of the Jewish people has lost the vision of the modern Zionist pioneers and, unfortunately, has been pushing Israel toward self-destruction!

The Jerusalem Conference discussed wide range of topics: Strategic Threat from Iran, Syria, Lebanon & Gaza; Importance of Aliya, Jewish migration to Israel; Israel’s and the World’s Economy; even the possibility of the World War III was discussed. Arab terrorism, the Palestinian Media and Education, The Winograd Commission, the new wave of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel Media bias also were mentioned.

I was surprised that one subject, which has been completely neglected and even sabotaged by governments of Israel for decades, was correctly defined: “Hasbara: Just Confused or Deliberately Non-Existent?”

Nobody booed Tzipi Livni or left in protest when the foreign minister of Israel told participants that she talks with Palestinians with “tears of paratroopers at the Western Wall” in her mind. “Time is not on Israel's side, and we will eventually have to concede parts of the country” she said. I wonder, were they crocodile tears? It is her government which, by exhibiting a total lack of self-respect and an absence of any determination to pursue the Jewish National Goal, has made “Time is not on Israel's side” a current ugly reality. She has no interest in and is completely ignorant of the fact that any reality can be changed by the setting of objectives and an enduring determination to achieve them!

Livni continued with her scare-mongering tactic saying that Israel would be faced with giving up its identity as a “Jewish, democratic and secure state” if it does not agree to a land-for-peace deal with the PA. She and all of those political hypocrites dishonour the memory of the Israeli paratroopers who liberated Jerusalem!

There were many distinguished people at the conference. Some of them tried to impress others with ‘innovative’ idiocy such as US Senator Sam Brownback who advocated a confederation of Judea and Samaria, historical Jewish land, with Jordan. He does not care how detrimental it would be for the future of the Jewish people to lose all hope for reunification of Eretz-Israel. No one had pointed out to him that neither Jordan nor the PA is interested in this stupidity, but they are quite focused on the destruction of Israel. Alternative ideas like the Sinai Option or organising a transfer of all of the hostile population from all Jewish land to Arab and Muslim countries were not even raised.

How can we reach our goals if we are not even setting them? How can we find the best solution to a problem if we are not considering all options? So many important people attended the Jerusalem Conference – What a Waste!

"Destroying Israel is an inevitable outcome, a historic law, a divine doctrine… No one can protect the entire Israeli home front from our missiles." - Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said last Friday. - Must Israel wait? PA has the same agenda!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Isn’t it deeply disturbing that most Jews are more preoccupied with how many hours should pass between milk and meat consumption than with the Jewish spiritual connection with the Eretz-Israel and the future re-unification of the Jewish land and Israel?

Cat and Mouse Game. Despite Israeli claims that the issue of Jerusalem was not discussed in Tuesday's meeting between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian officials presented a completely different version. Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said that "the meeting dealt with all the issues pertaining to a final-status agreement, including Jerusalem." A senior Palestinian source added that "we're not talking about the snow in Jerusalem, but rather, we're talking about the settlement activity in Jerusalem." (It is sad situation:  I am more inclined to believe the mortal enemy of the Jews than the Prime Minister of the Jewish state!)

Is Shas Party a Redundant Parasitic Leech? "Shas is making a grave mistake," Rabbi Meir Mazouz, a rabbi with great influence in Shas, admonished the party for not bolting the government. "In every passing moment issues (of Jerusalem) are being concluded and it will be very difficult to undo the damage. There is a famous saying, that one fool can ruin what a thousand wise men cannot fix." (Shas has always and mainly been interested in amount of money it can extort from a sitting government for its political support. It is time to vote this parasite out of the Knesset! Jewish politics must not be based on cultural and religious background of the votes!)

Another Self-destructive Plan. Interior Ministry officials are considering plans to absorb over 1,000 African refugees living in Tel Aviv. Ministry officials also say they will allow future refugees released from Ketziot prison to work. (Bogus political correctness does not work. It will only open a flood gate for a new wave of mainly Muslim refugees and will create more problems for Israel.)

Quote of the Week:

“Whenever a terrorist organization threatens a democracy, a UN member, it should worry all civilized nations of the world'' - The spokesman for the US State Department, Sean McCormack - Not where Israel is concerned!

'If you can change your mind, you can change the world.' - Joey Reimer, Creativity Guru.

Moderate and Democratic Lebanon? Lebanon wants good relations with every country in the world except for Israel, "which is our only enemy," Prime Minister Fouad Siniora stated. At the same time he said that the country wants "good relations" with Iran and Syria, which have been accused of undermining the country's stability and backing the Hizbullah and other pro-Syrian factions.

Another ‘Escape’ from PA ‘Prison’. 14 prisoners, terrorists from Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, who are wanted by the IDF, escaped from a Palestinian Authority prison in Nablus last Thursday. The prisoners said they had escaped "to protest the prison administration not living up to agreements" with them. (Prisoners have “agreements’ with the prison administration and can leave at any time they want? What a wonderful ‘punishment’!)

UN Exhibit the Same Psychosis. United Nations undersecretary for human affairs Sir John Holmes said a week ago that there was no military solution for terrorist rocket attacks on Israeli civilians near Gaza.  The attacks “have to be solved through negotiations,” (How many ‘negotiations’ must fail to make those international hypocrites to admit that they are wrong and there is only one way to stop Arab terror in Israel, particularly rocket attacks from Gaza? It is the Sinai Option!)

Shut Down Orient House.
by Michael Freund. (

Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority has chosen to defy the law, which bars it from operating in Jerusalem, by reopening the Orient House.

…But now the Orient House is apparently playing host once again to official Palestinian functions, such as diplomatic meetings. As its Web site states, "the Orient House aspires to develop Arab East Jerusalem as the capital of the emerging Palestinian state."

This is nothing less than a clear Palestinian slap in the face to the Israeli government, which only recently reaffirmed the ban on PA activity in Jerusalem, something to which the Palestinians themselves had agreed in the Oslo Accords.

…It is time for Israel to stop looking the other way whenever the Palestinians assail everything we hold dear. If it is a war of symbols they want, then Israel should not hesitate to respond. A good place to start would be to tear down the Orient House in Jerusalem, raze the site, and close it once and for all. Similarly, the Muslim Wakf must be held accountable for the damage that it causes to the Temple Mount, site of the ancient Jewish temple. If the Wakf is unwilling to cooperate, their authority can and should be taken away.

We simply cannot afford to allow the Palestinians to continue to spit in our faces, and then call it rain. (Does the Israeli government have any self-respect left?)