Israel has Never been Allowed to Win a War

by Dr. Michael Wise

Victory in a war requires either a peace treaty, unconditional surrender, or totally neutralizing the enemy. The World heretofore has not permitted an Israel victory. The fact that Israel has been prevented from ever winning a war has encouraged its enemies to try and try again! Ending wars with armistices, ceasefires and pauses guarantees that the next war will be around the corner.

The 1947-48 War of Independence ended in series of ceasefire agreements with Egypt (Rhodes, February 1949), Lebanon (Rosh ha-Nikrah, March 1949), Jordan (Rhodes, April 1949), and Syria (Maḥanayim, July 1949). No Peace Agreements, no recognition of Israeli victory, just Green Lines, Blue Lines, and No lines.

Israel success in the Sinai campaign of 1956 ended when the United States and the Soviet Union forced Israel and the IDF to evacuate the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip.

The Six-day War in 1967 ended when a United Nations-brokered ceasefire took effect before Israel was allowed to complete its spectacular victory.

The Yom Kippur War ended 25 October 1973, with a ceasefire imposed by the international community. Again, as soon as Israel completed its encirclement of the Egyptian Third Army and Suez City, bringing them within 100 kilometres (62 miles) of Cairo, Israel was denied a victory!

The first Lebanon War began in June 1982 after numerous murderous attacks when the PLO occupied southern Lebanon. Israel drove the PLO out of southern Lebanon and with international help, Arafat and the PLO escaped to Tunisia. No victory. No reliable UNIFIL force. Israel’s failure to be victorious empowered Hizballah.

There have been also 5 Gaza/Israel Wars (from 2006 to 2021). These wars ended with ceasefires mediated and imposed on Israel by Egypt and the United States. Each time, Hamas was thrown a lifeline to try another attack.

These ceasefires before October 7, allowed Hamas to continue governance of Gaza. And it allowed Hamas to expand its rocket arsenal, military armaments, build tunnels and prepare and train for the Black October catastrophe.

As the humanitarian pause is extended to secure the release of additional hostages it must not be extended to a permanent cease fire. That scenario has been played 5 times with Hamas only to lead to greater violence and catastrophic barbarism.

Furthermore, Israel cannot lose again. It must preserve its credibility as a potent ally of Sunni Arab states in their long-term conflict with Shiite Iran.

This time Israel must be victorious and eliminate Hamas and free the abducted hostages. Only then can the vision of a New Middle East be realized.


Israel warns Gazans and orders evacuations.

They are running out of places to go. Hamas members are hiding everywhere.

The best place for Gazans to go is Egypt!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Our enemies love our divisiveness. They enjoy watching secular Jews fighting religious ones; the Jewish Left opposing Zionists and protecting the rights of fake Palestinians to occupy Jewish land. They know that our disunity is preventing Israel from achieving two thousand years of the goals of Jewish people – to establish the Jewish homeland on our ancestral land, Eretz-Israel.

Are Israeli Arabs Enemy within?

Thirty-two percent of Israeli Arabs do not believe that Hamas terrorists intentionally targeted women and children during the Oct. 7 massacre. Forty-four percent of Israeli Arabs do not feel that Israel’s response to the Hamas attack was justified while 38% believe that both Israel and Hamas share responsibility for the outbreak of war.

Move Gaza Refugees to Muslim Nations

A new initiative submitted to the US Congress calls for conditioning American aid to Arab countries on their willingness to receive refugees from Gaza. The plan urges Iraq, Yemen, and Turkey, with sizable US aid and populations, to share the refugee burden. (What a good idea! Muslim countries must be happy to help their 'Palestinian' brothers.)

