Has Israel been Violating the UN Charter?

The United Nations Chapter7, Article 51 states: Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security…”

It is not written “individual state”, but “the inherent right of individual”! By not allowing formation of Jewish self-defense groups, which would be able to protect communities from enemies more effectively than the government sometimes can, Israel might have violated the UN charter!

Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security.” - Chapter VII, Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

For many years the United Nations have done nothing to stop Arab states and so-called Palestinians terror against Israel and Jewish individuals living in the Jewish state. Therefore, not just Israel but any Jewish individual has the legal rights to retaliate against Arab valance! Why does the Israeli government not fully use international law to its advantage?

MK Hanin Zoabi of the Arab Joint List called for new phase in terror war, demanding that instead of lone attacks, wide-ranging popular actions are needed, and that only a "popular struggle" including thousands of Arabs can create a "true popular intifada" that can make a strategic change in the reality on the ground.

Next Step Must be - Removal of Enemies from Jewish Land!

The security cabinet on Tuesday night approved a series of additional security measures to deal with the recent wave of terror. Among the measures upon which it was decided:

- The Cabinet authorized the Israeli police to impose a closure or seal points of friction in Jerusalem according to security considerations.

- In addition to the demolition of homes of terrorists, rebuilding a home in the place where the home of a terrorist was demolished will be prohibited.

- The assets of terrorists who carried out attacks will be confiscated.

-  Permanent residency of terrorists will be revoked.

False Accusation of so-called Friend!

The State Department on Thursday refused to list examples of how Israel has used "excessive" force against Palestinians, just hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected State's argument that Israel's actions have crossed the line. State spokesman John Kirby also refused to say whether the Obama administration agrees with Netanyahu that Palestinian Authority PA Abbas needs to do more to stop encouraging attacks against Israelis.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

I am believer in democracy, even imperfect current ones! At the same time, I am not a great fan of the United States policies. At first, the United Kingdom and France prevented the Jewish people from taking control of all Jewish ancestral land, since 1970s the US took leadership in it, pretending to be a friend of Israel. Unfortunately, alternative ‘friends’ are even worse! Russia and China are the two remaining super-powers, who have brutally suppressed legitimate independence movements and are still having and working toward realization of their ‘imperial ambitions’!

'Ugliness' is still Silent on Terror

Ban Ki-moon questions whether Israel uses too much force when trying to stop terror attacks. No reported comment on Palestinian terrorism. The violence began on October 1, when a Hamas cell shot dead a Jewish couple in front of their children. There have since been dozens of attacks, most involving terrorists stabbing Jewish civilians.

Demonstration of 20,000 Israeli-Arab Traitors!

Over 20,000 Israeli-Arabs demonstrators protested in the northern Israeli town of Sakhnin in a solidarity rally with the PA terrorists. The protest was attended by several Arab lawmakers including Knesset member Jamal Zahalka.

Call to Arms!

The mayor of Jerusalem is calling on the city's residents to carry weapons at all times in the wake of a wave of deadly attacks in the last week. "Given the current escalation (of violence) ...those with a licensed firearm who know what to do with it must go out with (their weapon) - it's an imperative," Mayor Nir Barkat told Israel's Army Radio. "In a way, it's like military reserve duty…” (When government is useless – people must take action!)

Another International Prostitute Visited Israel

During his visit to Jordan, India's President Pranab Mukherjee said that India's support for the Palestinian cause is unwavering. Shortly, during the first state visit to Israel by the President of the Republic of India he made vague, non-committal statement "India condemns any kind of terrorism, and we always hope for a non-violent solution to all the problems."

Moderate Jordan – My Foot!

Jordanian security officials are regularly forbidding religious Israeli tourists to bring in tefillin, the ritual phylacteries that Jewish men wear every weekday, saying that Muslims who saw Jews wearing the objects would be offended. (It is time for Israel to become offended with Muslim occupation of Jewish land and al Aqsa mosque standing at the Jewish holiest site!)

When will Idiots Shut Up?

