Duplicitous Abbas Came out of the Closet

by Isi Leibler

(Actually, Abbas has always been clear about his feelings and intentions toward Israel. The international bigots have just been pretending that he is a ‘good guy’ and have invited him, as his idiotic terror and AIDS infested predecessor - Yasser Arafat, to participate in an anti-Israel game!)

Even the few delusional apologists who maintain that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is a genuine partner for peace must have been stunned by his obscene and demagogic address on Rosh Hashana at the United Nations General Assembly (click here to watch Abbas's UN address).

Abbas, whose 1982 doctoral thesis promoted Holocaust denial, accused Israel of engaging in genocide, terrorism and apartheid. He condemned “the racist occupying state” of having “chosen to make it a year of a new war of genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people.” He stated that “the devastation caused by this recent aggression is unmatched in modern times” and that “in the name of Palestine and its people, I affirm here today: We will not forget and we will not forgive, and we will not allow war criminals to escape punishment.”

…The speech was clearly a calculated appeal to the Palestinian street to demonstrate that his hatred of Israel matched that of Hamas. He was probably also desperate to refocus attention on the Palestinian issue which had been relegated to the sidelines because the world, including Arab countries, is obsessed with the threat of ISIS. President Barack Obama’s address at the General Assembly even contradicted his previous rigid stance by conceding that “Iraq, Syria and Libya should cure... the illusion that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the main source of problems in the region”.

…Abbas intensified the demonic hatred of Israel promoted in Palestinian schools, mosques and the media. His brainwashing bred a criminal society suffused with hatred, to the point at which proud mothers on Palestinian state television would exuberantly thank Allah for enabling their children to become martyrs by murdering the Jews while praying that their remaining offspring would follow the same path. Only last week, the PA referred to the murderers of the three Israeli teenagers as “shahids” - martyrs.

Abbas has diverted vast sums of money toward massive salaries to terrorists in Israeli prisons and provided state pensions for families of suicide bombers and generous endowments for released mass murderers who are sanctified as heroes. He has honored perpetrators of the most dastardly suicide bombings and acts of terrorism by establishing city squares, football clubs and institutions in their names.

The duplicitous Abbas shares precisely the same goal as Hamas - the destruction of Israel. Like Arafat, who denied the existence of the Jewish Temple, he too refutes Jewish links to Israel. But he was savvy enough to realize that he could tactically achieve far more by theoretically disavowing violence and employing diplomatic pressure to seek to undo Jewish sovereignty in stages.

The world is willfully blind to his corruption and unperturbed by the PA’s siphoning of billions of dollars of international funds designated to improve the living conditions of Palestinians. Abbas also suspended elections for four years, aware that the majority of his constituents were likely to support Hamas because of the rampant corruption.

Hamas Agrees with Netanyahu: 'We want an Islamic State'

While it may reject Israel’s existence, Hamas certainly agrees with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - and disagrees with the US State Department - that its “ultimate goal” is to establish an “Islamic state” (caliphate) over what it sees as the “occupied lands of Palestine.”

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Each of the current conflicts in Southern Sudan, C.A.R, Congo, Syria, and Iraq created several million refugees and displaced people. There are less than 1.5 million residents of Gaza. Without their full support Hamas would not be able to build its extensive network of tunnels! The only way to stop Hamas terror attacks on Israel is by moving them just a few kilometres to the West. Everything else has failed and will never work!

Reclaiming Jewish Jerusalem

Jewish families moved into 26 apartments in seven buildings in a politically delicate neighborhood of East Jerusalem, Silwan - just south of the Old City. It is also the site of archaeological ruins believed to be the City of David, a Jewish historical landmark.

'Usual Suspects' Worry More about Israel than ISIL

- In a striking public rebuke, the Obama administration warned Israel on Wednesday that plans for a controversial new housing project in southern Jerusalem (near the Palestinian village of Beit Safafa) would distance Israel from "even its closest allies"... (3 out of 4 Israelis distrust Obama)

- France joined in the condemnations of Israel over a plan to build 2,610 new homes in eastern Jerusalem, calling the project a “direct threat” to the two-state solution.