IDF Bringing Gazans Alongside Egypt’s Border

The IDF is corralling Gaza Arabs alongside Egypt’s border in the Southern Strip. Essentially, Arabs who are in southern Gaza were told to seek shelter in Rafah, on the Egyptian border. Everywhere else, including Khan Yunis, where the Hamas leadership is now barricaded, will soon be subject to the hellfire of an IDF assault. Despite Egypt’s early objection to hosting any Gazan Arabs on its soil, the pressing question now centers on whether the Egyptian government will authorize its police to use lethal force against the thousands of desperate, thirsty, hungry, and frightened Gazans attempting to break through the border fence.

Rockets Hidden among UNRWA Relief Supplies

Israeli soldiers found missiles and military gear hidden among United Nations relief supplies in the northern Gaza Strip. The IDF said 110 rockets, including 30 long-range Grad rockets, were found hidden among boxes belonging to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The US State Department allocated more than $220 million for UNRWA in June despite documentation that its school curriculum glorifies violence and terrorism and agreement that conditions funding on the prevention of teaching hate and antisemitism.

Israel can't Trust 'Scorpios' of Hamas

A rocket fired by Hamas from Gaza on Friday morning struck a vehicle in Kibbutz Mefalsim in southern Israel, after reports had come out that Israel and Hamas had agreed to extend the ceasefire by one additional day. Hamas did not pass Israel a list of hostages to be freed, and before 6:00AM. fired towards an Israeli community on the Gaza border.

Gazans are Warned - do not Blame Israel

The IDF is providing information to residents of the Gaza Strip on movement for their safety in the next stage of the war. "The terrorist organization Hamas uses the residents of the Gaza Strip as human shields, placing its command and military infrastructure in residential areas, hospitals, mosques, and schools," the IDF noted. "Hamas turns civilian sites into military targets while using civilians and civilian facilities as a human shield." The map is published on a special page on the IDF website in Arabic and in a special video released by the IDF Spokesperson in Arabic on social networks.

The US is Telling Israel how not to Fight Terrorism

Senior US officials said Monday that the Biden administration is opposed to a second mass displacement of Palestinians in Gaza, as Washington further specified the conditions under which it would continue to support the IDF expanding its ground incursion into the southern section of the Hamas-run enclave. (Israel is independent state - let it finish Hamas! Did Israel tell the US how to fight its war against Al Quada and the Taliban, which took 20 years, with limited success?)

Hamas - October 7 was just a Rehearsal

Yahya Sinwar, the leader of the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza and one of the masterminds of the October 7 massacre, boasted that the murder of over 1,200 people in southern Israel and the taking of 240 hostages was "just a rehearsal." He also claimed, "We are victims - everything we do is justified." (They do it so well. But it is so easy to justify killing of Jews to Jew-hating international idiots!)

Must Israel also Deal with Iran?

The IAEA Board of Governors refrained from submitting a binding resolution against Iran at its Nov. 22 meeting in Vienna, despite that Iran defied previous rulings. Iran in theory has enough enriched uranium to manufacture three bombs, according to a confidential IAEA report. (Is any country, but Israel, or international organisations, including the 'Useless Nothing’, interested in stopping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon? The US could help. Iran calls for “Death to America”, too)

Jail Time can't Rehabilitate Terrorists

The terrorists who carried out a Thursday morning shooting attack in Jerusalem, which left three people dead and seven others injured, have in the past served jail time. One of the terrorists is Morad Namer, 38 years old and a resident of Jerusalem. Namer was jailed between the years 2010-2020, for intention to carry out terror attacks directed by Gaza. He is affiliated with Hamas. The second terrorist was named as Ibrahim Namer, Morad's 30-year-old brother, who is also a resident of Jerusalem and affiliated with Hamas. He served time in 2014, for terror activities. (Israel needs to find another way to 'rehabilitate' enemies.)

