Israel is Waging a Three-Front War

by Stephen M. Flatow

Reflect: Hamas is busy building tunnels from Gaza, Hezbollah has amassed 150,000 rockets at the border and PA Arabs still stone Jews.

In the south, the Israeli army uncovered yet another “terror tunnel” stretching from the Gaza city of Khan Younis into Israeli territory. Just because the tunnels are not in the headlines any more, doesn’t mean they’re not there. Israel has destroyed or sealed dozens of them over the years; but Hamas keeps building more...

Assured by the Obama administration's insistence that the cement would not be used for military purposes, Israel allowed it to be imported. The result? Hamas built "a labyrinth of underground tunnels, bunkers, command posts and shelters for its leaders, fighters and rockets," Ross acknowledged. They built them with "an estimated 600,000 tons of cement," some of which was "diverted from construction materials allowed into Gaza."

Meanwhile, on Israel’s eastern front, a Palestinian Arab who tried to stone Jews... Since the PA considers throwing rocks at Jews to be legitimate and non-violent, any Israeli action against Arab rock-throwers is regarded by the PA as murder...

 Israel’s critics claim that Arab rock-throwers are understandably “resisting” the “occupation.” But Israel stopped occupying the PA controlled towns back in 1995...

Imagine what would have happened if the PA territories were turned into a sovereign state, as so many people are demanding. Fake Palestinians could have stoned some Jews and then fled into “Palestine” for protection. The Israeli army would have been helpless to pursue them across an internationally-recognized border.

On Israel’s northern front last week, the army was conducted a large-scale exercise simulating war. The expected enemy was not Syria or Lebanon, but rather Hezbollah, which has transformed itself in recent years from a ragtag terrorist group into a full-scale army.

With Iranian backing, Hezbollah has amassed an estimated 150,000 missiles along the Israel-Lebanon border. Israelis are taking the threat seriously.

Israel halted its 2006 action against Hezbollah in response to international criticism and promises by the United Nations Security Council to keep southern Lebanon out of the terrorists’ control. Of course, those promises were never kept, and now the danger is many times what it was then.

Notice the recurring theme: Israel defends itself, the world howls in protest, Israel retreats in exchange for promises, and the promises are quietly shelved. How long will this outrageous cycle repeat itself?

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Majority of Gaza residents support Hamas which, as does the Fatah, aims to destroy Israel. Isn’t it the time to end Arab occupation of the Jewish lands, starting with Gaza? Just containing Hamas in Gaza will not stop terror, but prolong it. Swift ejection of the hostile population from Gaza to the Sinai is the only viable option! Everything else has already been tried and failed.

Wine from Golan Heights to be Sold in UAE

The Golan Heights Winery, which grows its grapes on the plateau that Israel captured from Syria in a 1967 war, will display its bottles on shelves in Dubai. The Golan Heights wine brands - Yarden, Gamla and Mount Hermon - will be sold through African + Eastern (A&E), one of the largest importers of alcohol in the Gulf. (This is a strong message to Syria and Iran from Arabs!)

Born in Jerusalem - Means ‘Israel’

The Trump administration, in a major reversal of US foreign policy, will now permit Americans born in Jerusalem to list "Israel" as their birthplace on passports and other consular documents.

Jerusalem Passport Erases Palestinians

Following the US decision to allow Americans born in Jerusalem to register their birth country as "Israel" on their passport, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, a top PA official within the PLO, called it the move "an attempt to erase Palestinians." (It is impossible to erase something that is not real, but the removal of fake Palestinians from Jewish land is long overdue!)

Iran Constructing Underground Nuclear Facility

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Rafael Grossi confirmed on Tuesday that Iran has begun construction of an underground centrifuge-assembly plant after a previous one exploded in what the regime claimed was an act of sabotage. The explosion in question took place in July at the Natanz nuclear site, previously the target of the Stuxnet cyber attack, reportedly a joint US-Israel operation.

