Israel has a Choice and Responsibility

by Dr. Elliot Resnick

Israel supporters have been busy tweeting their outrage at Arab terror and growing indignant at anyone who supports the Arab cause.

It apparently never occurs to these Jews, however, that Israel may, in a different way, be as much to blame for the seven murdered Jews as the Arabs are. If you let a child molester sleep in your home, should you be surprised if you wake up to discover that your child is molested?

Nothing I’m saying is new. Rabbi Meir Kahane said the very same thing 35 years ago, heaven help us. Here’s what he wrote: "Every Jew who is murdered in the Land is murdered not only by the Arab who wields the knife or gun or rock. He is murdered by the silent partner – the Jewish leadership that allowed the intolerable situation to continue by refusing to take the necessary steps to save Jewish lives."

Can the Israeli government(s) truly say that? Can it stand up before Heaven and its own citizens and proclaim that it did everything possible to save the Jewish lives? Of course not. They are partners to the murder of Jews.

It’s very easy to get angry at the Arabs. They’re killing us. But the reason they’re killing us is no mystery. They think we stole their land and they hate Jews. Plain and simple. And they’ll do whatever it takes to get it from us. We can complain all day long about their use of terror, but the fact of the matter is that terror to them is simply a tactic of war.

Luckily for us, the IDF is considered the fourth most powerful army in the world. We can crush Arab terror if we want to. We choose not to. So, who’s really to blame for the murder of those seven Jews on Friday? The Arabs or the Israeli government that refuses to use the army G-d gave it to win the Arab’s 100-year war against Zionism?

Normal nations fight until the enemy surrenders – unconditionally. Unconditional surrender sounds harsh, but it actually is the most humane way to end a war. Once a people knows it has been soundly defeated, it makes peace with reality and actually stops hating its enemy. That’s why, for example, Japan and Germany were best friends with the United States almost immediately after World War II ended.

It’s enough. Enough Jews have died. No more. Jews in the Jewish state should be safe from being killed by Jew haters. And we have a choice. We can continue to whine, or we can elect to win. And whether we win or not is in our hands.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Regardless of what Israel does, it is always blamed by international Antisemites and by self-hating Jews for instigating violence, which is dominant amongst the population of our enemies, be it in the PA controlled areas or in the Israeli-Arab sector. Therefore. It is time to do what is right for Israel and Jewish people, and remove ‘the cancer’ from the Jewish land!

Abraham Accords in Progress

- Chadian President Mahamat Deby is in Israel to open an embassy. “This is a great day, an historic day for Chad and for Israel, too,” Deby said.  The trip included a rare stop at the Mossad intelligence headquarters - a sign that bilateral ties re-established five years ago have national security importance.

- Israel expects to fully normalize ties with Sudan sometime later this year, said Israel's foreign minister, Eli Cohen, after returning from a lightning diplomatic mission to the Sudanese capital. The trip to Khartoum included high-level meetings with military leaders, including Sudan's ruling general, Abdel-Fattah Burhan. Sudan first signed a normalization agreement with Israel, joining Morocco, Bahrain, and the UAE in 2020 as part of the US-brokered “Abraham Accords” to establish full diplomatic ties. (Arab and Muslim countries do not really care about fake Palestinians. The threat of Iran, Hezbollah and their own Islamic extremists is the main issue they worry about.)

Archaeological Ignorance or Show of Disrespect to Israel

An ivory spoon dating back 2,700 years that was recently repatriated to the Palestinian Authority from the United States. The repatriation coincided with the first weeks of Israel's new government.

When the Words do not Meet the Deeds

US President Joe Biden hosted Jordan’s King Abdullah at the Oval Office on Thursday, underlining Washington’s view of Amman as playing a critical role in maintaining regional stability, particularly regarding Israeli-Palestinian ties. The visit was Abdullah’s third to the White House since Biden took office. (Netanyahu is still waiting for an invitation to meet president Biden in the WH. President Biden vowed "Unshakable Partnership" with Israel when he met with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the White House - so far, these are just empty words!)

Israel Cuts “Pay for Slay” Funds

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich announced that the government was dealing an extra financial blow to the Palestinian Authority (PA) due to its direct support of terrorism. “For the first time ever, I signed a double offset of terror money that the PA transfers to terrorists’ families,” he said. “We have deducted 100 million shekels instead of 50 million up until now. The PA funds terrorists, but now the State of Israel is saying: enough is enough. The citizens of Israel will not be part of this farce.” The PA pays hundreds of millions of shekels each year on a sliding scale, with those committing the most heinous crimes receiving the highest salaries. The PA consistently vows that it will never stop the payments no matter what Israel does.

Inadequate Response to Rocket Fire

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir is not satisfied with the IDF response to a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip. "We should be taking out Hamas leaders for each rocket fired into Israel," he said. IDF fighter jets struck a storage site holding raw chemicals used by Hamas to produce rockets, and also hit a weapons manufacturing site, both located in the central Gaza Strip.

Isfahan Drone Attack

There were four explosions at the Isfahan site, all of which appeared to specifically target a facility developing advanced weapons. Despite the Islamic Republic claiming otherwise, the damage goes far beyond the “minor roof damage”. The drones entered Iran via Iraqi Kurdistan. It is still unclear whether the advanced weapons that were damaged are related only to conventional warfare or might have dual-use relevance also to nuclear issues, such as certain ballistic missiles.

