Israeli Sovereignty in Judea, Samaria

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is a symbol of the new anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism, according to Dr. Gerardo Stuczynski, the president of the Latin American Zionist Confederation… He asserted that the PA is popular because of the new anti-Semitism that “states that all the peoples of the world have the right to self-determination, except the Jewish people. That is why Zionism is illegitimate and Israel is the only country that has no right to exist.”

He explained that since the Holocaust, it is no longer politically correct to identify oneself as a simple anti-Semitic. Thus anti-Semitism "modernises and becomes anti-Zionism.” Dr. Stuczynski noted that the PA is the “most subsidised people in the world. There is an agency in the UN for Palestinian refugees and another one for the rest of the refugees in the world.

“The countries of the world hurry to recognise a Palestinian State that does not satisfy the necessary requirements to be a State and that is governed mainly by a terrorist organisation. And when UNESCO recognises Palestine as a member, it is implicitly accepting the anti-Jewish hatred transmitted in their schools and through the mass media."

This completely disproportionate solidarity is not due so much to the concern for the Palestinians but to the fact that it is fundamentally anti-Israeli. …He charged that anti-Zionists have turned the United Nations “into an instrument to promote anti-Semitism and offers Palestinians a podium so that their words have more repercussion” while allowing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to state that Israel must be wiped off the map.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

One million Hindus were forcefully converted to Islam and over three million innocent Hindu refugees escaped, in fear for their lives, to India during the war, when Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan. None of the ‘heart-bleeding’ human right activists have been demanding their return, and return of their children and grandchildren, to Bangladesh! So-called Palestinian refugees were not innocent bystanders. They left land allocated by the League of Nation for Eretz-Israel, following the orders of their leaders, to facilitate swift genocide of Jews, by advancing “victorious” Arab armies!

Arab Nations Pressing for Iran Strike

Intelligence reports indicate several Arab countries in the Middle East are lobbying the US to strike Iran this year. According to the report, Saudi Arabia wants the Obama administration to attack Iran's nuclear facilities before the final withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies have been locked in a strategic battle with Iran for hegemony over the Persian Gulf - and have accused Tehran of seeking to destabilise the region through its ‘Shiite Diaspora.’

'Extinct' Frog Back into Northern Israel

A frog species believed to be extinct has hopped back into sight in northern Israel. The Hula Painted Frog was seen for the first time in 50 years this week. The frog is native to the Hula Valley, a swamp drained in the 1950s to stop malaria. The frog was rare even before, and little is known about it.

Celebrating Multicultural Australia - Jews are not Welcome!

A Jewish dancing club was scheduled to appear at the Multicultural Folk Dance Festival in the Victorian country town of Mansfield earlier this month. When the participants’ names were released the name of the Machol Israeli Dancing Club had been truncated to Machol Group and all references to Israel had been removed with the club being described as a Jewish dance group. No change had been made to other groups including Chinese, Hungarian, Armenaian and Ukrainian Traditional Folk Dances and the Irish Reel and Jigs.

Mosque under Construction on Mount of Olives

Arabs are building an illegal mosque on the Mount of Olives adjacent to the graves of late Prime Minister Menachem Begin and modern Hebrew rejuvenator Eliezer Ben Yehuda. The area the mosque is being built in is clearly designated as a part of the cemetery itself on land some 200 meters into undisputed Israeli territory. The area the mosque is being built in is clearly designated as a part of the cemetery itself on land some 200 meters into undisputed Israeli territory. our sovereignty" said chairman of Land of Israel Foundation, Aryeh King. (Government of Israel is actively fighting Jewish patriots - Zionists, destroying Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria, but does nothing to prevent desecration of Jewish holy sites by Arabs!)

Indonesians Study Israeli Catastrophe System

Five medical experts from Indonesia, which has no diplomatic relations with Israel, are graduated from a course at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center on coping with natural and man-made catastrophes. They are among a group of 27 physicians and nurses from 17 countries taking part in a simulated mass casualty event (MCE).

'Humanitarian' Aid Pays for Anti-Israel Propaganda

Swedish “humanitarian” funding paid for the publication of an anti-Israel booklet produced in Sweden, for local consumption. Funded at a cost of NIS 390,000 (approximately $104,600) under the category of “humanitarian aid,” the slick booklet was created by a Swedish pro-Palestinian Authority solidarity group. In its pages the brochure calls for the boycott of the State of Israel. “The fact that this kind of hate propaganda is being financed by Swedish government foreign aid funds is simply outrageous,” said Israel Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor.

