Israel is the Smart Nation!

by Yaron Druckman

The number of university-level degrees handed out in Israel has multiplied by five over the past 25 years. Academic degrees in Israel increased 500% since 1990.

In the 2013/2014 school year, 75,100 degrees were awarded to students who completed their studies in institutions of higher education - universities, academic colleges and education colleges. Forty-two thousand received degrees from universities (55.9%), 24,700 from academic colleges (32.9%, of which 15.3% are state-funded and 17.6% are private) and 8,400 from colleges of education (11.2%).

In 2013/14, most bachelor degree graduates were women (59.5%), and most master degree recipients were women as well (60.7%). Nearly half of PhD recipients were women (49.7%). In many fields of study women made up the majority, such as in medical assistance (83.9% undergraduate and 84.3% masters) and the humanities (77.5% undergraduate, 77.4% masters and 56.4% PhD).

Almost a tenth of graduates during the 2013/14 school year were Arabs (9.7%). Their percentage was particularly low at academic colleges (6.3%), however, at colleges of education their percentage was very high (19.5%). The percentage of Arabs who received PhDs was very low (3.2%).

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The best way to fight BDS is not to fight it at all. Israel has a lot to offer to the world - from medical to military innovations; from hi-tech to agriculture. The best way to defeat BDS is to promote what Israel can do for the world!

Israel has the Cause for Self-defence Action

The same day as the UN endorsed Iran deal, paving the way to lift sanctions, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called for the Muslim world’s mission to unite and the destruction of Israel: “If the Islamic Ummah (nation) were united and relied on their own commonalities, they would certainly be a unique power in the international political scene but big powers have imposed such divisions on the Islamic Ummah to pursue their own interests and safeguard the Zionist regime (of Israel).” (There are two ways to eliminate threat from Iran: Bomb nuclear facilities or help suppressed and discriminated Iranian minorities to remove the idiotic regime!)

Stop Financing anti-Israel NGOs

Israel is demanding that European Union member states halt funding to non-governmental organizations allegedly working to delegitimize the Jewish state. The Foreign Ministry claims that European governments provide 100-200 million euros annually to anti-Israel leftist groups. Some of these organizations are associated with and actively support terror groups. (EU will never give up its deeply ingrained anti-Semitism that still in charge of its politics toward Israel. Stop begging! Israel must adopt and enforce laws regulating foreign interference on Israel’s internal politics and press conduct!)

Freed Terrorists Are Murdering Jews Again

Opponents of the 2011 deal that freed captured soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,070 terrorist prisoners are experiencing a sad vindication as more and more Israelis are being murdered by terrorists freed in that deal. The Israeli government released terrorists, who had murdered 619 Israelis in total. Malachi Rosenfeld’s murder brings to six the number of Israelis murdered by terrorists freed for single soldier in 2011.

Jonathan Pollard to be Free?

The US Justice Department is “seriously” considering the release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard when he is up for a parole hearing in November. Pollard is currently serving his 30th year of an unprecedented life sentence in a US prison for espionage on behalf of an ally, Israel. (After letting go Russian spies several years ago and releasing Cuban murderer the US only ‘considering’ release of Jonathan Pollard? Or, is it just deception after the deal?)

Axis of Evil is still Evil

Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the agreement with world powers won't change Iran's approach to the United States. He also said Iran would continue supporting Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas and Palestinian militant groups. (Nothing has changed, only the desire of the US president to create his presidential ‘legacy’ and the wish to help his Muslim ‘friends’!)

Israeli Bees Coming to Japan

An agreement for direct non-stop flights between Israel and Japan has been signed - and Israeli bumble-bees might be the first passengers to help Japan agriculture to compensate for its dwindling honeybee population.

Kerry doesn't Know what's in Iran Deal

During classified briefings Secretary of State last week John Kerry told lawmakers that he has not read the side deals, never possessed a copy of them, and approved the nuclear agreement without knowing their details. Lawmakers say they aren’t satisfied with the explanation of side deals on Iran’s nuclear program that weren’t sent to Congress, and still want to see the original documents. “These side deals were essential to getting a deal signed in the first place. Iran believed these side deals to be important to an overall agreement, and so should the United States…” said Rep. Mike Pompeo.

Murderous Israel-haters

A series of explosions targeting Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives has pushed internal strife to its limits, with Hamas and Salafists battling for control of the coastal territory. Four of the destroyed vehicles belonged to Hamas military wing members, and the rest belonged to Islamic Jihad military wing members. (In the beginning, there was Fatah, then PLO, PA and Hamas. Now Islamic Jihad, Salafists and ISIS have arrived. There are no Palestinian people, just a mix of Israel-haters, who at any moment are willing and eager to kill each other!)

