Israel vs Hamas - Perpetual Stupidity!

by Anna Ahronheim

Several rounds of violent clashes between the Israeli military and terror groups have taken place in the Gaza Strip. All of them have ended without any solution!

Let’s be real. It’s not some major achievement. It’s just the end of yet another round of fighting between Israel and Hamas.

The last three weeks of incendiary and explosive balloons, along with rocket attacks and retaliatory airstrikes, were just business as usual. Except that this time, they ended without any fatalities...

Next day, Hamas explicitly stated it had agreed. Israel tacitly acknowledged the agreement by promising to reopen the fishing zone and border crossings and resuming fuel transfers if calm is maintained...

IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman credited the ceasefire to near-nightly airstrikes by the Israeli Air Force on some 100 Hamas targets including observation posts, underground infrastructure, and munition caches “along with the severe sanctions we placed on them” such as closing the crossings and fishing zone as well as the stopping of fuel for Gaza’s electricity...

So have they come to their senses? Or was it both sides understood it’s just another round in the many yet to come...

Both Hamas and Israel are too preoccupied right now to have escalated to a full-blown battle... Coronavirus, possible elections, recession, you name it. Both sides, which are capable of causing much more damage to each other, did not see the need to escalate further. Just like the last round in April...

But nothing has changed since then. And nothing will likely change in the near future.

The pressure will once again build up until balloons and rockets are launched from the blockaded coastal enclave, and the IDF will beat its drums of war before a ceasefire is agreed to...

Why can’t we stop the cycle in the south? The ritual escalations can stop, but the right strategy has to be found and implemented. (Isn't it obvious? Strategy must be changed; a political decision has to be made; and decisive military action should be taken!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

I am not against Arabs, Christians or Muslims. I am just pro-Jewish and support Zionism – the Jewish national independence movement! Israel can easily stop terror and change the future by recognising and resolving mistakes of the past.

Enemies within are the Same as Outside Ones!

Shin Bet arrested an Arab-Israeli man Mahmoud Maqdak and 9 of his family members and friends from the Bedouin town of Segev Shalom for conspiring to plant explosives at Bilu Junction near Rehovot and gather intel for the Hamas terror group.

Ugliness of Anti-Zionist Israeli Legal System!

Central District Attorney's Office files indictment against Jewish farmer who opened fire after dozens of Arabs attempted lynching. Last week, Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan, presented Ze'ev with a certificate of appreciation for preventing the lynching of himself and his friends. "We cherish those dear people who defended the lives of other people and themselves in the face of barbaric murderous rioters who tried to lynch Jews in Samaria," Dagan said.

Destruction of Israel is a 'Good Will’ of UNRWA

Mohammad Assaf, the singing star from Gaza who won the Arab Idol show, is using his platform as a United Nations “goodwill ambassador” to sing about the destruction of Israel. UNRWA has been widely criticized for its role both for its corruption and for perpetuating the Palestinian refugee issue.

Iran is Crossing Uranium Enrichment 'Red-line'

The UN's nuclear watchdog, IAEA, said that Iran's stockpile of enriched uranium now stands at more than ten times the limit set down in the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. Iran's stockpile now stands at over 2,105 kg - the limit was set at 202.8 kg of uranium.

Deal between Serbia and Kosovo includes Israel!

President Trump oversaw the signing of an agreement between Serbia and Kosovo that normalizes economic relations between the two countries — and also includes Kosovo recognizing Israel, and Serbia agreeing to move its embassy to Jerusalem. It marks another diplomatic victory for the Trump administration. The European Union had mediated talks for more than a decade. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that not only would Kosovo recognize Israel, but it would open an embassy in Jerusalem, becoming the first Muslim-majority nation to do so. (The deal is a 'big deal' on its own, and Trump did not have to Include Israel in it, but he did! Malawi is also to open its first diplomatic mission in Israel in Jerusalem.)

If Sovereignty won’t Stop Peace with EAU

Even if Israel proceeds with its plan to declare sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, and parts of Judea and Samaria, it will not stop the peace process between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, director of policy planning in the Emirati Foreign Ministry Jamal al-Musharakh told Israeli journalists. However, Musharakh emphasized that his government had “received assurances” from the American and Israeli governments that the sovereignty initiative would not proceed. (If declaration of the Jewish Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria is not an issue for UAE, why was the concession made? What concession have they made to Israel - NONE!)