Kerry announced his intent to visit the region "to deescalate the tensions, to restore calm", shortly after he said a "massive increase in settlements" over the past year had been followed by the current outbreak of violence.

Jaffa Failed Coexistence Experiment

A "demonstration in solidarity with the al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem" was held in Jaffa, a neighborhood of Tel Aviv that is considered a symbol of coexistence between Arabs and Jews, witnessed clashes between protesters and police that led to arrests, which is not typical of this quiet town. (Israeli Arabs have no loyalty to the state, regardless of how much effort Israel makes to integrate them!)

Fake Friendship is not Enough!

US State Dept. refuses to assign blame for rising violence in Israel. The Obama administration said Tuesday that it has asked both Israel and the Palestinian Authority to take steps to stop the violence that has escalated over the last few weeks, but refused to take a position on which side was more to blame for the violence. “…we want to see both sides take affirmative steps, affirmative actions, that reduce tensions in the region…” (“both sides” travesty again!)

Abbas Justifies Murders

After ongoing Palestinian riots, which have including shootings, stabbings, and rock and Molotov cocktail throwing - as well as the murder of 4 Israeli civilians - Mahmoud Abbas justified it all as legitimate defense of holy sites.

Kurds Clearing Kurdistan!

Amnesty International has accused Kurdish armed units in Northern Syria of razing Arab and Turkmen villages, actions it says amounted to war crimes. Researchers visited 14 towns and villages controlled by Kurdish forces in Hasakah and Raqqa provinces. "They pulled us out of our homes and began burning the home … they brought the bulldozers... They demolished home after home until the entire village was destroyed," said one witness. (On the way to achieve their independence, Kurds are removing other ‘enemy’ ethnicities from the future Kurdistan! Most countries have done it - only Israel can’t - Why?)

Quote of the Week:

“They have to do what they have to, protect themselves against terrorism and they have to decide how much they trust Abu Mazen and how much they want to deal with him… Quite frankly, while the immediate danger is to Israel, the ultimate danger is to the world, and that obviously includes the United States, because we are the ‘Great Satan’ in the eyes of Iran. Whatever Israel has to defend itself, it has to do.” - US Congressman Peter King - Even this US Congressman has realised that Israel must get rid of its enemies and free Jewish land from their occupation! (Although, as a diplomat, he could not say it directly this way.)

Israeli Arabs Have no Loyalty to Israel!

Hanin Majadli from Jaffa, who participated in what she called a "demonstration of solidarity with the latest events in Jerusalem and the West Bank" in her hometown, explained that "whether they call themselves Arab Israelis or Palestinians, they are part of the same people living in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Both share the same religion and the same nationality."

The demonstration in Jaffa involved Palestinian flags, blocking roads, throwing stones and three wounded policemen. Legally, it must be recalled, Jaffa is part of Tel Aviv, officially the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality

Nor was the demonstration in Jaffa an isolated case. The same happened in Lod, Nazareth and Um El Fahm, while firebombs were hurled at Israeli motorists on Highway 6, the Trans-Israel highway. 

These violent acts of solidarity with the Palestinians are a clear indication to whom the loyalty of Arab Israelis is given.

Israeli officials (as usual) try to play down these acts of insurgency by claiming the rioters are a minority amongst local Arabs. While it may be true that a majority of Arab Israelis prefer co-existence, it is also true that it is the militant minority that matters.

This militant minority does not represent a fringe, but actually includes the Arab Israeli leadership, which almost without exception shares the exact same Palestinian agenda that envisions not a two-state solution, but the eradication of the Jewish state. 

Arab Member of Knesset Ahmad Tibi of the United Arab List has demonstrated time and again his solidarity with his Palestinian compatriots, and like them sees dead terrorists as shahids (martyrs). Arab MKs call Israeli soldiers "murderers," and routinely use the exact same inciting rhetoric heard from Palestinian leaders. (Only removal of all enemies from Jewish land will end terror the Arabs regularly unleash on Jews!)