Immorality of Pope Francis Rebuke of Israel for ‘Terrorism’

Pope Francis I in late October shed ten years of good PR on his love for Jews in a stormy phone conversation with the Israeli President. While Itzhak Herzog was telling the leader of millions of Catholics about Israel’s horror over the Hamas massacre of babies, children, women, and the elderly on Oct. 7, when the pope interrupted and declared that it is “forbidden to respond to terror with terror.” Later, on November 22, at a general audience in St. Peter’s Square, Francis I said that the conflict in Gaza had “gone beyond war. This is terrorism,” meaning the pope was calling the IDF campaign to eliminate Hamas from the Gaza Strip an act of terrorism. Meanwhile, the pope never denounced the antisemitic diatribes of his close friend, Egyptian Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, the grand imam of al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo.

Demolition of Illegal Arab Construction

The Civil Administration has recently increased the demolition of illegal Palestinian Authority Arab buildings in Judea and Samaria - in the areas of Mount Hebron, Binyamin and close to Beitar Illit and Zur Hadassah. Minister in the Defense Ministry Bezalel Smotrich commented: "We are upholding the policy we promised. Lawlessness over land also affects security lawlessness; the government of Israel will fight both." (It is long overdue.)

Biden Apologized to Muslims not Jews

President Joe Biden recently apologized to a group of Muslim American leaders for his “slip” at a press conference on October 25th in which he questioned claims that 14,000 have died in the current war. According to a report by the AP: “The ministry never distinguishes between civilians and combatants. The Health Ministry describes all casualties as victims of “Israeli aggression." Yet Israel goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid civilian casualties in its military strikes. It has repeatedly warned the civilian population in advance of bombings with everything from phone calls to dropping informational flyers into towns. (He has not apologized to Jews for continuously pressuring Israel.)

Is Jordan Offering Home for Residents of Gaza?

Participating in the Forum for the Union of the Mediterranean in Barcelona, Jordan Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that the work for a two-state solution must begin with "ensuring an end to this brutal aggression." (What a hypocrisy! Didn't Jordan deal with the same 'aggressors', so-called Palestinians, quite brutally during Black September, also known as the Jordanian Civil War, in 1970?)

Quotes of the Week:

"Hamas violated the operational pause, and in addition, fired toward Israeli territory. It did not keep its commitment to release, today, all of the women hostages, and launched rockets at Israel's citizens. With the renewal of the fighting, we emphasize: “The government of Israel is committed to achieving the goals of the war: to release our hostages, eliminate Hamas, and ensure that Gaza will never again present a threat to Israel's citizens." - Statement by the Israeli Prime Minister's Office

Solutions that have not Worked

by Steven Shamrak

These are several well-known proposed solutions to the Israel-Palestinian conflict:

1. Two-State solution        – Israel and a new state of Palestine. It will not stop terror attacks against Israel. Quite the opposite, they will increase with more sophisticated rockets and weaponry.

2. Palestinian Autonomy   – under Israel or Jordan supervision. Neither Israel, nor Jordan want it.

3. One-State solution         – Israel absorbing all the enemy population and creating a suicidal demographic misbalance.

4. Jordan is Palestine       – moving all fake Palestinians to Jordan. It will make Jordan a ‘Palestinian’ terror state, as 60% of Jordanians are already claiming to be ‘Palestinians’.

5. Palestine state               – destruction of Israel. This is the option all Jew-haters wanted to see in 1947, when seven Muslim armies attacked the newly created Jewish state, and they would still like it to succeed.

None of these options have worked or will ever work!

The intention of the Fatah/PA/PLO/Hamas has never been to achieve their independence.

Their aim has always been destruction of the Jewish state, and eradication of all Jews from our land.

We also must remember, and many have forgotten, or do not want to know, that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are part of Eretz-Israel - Jewish ancestral land! Even Jordan, according to the League of Nations mandate, belongs to Israel and the Jewish people.

All the options above have failed because they require agreement and co-operation from the PA (Fatah, the PLO and Hamas), as well as Jordan. How has it worked so far? Anti-Israel international players like the UN and the EU, as well as some governments of the US, have never missed an opportunity to condemn Israel, and they will not allow or agree to any settlement of the conflict that would bring peace to Jews in Israel.