Knesset Denys Missionaries Tax Benefits

The Knesset Finance Committee voted unanimously to deny tax exemptions to missionary groups operating in Israel. The Christian organizations, like "Messianic Jews" and "Zion's Watch Tower", uses a variety of ways to get Jews to convert out of their religion. At times it uses material inducements to lure minors, in violation of the law. (Israel is the Jewish state! They are not trying to convert Muslims in Israel or the PA controlled areas. Kick them out of Israel or put in jail. They are not so brave to operate in Muslim/Arab state!)

Anti-Israel Posts from Troll Networks

An investigation conducted by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs (MSA) discovered that at least 21% of posts regarding an International Criminal Courts (ICC) investigation against Israel, and posts related to Israel’s sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, came from fake Twitter accounts. At the height of their activities surrounding the ICC decision on Israel, over 15,000 tweets were posted under the hashtag “#ICC4Israel”, with just 39 accounts. They are trying to stir up anti-Israel sentiments online and manipulate the discourse against Israel.

PA Asked UN to Pressure Israel Again

The Palestinian Authority (PA) 'foreign minister', Riyad al-Maliki, urged the UN Security Council to “rescue” the stalled peace process in the Middle East by holding an international conference. It is not enough to declare the settlements illegal. Punishment must follow," he said. PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly pushed for an international conference for peace in the Middle East, aimed at bypassing the US efforts to resume talks. Abbas has also denounced Israel’s agreements with the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan. (For many years the PA rejected negotiations with Israel. It never wanted peace with Israel - destruction of Israel is its aim!)

Quote of the Week:

“The international consensus solution, two States - one Israeli, one Palestinian - within the confines of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank - is based on fatally flawed assumptions... Neither state would be viable. And with ever advancing technology, and ever more powerful arsenals, it should be clear that failure to achieve true peace may eventually lead to a much wider and more lethal war.” –  David Naggar, “The Case for a Larger Israel“.

My Narrow-Minded Attitude.

by Steven Shamrak.

I am sometimes criticised for covering only one subject in my editorial letters, namely the Middle East conflict in general, and the right of the Jews to live in peace on their ancestral land in particular. My critics are quite right! I can’t help it. I am passionate about the rights of my people.

I could write about colonialism and the effect it had on the lives of millions of Indians who were shipped throughout the British Empire as cheap slave labour, plus the adverse social and cultural impact it brought to the indigenous nations. The devastation of environment, due to colonial exploitation, would also make a big and interesting subject to explore.

I could write about the Church, its persecution of not only Jews, but millions of Christians who had stepped out of the official line or tried to be good G-d-respecting human beings. Nobody wants to seriously and systematically contest the devastation and destruction to other cultures and religions brought by the Church to many nations around the world. Then there’s always the systematic child abuse by priests, monks and nuns, and the efficient cover-up by the Church’s official and legal system to write about. Cultural genocide of many nations and legalization of slavery was also done in the name of Christ and the superiority of the Church-led nations!

Political hypocrisy and stupidity could be another favourite subject of mine. A lot could be written about forging of the state of Panama by and for the economic benefit of the United States; creating political minefields by dividing Africa and the Middle East along colonial control lines, with no consideration for tribal interests and historical information; How about the betrayal of Tibet and Czechoslovakia! Most people don’t even know that the war in Vietnam could have easily been avoided if not for the arrogance and stupidity of the French and US governments. What about the occupation of West Papua by Indonesia; the Basque region by Spain and France; Northern Cyprus by Turkey; Western Sahara by Algiers, as well as the misfortune of the people of Kurdistan and Kashmir?

Yes, there are hundreds of issues I care about and could easily write about. I have chosen only one – Eretz-Israel, the land of Israel! Please, choose the one that you are truly passionate about. If all of us start to care, it will make the life of corrupt political systems intolerable, and the lazy and hypocritical journalists might start to do their jobs properly and honestly. And G-d forbid if in the process we are able to change the world into a better place!