Israeli Arabs - Divided Loyalty!

by Ariel ben-Solomon

The Joint Arab List was alone in voting against the normalization deal with the United Arab Emirates in the Knesset, upsetting many Israeli Arabs that welcomed a move that is likely to become a key economic, education and tourism opportunity for the community...

An estimated 1.9 million (20 percent) of Israel’s population is Arab, and prior to the latest deals, the only Arab countries open to them were Egypt, a popular tourist destination, and Jordan, where many attend college. Arab Israelis also travel to Saudi Arabia for the Haj pilgrimage, commuting through Jordan or another country since there are no direct flights from Israel.

Regarding opposition by Israeli-Arab parties in the Joint List, Ghada Zoabi, founder and CEO of the Israeli-Arab news portal, said political leaders have their own personal interests and desire to make headlines.

“The peace deal will positively affect the entire region, and Israeli Arabs that have family members there will more easily connect with them and study there..."

“The Joint List is acting like the Palestinian Authority in rejecting the deal, when, in fact, it will help Arabs in Israel and the Palestinian territories,” she continued, adding that in the case of the Joint List, they should not have come out publicly against the deal...

Zoabi claimed that many Israeli Arabs supported them in the last elections because they wanted to oust the right-wing government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, not because they necessarily support the entire Joint List agenda.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The situation between Israel and the so-called Palestinians will not change until they realise that Israel is here to stay! They need to stop terror against Israel and end occupying Jewish land - by leaving it! There are 22 Arab states (almost 60 Muslim) - only one tiny Jewish one. It is time for Muslim “brothers” around the world, who have been so concerned about plight of fake Palestinians, and have been generously subsidising their existence for over 70 years, while they dream of the destruction of Israel, to truly embrace and welcome fake Palestinians back!

Returning Sudanese Migrants

Sudan’s government has agreed to accept large numbers of migrants who illegally entered Israel, following the announced normalization between the countries. Thousands of Sudanese nationals have illegally entered Israel in the past 15 years, and about 6,000 remain. The return of as many as possible was determined in two-way talks with the Sudanese government. (Immediate positive result of the agreement!)

US Reaffirming Israel's Military Edge

Defense Minister Benny Gantz met US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper at the Pentagon on Thursday where they signed a joint declaration confirming Washington's strategic commitment to maintaining Israel's qualitative military edge in the Middle East. Gantz's visit mainly revolved around advancing Israel's bid to purchase advanced US-made aircrafts such as F-15 and F-35 fighter jets, transport helicopters, and probably also a V-22 helicopter.

Simulating War with Hezbollah

The IDF launched the “Lethal Arrow” military exercise simulating a war on Israel’s northern border with the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group, incorporating thousands of regular and reserve soldiers to simulate war with Hezbollah terrorists. (During political instability in Lebanon, war with Hezbollah is becoming more likely.)

EU Finances Anti-Semitic, Terror-Tied NGOs

EU donated €30 million to anti-Israel NGOs in 2019. 32 grants totalling €30.1 million ($35.67 million) were issued for projects listed under “Palestine,” and an additional nine grants totalling €3.3 million were approved for projects listed under “Israel.” The funding included three grants totalling €5.8 million involving NGOs tied to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an EU-designated terrorist group. For example, one 2019 grantee, Red Crescent Society for the Gaza Strip (RCS4GS) regularly hosts PFLP-organized events that are attended by PFLP armed activists. (In anti-Semitic Europe nobody protests or even questions these generous contributions to anti-Israel organisations!)

Why is Turkey still a Member of NATO?

The Hamas terrorist organization has established a secret cyberwarfare and counter-intelligence ops headquarters in Turkey. The unit reportedly runs the terror group’s operations against Hamas’ rivals across the Arab world, including against the Palestinian Authority, and against Saudi and United Arab Emirate embassies in the Middle East and Europe. (Turkey has chosen the Islamist path; buying weapons from Russia; supporting terrorist organisations, but still is a member of NATO! Why?)

Israel’s Generosity is not Appreciated

The Israeli Electric Company announced that it had transferred to the Palestinian Authority three sub-stations in Tarqumiyah, Qalandiya, and Shechem, to transmit electricity from Israel. This is in addition to the sub-station in Jenin that was transferred to the PA in 2017. If only the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority had learned from their own news agency about this improvement in their lives due to Israel’s generosity. (Helping enemies to stay and occupy Jewish land, is it generosity or stupidity? Arabs view it as a weakness and the PA does not pay its electrical, gas, and water bills to Israel - turn the tap off!)

Terror Business as Usual

1) A new tunnel snaking underground into Israel from the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis had been unearthed by the IDF with the help of new technology. It was developed after Palestinians terrorists dug these tunnels - 20 in the last few years – to sneak attackers into Israel for attacks on neighbouring communities. The tunnel was detected by sensors in the concrete barrier.

2) Iron Dome intercepted a Palestinian rocket fired from the Gaza Strip a week ago. On Thursday, two more rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel

3) IAF attacks Hamas in Gaza in retaliation for rocket attack.

Quote of the Week:

“In comparison with David Friedman, the US’ Ambassador in Israel, Netanyahu is far left-wing. The US administration is pulling Israel to the right and we will not be able to renew the negotiations.” - Saeb Erekat, chief PA negotiator with Israel - The question is - Why Bibi is still remaining on the 'far-Left' and unwilling to use the opportunity created by President Trump and advance the Zionist aspirations of the Jewish people?

The PA Hurts 'Palestinians' Most!

by David Israel

The real source of Palestinian misery is not Israel and not the Trump administration. It’s the Palestinian leadership!

The PA arrested businessman Saleh Abu Mayala from Hebron after his return from President Trump’s Manama, Bahrain conference on economic plans to help the Palestinians...

President Trump’s initiative came against the background of two failed Palestinian states: the one in Judea and Samaria and the one in the Gaza Strip.

Bad government, mismanagement of resources, poverty, waste, and rampant corruption among the Palestinian leadership, have combined with collapsing sewer and water systems that were never kept up since the Israelis have left, and restricted food, medicine and power, to create the worst pockets of misery on the planet... (Attacking Israel/Jews is their priority!)

Both governments suppress free speech and democratic activities, and both prefer to divert their resources to the war against Israel while their people are suffering needlessly.

They invest the donations they receive in incitement and terrorism directed against Israel, rather than invest in essential public services for their people.

They pay salaries to their terrorists behind bars in Israel, and to sustain this outrage, they cut the pay of their government employees by 40%.

At the same time, the Palestinian leaders are mired in graft and corruption... Abbas’ own net worth is estimated at $100 million (Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is not far behind). Hamas collects $5,000 each from Arabs who wish to immigrate to the West...