Medical Experiments in Space

An Israeli developed micro-laboratory was successfully launched into space. The DIDO-3 is a laboratory the size of a shoebox and weighs only 2.3 kilos, enabling for experiments to be performed cheaply, on a small scale and without human contact. The experiments include the prevention of infections, drug development, and prevention of antibiotic resistance and delaying of the aging process.

EU is still Financing Hamas Terrorists

The European Union provided a contribution of €9 million ($10.62 million) to the July salaries of health and education workers and the pensions of more than 37,500 Palestinian Authority civil servants. Meanwhile, Hamas terrorists in Israeli prisons are now eligible to receive an extra NIS 200 ($59.31) per month from their families to purchase goods in the prison canteens.

Another Senseless 'Quiet'!

After weeks of Palestinian balloon attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip,

Hamas announced on Monday that it has reached an agreement with Israel to deescalate violence across the border. The deal was brokered by a Qatari official who delivered cash assistance to the Hamas-ruled enclave. Gaza’s main goods crossing would re-open and fishermen would be allowed back to work. These concessions, however, would be subject to the continuation of calm on the part of Hamas and “security stability.” If the terrorist group failed to deliver on the deal, it would face an appropriate response. (Usually, truce agreements with Hamas last a day or two! It is not even a truce – they call it “de-escalation”. When will the terror cancer be removed from Jewish land?)

Quote of the Week:

"We did not betray anyone. We have a wise leader who has decided to do what is good for his country, the Palestinians and all Arabs and Muslims. You Palestinians need to get rid of your corrupt leaders. It is time for this region to enjoy peace, stability and development. Over the past decades, conflicts and tension have ravaged the region and many opportunities have been lost in order to find the right path that leads people to a prosperous life, and makes hope possible." “…the UAE intervened and did what the world did not do, and was able to make a difference and stop plans to annex Arab lands. So why are these short-sighted people now annoyed? - Hamad Al Kaabi, editor of the Abu Dhabi-based Al-Ittihad newspaper – Israel already has useless peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, by making painful concessions. This agreement, so far, looks the same! In addition to stopping Israel from declaring sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, UEA has secured Israel’s alliance in case of conflict with Iran!

What is Hezbollah?

by Celia Jean

Hezbollah is a name that often appears in the media, especially in regards to Israel and its relations to Iran Lebanon. Today, Hezbollah is one of the largest terror armies in the world and holds enormous influence over the state of Lebanon.

1) First and foremost, Hezbollah is a terrorist organization

Hezbollah is a radical Shiite militant group based in Lebanon, that has been waging a guerrilla campaign against Israel since the 1980s, funded and guided by the Islamic Republic of Iran. "Hezbollah" in Arabic translates to "Party of God" in English.

2) Who leads Hezbollah?

The terror organization is led by Hassan Nasrallah, who has been the secretary-general of Hezbollah since 1992. Nasrallah has constantly been open about his objective to attack and destroy Israel.

3) How is Hezbollah armed, and what danger does the organization pose?

Hezbollah currently has an arsenal of over 130,000 rockets and missiles, and receives hundreds of millions of dollars each year from Iran.

4) Where are these weapons stored?

Hezbollah deliberately stores its weapons in civilian structures in order to use humans as shields, a violation of international law. Weapons are also stored in southern Lebanese towns close to the border with Israel.

5) How has Hezbollah attacked Israel in the past?

Hezbollah has been responsible for thousands of attacks in Israel.

6) What terror attacks has Hezbollah carried out in the rest of the world?

Hezbollah has been responsible for violent terror attacks across the globe, both killing and injuring hundreds of people, spanning from Bulgaria, Buenos Aires, London and Paris. The earliest attack dates back as early as 1983, when the organization struck the US embassy in Beirut, killing 63.

7) Which countries besides from Israel recognize it as a terror organization?

Hezbollah is recognized as a terror organization in its entirety by many countries and international organizations, including: The United States; The United Kingdom; The Arab League; Germany; Argentina; Paraguay; Canada; Colombia; Japan; The Netherlands; Bahrain; Lithuania and the Gulf Cooperation Council. However, some countries and organizations only recognize Hezbollah's "military" wing as a terror group.

8) What can be done?

As Hezbollah is a dangerous entity to Lebanon, Israel and the world, the IDF advises the international community to condemn, sanction and disarm Hezbollah. (Destroying its leadership and infrastructure would be more prudent option!)