End Systemic Antisemitism of the ‘Ugly Nazi’

- Republicans calling for a bill to eliminate systemic anti-Israel bias in the UN to the US Congress. Similar legislation failed to advance last year. The US has repeatedly opposed the contentious Commission of Inquiry against Israel, but continues to fund the investigation as part of its budget to the UN. The UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry against Israel is overwhelmingly critical of the Jewish state and its reports almost entirely ignore Palestinian terrorism and violence and blame Israel for the conflict.

- The Israeli Foreign Ministry blasted Volker Turk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, after he issued a statement condemning Israel’s response to last week terrorist attacks, while failing to condemn ongoing incitement by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

- The United Nations Human Rights Council distorts the relationship between our Arab citizens and residents of Israel and the Israel Jewish public. There is no mention of peaceful coexistence in hospitals, stores, public transport and elsewhere.

- The United Nations has reportedly requested more information from Israel on a contentious piece of legislation passed in late December that cemented broad political control over the Israel Police.

New Relocation Policy is Needed

Minister Bezalel Smotrich said that laws must be enacted that will harm the families of terrorists in order to increase deterrence. "If the terrorist's entire family were deported to Gaza without an identity card and without social rights, their home destroyed and their property confiscated and transferred to the families of the victims of the attack - no one would be proud of the terrorist and what he did to his family," Smotrich twitted.

Enemies Within

- Employees at the Kochav Yam daycare center in Herzliya shared words of joy on social media following the massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue on Friday night, praising the terrorist who carried out the attack.

- Hadassah College student named Onad, studying social work, posted a status on WhatsApp in which she wrote: "The 21-year-old heroic martyr from East Jerusalem, he brought our revenge." (Those who support terrorists should lose their citizenship and the right to live Israel.)

Israel Must Know All Its Enemies

Blinken thanks Abbas, who has not condemned the Jerusalem attacks, for "Resolute Stance Against Terrorism". The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the PA President Mahmoud Abbas, during a meeting in Ramallah, that he mourned the “innocent Palestinian civilians” killed over the past year, disregarding the fact that the overwhelming majority were terrorists – most of them while they were carrying out attacks. Abbas for his part said Israel was fully to blame for the escalation of violence, including the terror attacks in Jerusalem. (Often the enemies of Israel and Jews are not only those who pull a trigger.)

Demolition of Illegal Buildings in Jerusalem Begins?

The Jerusalem municipality, in cooperation with the police, began the process of demolishing illegal Arab structures in eastern Jerusalem, in accordance with the policy of National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir. Demolitions began in the Jabel Mukaber neighbourhood, and from there will continue to other houses and neighbourhood in eastern Jerusalem. (Let’s wait and see.)

Quote of the Week:

“We’re urging all sides now to take urgent steps to restore calm, to de-escalate - we want to make sure there's an environment in which we can create the conditions where we can start to restore a sense of security for Israelis and Palestinians alike." - Mr Blinken said that the US had - "an enduring goal of Palestinians and Israelis enjoying equal measures of freedom, security, opportunity, justice and dignity", which he said could best be achieved by "realising the vision of two states" - What Bull! How did that work so far? It must not be Israel’s goal! Fake Palestinians do not want "freedom, security, opportunity, justice and dignity". They rejected peace, and even their own state, so many times. Disengagement - by removing them from the Jewish land - is the only option.

The Left is still Ruling Israel

(FaceBook post)

The new government will be unable to implement its policies until the “Override Bill” is passed and the judiciary and Supreme Court are reformed. (The Supreme Court wears two hats: it is the highest Court of Appeal in the State of Israel, and also sits as a High Court of Justice, known as its acronym Bagatz.)

The Left hasn't won an election in years. Yet they are running the country, through the judiciary and Supreme Court, Academia, and the Media. They are well entrenched.

At present, Bagatz can overturn any law the Knesset passes.  The Knesset has no recourse, unlike in the US and other democracies.

Also, as the Court of Appeals, they allow illegal Arab settlements to remain and Jewish ones to be torn down.  When Israel wants to bar entry to BDS promoters and other provocateurs, the Supreme Court rules that they can enter. On every front they push their Left agenda.

The Israeli Supreme Court allows terrorist-supporting, anti-Zionist Arab MPs to sit in the Knesset but proud Jews who want to preserve the Jewish state are banned.

The Left, of course, is satisfied with the “status quo”.  They have a parallel “Second Legislature” in the Supreme Court.

The Left believes that they are smartest people in the room.  They say: Just look at who “the people” keep voting for in the elections!!  The Left feels that they know better than the people what's best for the country.  They are “entitled” to run the country. 

Since the “Mahapach” (“Upheaval”) of 1977 when Menachem Begin was elected, and Labour lost, the Left hasn't recovered.  The Leftists always feel they should be running the country.

And they've found a way, through the judiciary and Supreme Court, Academia and the Media!  The fact that they are thwarting the will of the people and therefore are completely undermining democracy is the irony.  The Left i always accusing those others of “endangering democracy”.  The utter hypocrisy! (Anyone who complains that judicial reform in Israel is anti-democratic should also say that the US system is also anti-democratic, as the reform will make the Israeli legal system more like the US one.)