Subtlety is not German Forte!

German business leaders landed in Iran with Sigmar Gabriel, Germany's vice chancellor and economy minister, who flew to Iran just few days after the nuclear deal, becoming the first top Western official to visit the country. Some 80 German companies are still having subsidiaries in Iran. (It proves that the deal was not about stopping the Iranian nuclear program, but to open oil-rich Iran for business.)

Herzog: The Disengagement Was a Mistake

Several senior Israeli politicians from across the political spectrum attended a conference marking 10 years since the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria. Among those speaking at the conference was Opposition Leader and Zionist Union party chairman Yitzhak Herzog, who told the audience he agreed the Disengagement was a "mistake." (Empty words mean nothing! Are they willing and ready to remove enemies from Jewish land?)

Now the EU is Angry at Israel

A meeting of EU foreign ministers blasts Israel for what it says are actions that 'seriously threaten the 'two-state solution'. The EU "calls on Israeli authorities to halt plans for forced transfer of population and demolition of Palestinian housing and infrastructure..." The EU "reiterates its strong opposition to Israel's settlement policy and actions taken in this context, such as building the separation barrier beyond the 1967 line, demolitions and confiscation - including of EU funded projects. (Bigots were happy and welcomed the forceful transfer of 8.500 Jews from Gaza 10 years ago! They saw no problem with population transfer then and still supporting stupidity of the 'two-state solution', because it is the first step toward destruction of Israel!)

Iran has Made the First Step Toward ‘Peace’!

In defiance of the international arms embargo, Iran placed an order for a huge fleet of 100 Russian IL78 MKI tanker aircraft (NATO: Midas) for refueling its air force in mid-flight. These tanker planes can simultaneously refuel six to eight warplanes. Their acquisition brings Israel, 1.200km away - as well the rest of the Middle East - within easy range of Iranian aerial bombardment. (The ink is not dry yet on the fake agreement, but Iran has already made a move which proves that the critics are right!)

French do not Want to Reveal Truth about Arafat’s Death

French prosecutor requests dropping Arafat death probe. The request to drop the probe into the leader's death on Tuesday comes two years after French investigators said the level of polonium 210 in Arafat's body was the result of naturally occurring processes involving radon gas, not deliberate poisoning. (They try to avoid disclosure of the true cause of his death - AIDS! Isn’t it strange that the original blood test and autopsy results have not been revealed after he died?)

Quote of the Week:

“Many people around the world have been fed a lie being victims of a massive propaganda hoax. The lie is that the Palestinians want freedom by having their own state. Actually, Israel knows full well that this can’t possibly be about freedom because Arabs in Israel have more freedom than Arabs anywhere else in the Middle East. So if Palestinian leaders want a state, why do they spend so much time talking about killing Jews and glorifying those who do? What does glorifying murderers have to do with getting your own state? Why do their schools teach their children that Israel has no right to exist and must be destroyed? People always talk about what they want. The Palestinian leaders talk about erasing the Jewish state. That’s why their leaders spend so much time demonizing Israel.” - Mark Biltz, a Christian pastor.

Ashkenazi Jews Rank Smartest in World

by Nelly Lalany

Why is it racist for Jews to be proud about our national abilities and achievements? All nations are proud about and often even exaggerate the achievements of their compatriots and ancestors - Italians about art, Greeks about democracy, Germans about engineering. Jews have been immensely and disproportionally contributing to their population to the development and progress of humanity. It is time to become proud about it too and demand due acknowledgment!

Studies show descendants of Jews from Medieval Germany, throughout Europe have IQ 20% higher than global average.

According to a study performed by Cambridge University called, "From Chance to Choice: Genetic and Justice," Ashkenazi Jews have a median IQ of 117.

Not to brag or anything, but according to USA Today, “Ashkenazi Jews comprise 2.2% of the USA population, but they represent 30% of faculty at elite colleges, 21% of Ivy League students, 25% of the Turing Award winners, 23% of the wealthiest Americans, and 38% of the Oscar-winning film directors.”

According to the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, “Since 1950, 29% of the Oslo awards (Nobel Prize) have gone to Ashkenazim, even though they represent only 0.25% of humanity. Ashkenazi achievement in this arena is 117 times greater than their population." (Note: Median IQ of Israel 96 - It is not yet the Jewish state!)