There is No Freedom of Speech in Israel

"There is no freedom of speech, but a stifling of expression," Rabbi Lior said after hearing of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein's decision to launch the probe into statements made by Rabbi Eliyahu to Israel's press during the controversy over a rabbinic ruling, in which he took part, against renting apartments to Arabs."It is difficult for me to agree this is incitement," Rabbi Lior said, dismissing the assertion the ruling had nothing to do with Rabbi Eliyahu's Torah views. "Rabbis focus on cultivating a love of humanity, and Judaism appreciates all righteous people, Jewish or Gentile, but Jewish law prohibits one from renting in Israel to non-Jews." (PA does not have an opinion but forbids Arabs to sell, under a threat of death, to Jews. How many Jews live in Ramallah or Gaza City? It is time for Israel to regain her self-respect and shake off the stupidity of political correctness!)

Iran is “A Threat to the Entire Middle East”

Emir Sa'ud al-Feisal, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, was quoted as saying that “Iran's involvement in the internal affairs of the nations of the region, as well as its nuclear crisis and attempts to develop its nuclear program - that will allow it to have nuclear weapons - are a clear threat to the entire region.” A series of violent incidents in eastern Saudi Arabia over the past week that have left at least four dead has raised concern in Riyadh that Iran is seeking to start an “Arab Spring” type revolution in the heavily populated Shi'ite areas. (If the US will attacks nuclear facilities in Iran, it would be not for Israel’s sake, but in order to protect oil rich Arab ‘friends’!)

Anti-Israel International Bigots Support Syria

The United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO) has unanimously approved Syria's membership on two UN human rights committees. UNESCO's 58-member executive board, which includes the United States, France, the UK and other Western democracies, approved Syria's memberships by consensus on November 11.This comes as the United Nations plenum estimates that nearly 4,000 people have been killed in government crackdowns against civilian protesters in the nine-month "Arab Spring" uprising in Syria. (From anti-Jewish idiots’ point of view, any murderous and genocidal dictator is better than the democratic Jewish state, Israel!)

Hypocrisy of the Headlines:

Canada's pro-Israel stance undermining clout in Middle East talks: Expert - - Have unreasonable demands made by the PA and the overwhelming anti-Israel climate in the UN, created by Arab, Muslim countries and their oil dependent stooges, helped establish peace? Why are only anti-Jewish so-called experts and self-hating Jews given voice by the international media?

The End of the Peace Process

by Sultan Knish

The “peace process” which created two terrorist states inside Israel may have begun in Oslo, but it ended in Cairo...

The days when Thomas Friedman and his Saudi buddies could talk about normalisation have passed. The Arab Spring saw to that and with Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and an unknown number of others sliding into the Islamist camp, and out of reach of negotiations, there’s a New Middle East that has even less in common with the old gentlemanly diplomacy model than the old one did. Some of the dimmer Israeli leaders may still believe that peace is possible with the Islamists of Turkey’s AKP, but not even they think that peace is possible with the Brotherhood…

The Brotherhood’s attitude toward Israel is indistinguishable from that of Iran, and with the Islamist way in ascendance, that attitude will be the dominant one throughout the region, turning back the clock on decades of diplomatic efforts. The Islamists will negotiate temporary truces and ceasefires, but not the peace and brotherhood accords so beloved by the US and the EU…

And the usual Arab League chorus that the region’s problems would be solved if only there were a Palestinian state sounds silly even to veteran diplomats who usually funnel this sort of nonsense right back to the White House. Obama’s hostility toward Israel has paradoxically lessened the pressure by removing the leverage. Condoleezza Rice could get on the phone and warn that another house in XYZ would wreck the positive relationship with the White House. But there is as much of a prospect of a positive relationship with the White House, as there is with Iran, Hamas and the Brotherhood. Israel still has a strategic relationship with the United States, but relations with the administration are cold, which also means there is less to be afraid of…

The situation is even uglier on the European side, which has not been friendly in a long time, but hasn’t been this hateful either. But all that ugliness also translates into a loss of influence over Israel. You can only slap your allies so many times, denounce them and threaten them before they begin paying a lot less attention to you…

How can Israel make peace when the Palestinian Authority has been split into Hamas and Fatah run fiefdoms and neither side is even bothering to pretend to negotiate? …But the more America and Europe have pandered to the Muslim world, the more obvious it has become to Israel that it has no role to play in this exchange, except its time honoured position as the scapegoat…

The isolation is a problem, but it’s also liberating. The weight of expectations has nearly broken Israel and the Obama Administration may be one of the best things that happened to it by forcing it to recognise that it was alone. Israeli dependence on the United States is not financial as most people think, it is mainly psychological. Alone in a region full of Muslim tyrannies, the need to believe in a close relationship with an admirable global power was powerful.