Hamas Committed War Crimes

Hamas commits a double war crime by using civilians as human shields and firing rockets at Israel. Netanyahu told the UN chief that the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) should focus its investigation of war crimes in Gaza on Hamas, which also used UN buildings to fire rockets towards Israel. He added that the UNHRC is biased against Israel while protective towards Hamas. (This international anti-Semites do not want to hear!)

Need for Outside-the-box Thinking

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reaffirmed his commitment to a two-state solution in a brief statement he made alongside US President Barack Obama before their meeting in the White House on Wednesday. “I remain committed to the vision of peace of two states for two peoples, based on mutual recognition and rock solid security arrangements.” At the same time, he indicated that the path to two states might be different from the one tried for the last 20 years, saying he believes “we should make use of the new opportunities (in the Middle East), think outside of the box, and see how we can include the Arab countries to advance this very hopeful agenda.” Obama, meanwhile, said that the status quo between Israel and the Palestinians was not sustainable. (The Sinai Option is the perfect two-state solution! It will put the end to the status quo, remove enemies of Israel beyond the border of the Jewish state and make them accountable for their actions)

Another Islamic Lie is Exposed

When Iranian nuclear physicist Ardeshir Hosseinpour was “gassed” to death in 2007, the finger of suspicion was immediately pointed at Israel. Now, his sister claims he was murdered by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRI) because he would not cooperate with its efforts to divert nuclear work from peaceful purposes to building an atomic bomb.

Hamas Inventory down to 20 Percent

The defense minister, Moshe Ya'alon, recounted the military's military achievements, saying the IDF killed "40 senior Hamas officials and 10 from Islamic Jihad. As of today, only 20 percent of the rocket and mortar inventory remains from before the operation, when there were some 10,000 rockets and mortars." (Until the next time - Only the removal of the enemy population from Jewish land will end Islamic aggression against Israel!)

Same 'Jihad' - Different Faces

A senior Al Qaeda official, Muhammad al Bahtiyti, has urged jihadists to "rescue the ship of jihad" from Islamic State (IS or ISIS). He did not mention IS by name in the speech, but it is clearly aimed at the terror organization and former Al Qaeda affiliate. "We call to restore the rightly-guided Caliphate on the prophetic method, and not on the method of deviation, lying, breaking promises, and abrogating allegiances…” (Both organisations are fighting for the allegiance of blood-thirsty idiots!)

Political Stupidity Blames US Intelligence for Failure

US President Barack Obama said US intelligence officials failed to appreciate the gains made by Islamic State (formerly ISIS) extremists in Syria during the last few years of that country's civil war. (Billions of US tax payer dollars are spent on CIA, NSA etc... They failed to prevent 9/11 attack, as well as attacks on Benghazi, US embassies in Africa etc… Is the problem with intelligence failure or unwillingness of the White House to listen and make the right decisions in the right time?)

Quote of the Week:

“They're all (Muslims) fighting among themselves, but they all agree that once they destroy, vanquish their Muslim moderates who are there who don't share their views and they behead them and do horrible things to them. And then they have to get to Israel, which is the Western country in the region…but we're the Small Satan. For all of them, you're the Great Satan. The radical Shiites are backed by Iran. The radical Sunnis have various backers (Saudi Arabia mainly)… their violent ideology which rejects modernity, rejects human rights, rejects, puts women as chattel, all minorities are subjugated or eliminated.” - Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Israel-unfriendly White House

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on Wednesday, "The US condemns the recent occupation of residential buildings in the neighborhood of Silwan."

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said that the new project "would send a very troubling message… will only draw condemnation from the international community, distance Israel from even its closest allies; poison the atmosphere… and call into question Israel’s ultimate commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement with the Palestinians."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. “I do not understand the criticism," he said. "Arabs in Jerusalem buy apartments and no one bothers them. By the same token, I'm not going to tell Jews not to buy in Jerusalem, including in Silwan. We cannot have discrimination; this approach is unacceptable to me."

"I stand firm by my decision," Netanyahu added. "There will not be a situation where Jews will not be able to buy an apartment in Jerusalem." (As they say, “With the friends like these….”)