Israel is Betrayed by Biden

The US administration, led by Joe Biden, is trying to erase any achievement of the previous administration.

The Biden administration is trying to produce gestures to the Palestinians that will come at the expense of Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem, and this has been done quite consciously.

Biden Backtrack on Abraham Accords

Biden’s Israel Summit Will Fall Flat

Next month, the United States plans to host a virtual summit called the I2U2 Summit with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett as well as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UAE president Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to discuss Israel’s integration into the Arab region. But the Biden administration’s attempt to replicate the Trump-era coalition-building in the Middle East is likely to fall flat because of the president’s foreign-policy inconsistency.

During Biden’s presidency, his administration has taken significant steps to undermine the security objectives of the Israeli government. In May, the Biden administration harshly criticized the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The State Department also recently confirmed that the Office of Palestinian Affairs would move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, undermining Israeli claims over Jerusalem (no interest to open it in Ramallah). In addition, the Biden administration has attempted to renew a diplomatic nuclear agreement with Iran, which has frustrated Israel and other Arab nations.

Biden vs Saudi Arabia - Who has Snubbed Whom?

US President Joe Biden said that he was not going to have a bilateral meeting with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, during his trip to the region next month. "I'm not going to meet with MBS. I'm going to an international meeting, and he's going to be part of it," Biden told reporters. (In 2020, President Joe Biden said that he would treat the crown prince as a "pariah".)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Most countries of the world are less than 300 years old. Many of them are occupying lands they had conquered from their neighbours. Some nations have not even existed before their statehood was declared. Isn’t it funny that the majority of those countries support creation of the state of the fake people, and are feeling that they have the right to dictate to Israel, one of the oldest nations, what the land of Jewish people is? Israel must stop paying attention to those anti-Semites and do what is right for the future of Jewish people!

The Government is Down – What is Next?

Another ‘Inconclusive’ Election?

Return of ‘Do-Nothing’ Bibi?

This is at a time when Israel is facing so many challenges

Starting with neutralising Iranian nuclear threat!

"The formation of the government was the hardest thing in my life, but also the most Zionist thing in my life," - Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Israel Sustaining Enemies Existence

Israel has decided to expand the quota of Arabs from the Gaza Strip allowed entry into Israel for work and business will be expanded by an additional 2,000 employment licenses, to a total of 14,000 permits. The Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s made a decision to raise the quota of Gazans working in Israel to 20,000. (How many times must Jews be killed to stop this stupidity? For how long will Israel continue help enemies? It took the rocket attack from Gaza to stop this idiocy.)

Rocket Attack from Gaza Again

A rocket was fired from Gaza into southern Israel on Saturday morning, ending a two-month lull in violence at the Gaza-Israel border.  The Iron Dome missile-defense system intercepted the rocket. IDF aircraft retaliated by attacking a munitions workshop as well as three other Hamas positions, including one that overlooked Kibbutz Netiv Ha'asara on Gaza's northern border. Gunfire from Gaza was directed at the kibbutz later on Saturday. (It will never end until Israel removes enemies from Gaza.)

EU Signs Gas Deal with Israel and Egypt

Israel and Egypt plan to boost gas exports to Europe under an agreement signed in Cairo by the European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen. Under a landmark $15 billion deal in 2020, Israel exports gas from an offshore field to Egypt, where it is liquefied and shipped to European countries. (Next step for Israel is to build its own facility to liquefy gas.)

Iran Building Vast Underground Network

Iran is constructing a vast new network of tunnels at its Natanz nuclear site that could house a massive enrichment facility that would be impervious to bunker-busting bombs and cyberattacks. This is further evidence of Iran’s efforts to achieve nuclear weapons capabilities. (Must Israel wait?)

Biden doesn't have a Plan-B Dealing with Iran

Reviving the Iran nuclear deal was a top foreign policy goal for President Joe Biden when he entered office. But the landmark agreement appears to be on the verge of irrevocable collapse. Currently, the regime is stockpiling a significant amount of highly enriched uranium at 60% purity, just shy of weapons-grade level needed for a nuclear bomb. Biden and his team have lost all credibility and undermined their negotiating position by making their desperate desire for a deal so plainly known. The Iranian regime does not believe the US is interested in an alternative to the nuclear deal, or that any Plan B exists. This is especially troubling since, as Bennett told Blinken, the deal is ultimately just a “Band-Aid,” a way to kick the can down the road.

Quote of the Week:

“Create a national consensus and then execute a plan with confidence and pride. Respect yourselves and your right – I would say your sacred obligation – to chart the right course for the Jewish state. That’s what a grown-up nation does. Not everyone will agree with you, but everyone will respect you. As critical as it is for Israel to maintain good relations with its allies, especially the United States, first Israel must determine through its democratic channels what is the right course, and only then to make its case to the world.” - David Friedman, former American ambassador, urged Israelis not to abandon their sovereignty and Israel must not allow the United States to dictate what its final borders should be in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley.

US-Israel Friendship - the Price is Too High!

by Mantania Ginosar

(This article was published in 2015 at

The US has helped Israel on many fronts; therefore, we automatically believe that Israel should follow US dictates. However, Israel has paid too high a price for erratic support by the US. As you can read below, too many times the US has forced Israel to act against Israel's self-interests - seriously reducing Israel's security.

1. The US declared a weapons embargo on the region for 20 years, weakening Israel, not the Arabs.

2. President Eisenhower stopped the 1956 Sinai war prematurely - thus helping Nasser.

3. President Johnson tried to stop Israel's conquest of the Golan at the end of the 1967 - Six Day war - Israel rejected it.

4. Nixon stopped PM Golda Meir from starting a pre-emptive Israeli attack, prior to the 1973 Yom Kippur war, causing large loss of lives. And Israel barely won.

5. A critical mistake: During the Gaza withdrawal of 2005 Israel planned a "Philadelphia Corridor" to separate Egypt from southern Gaza to prevent weapon and terrorists smuggling from Egypt. However, the US forced Israel to eliminate this critical barrier.

6. The US insisted that Hamas could participate in a "democratic" election in Gaza thus allowing Hamas to take over the Gaza strip.

7. During the 2014 Gaza war President Obama pressured Israel to stop its attack on Gaza by preventing the transfer of needed and agreed upon ammunition requested by Israel during the battle.

8. The endless US driven ‘peace process’ - the US does not (want) grasp that the Palestinians want to take over ALL of ISRAEL, not just Gaza and the West Bank.

9. The most significant issue is Iran’s nuclear weapon development. This US Administration purposely reduced Israel's ability to destroy Iran nuclear facilities. By starting an international negotiation with Iran about its nuclear program and dragging it for too long, the US is preventing Israel from justifiable bombing the Iranian nuclear installations in an effective way, when the time is of the essence. By now, many of those nuclear targets are moved by Iran deep underground. (The US also leaked information about planned Israeli attacks.)

Israel should now stand its own ground and not accept undesirable US dictates, even if the US threaten to reduce its military and political support! The Arabs and the Palestinians have been ignoring most of the US pressure and have gotten away with it. The price Israel paid in the past is much too high. It may be even higher in the future!