Israel Needs True Zionist Leadership!

Political Survival is just a Hypothetical Prostitution.

1. After failing to integrate Otzma Yehudit into the Rightwing Union, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sent word to Zehut party chairman Moshe Feiglin that if he resigns from the race for the upcoming elections, Likud would help cover his debts from the previous and current campaign. Feiglin’s debt is estimated at 3 million shekels (about $US700,000)

2. Under Meretz Pressure Barak, the Democratic Camp, has shelved an internal talking points page that called to bring back deterrence against the Gaza Strip. The wording criticized by Meretz members stated that “first of all, the deterrence equation in Gaza must be brought back. Netanyahu chooses to restrain himself and pays Hamas protection money, thereby compromising the security of the residents of the Gaza Strip envelope.”

3. Smotrich Softens Stance on Israel being Ruled by Jewish law. The minister of transportation clarifies he doesn't believe in religious coercion a day after saying he'd like to live in a country governed by Halacha where religion would interject itself into the lives of citizens.

4. Fake Zionists, Blue & White, Reached out to Arab Voters. The Blue and White party is ratcheting up its campaign efforts in the Arab sector, hoping that Israeli Arab voters will help the party close the gap with the Likud. All the Blue and White’s leaders – chairman Benny Gantz, Yair Lapid, Gabi Ashkenazi, and Moshe Yaalon - have appeared in interviews on Arabic-language media outlets.

Temple Mount Closure is National Disgrace!

On Sunday, when Jews held the fast of Tisha B’Av mourning the destruction of the Temple and other Jewish national calamities, Prime Minister Netanyahu decided that the Temple Mount would be closed to Jewish visitors.  The mount is the most sacred place for the Jewish people.

Initially, police announced that non-Muslims would be barred from entering the Temple Mount, but following an uproar from right-wing ministers and lawmakers, a first round of Jewish visitors was allowed to enter the site.

Following clashes with Palestinian rioters, police decided to allow Jews to enter the Temple Mount for the second time. A record 1,729 Jews entered the Temple Mount compound and immediately being ushered by police officers toward an exit gate.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

President Clinton 'forced' Israel to sign the Oslo accords, giving legitimacy to terrorist groups like Fatah; during Obama’s time in office, after some 10,000 rockets were fired from Gaza, Israel had done basically nothing, besides a pretend war against empty buildings, to remove the threat; as a result, 460 rockets were fired at Israel just a few weeks ago, again from Gaza - still nothing is done! I blame Israeli governments for not acting now. Israel must end occupation of the Jewish land by enemies by removing them to neighbouring Arab/Muslim states! Any self-respectful country would not tolerate this ugly status quo, and would have done it long time ago!

PA: Israel is Planning to Build the Temple

Najah Bakhirat, president of Al-Aqsa Academy of Endowments and Heritage, claimed that "there is an Israeli plan with American support to empty the city of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque from Palestinian residents and turn it into a holy place for Jews." (We can only wish!)

Every Year Should be Election Year

Elections are in the air and Jews of Gush Etzion received proof that the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria continues to be a central issue on the Netanyahu government’s agenda as the Civil Administration’s Higher Planning Council in Beit El approved several major plans for Judea and Samaria. 200 units were approved for the community of Metzad, and 100 for Ibei HaNachal. Israel promotes building of 2,304 homes in settlements, some 100 in illegal outposts‏. (Suddenly, the government became ‘Zionist’!)

Trump Factor

1. Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is anti-Semitic - The State Department revised its definition of anti-Semitism. Comparing the policies of the Israeli government to Nazi Germany constitutes anti-Semitism, according to new US State Department guidelines.

2. Israel Taking Part in Persian Gulf Coalition - Foreign Minister, Yisrael Katz, reveals that Israel is taking part in a coalition led by the United States to secure the Persian Gulf. Israel has a clear interest in participating in the coalition as part of the strategy to curb Iranian expansion and strengthen the relationship between Israel and the Gulf states.

Hamas Recruits Children for Terror

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has issued a special report on "Children in Violent Conflict". The report detailed the various terrorist organizations which recruit children, including Hamas and Hezbollah. The report confirmed that children in Gaza and Judea and Samaria have been recruited by Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other terrorist groups. Hamas, among other things, recruits children in the Gaza Strip for its demonstrations on the border during which they are required to throw stones and serve as human shields, an activity officially condemned by the United Nations. (But UN, the 'Ugly Nazi', has not condemned Palestinians for this, just a report - as it is not Israel!)

Israel’s Amos-17 Satellite Launched

The Amos 17 communications satellite was boosted by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida. This communications satellite will supply Israel’s intelligence services with data on Iran.

Where has the Money Come from?

The terrorists behind the suicide-bombing at a Sbarro pizzeria 11 years ago have received $910,823 from the Palestinian Authority. The bombing killed 15 people, including two Americans, and injured around 130 others.

Family if the bomber has received $53,689; bomb-maker Abdullah Barghouti has collected $213,848; Ahlam Tamimi, who planned the attack, had been awarded $51,836! (For over 70 years the UN, EU and other international anti-Semites gladly sponsor terror against Jews in Israel!)

Anglican Church is in NO rush to Stop 'Hunt' for Jewish souls  

The Anglican Church of Canada is close to removing a prayer for the conversion of the Jews from its official liturgy. The prayer will be replaced with one calling for “reconciliation with the Jews.” If ratified at the 2022 General Synod, the motion will go into effect and the church will no longer officially call for Jews to abandon their faith.

Iran Intention to Start a War!

1. Iran’s military Deputy Chief of Staff, Brig.-Gen. Mehdi Rabbani announced Monday that the Islamic Republic’s “defensive depth has stretched to the Mediterranean Sea” and its front “has extended to the borders of the Zionist regime (Israel).

2. Iran Deployed Drones Near Syria-Israel Border. The Iranians are moving into the small Syrian air base at Al Sharae, just 20km from the Tal Al-Harara hill, which is around 40km from the Israel’s Golan border in the East.

3. Iran: Our Front Extends to Mediterranean and Israel

Iran’s military Deputy Chief of Staff, Brig.-Gen. Mehdi Rabbani announced Monday that the Islamic Republic’s “defensive depth has stretched to the Mediterranean Sea” and the borders of the Zionist regime". Iran has succeeded in its efforts to build a land bridge across which its forces can ostensibly march through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon...

Why is Israel Training 'Educated' Terrorists?

Ninety-three security prisoners completed their bachelor’s degree in prison this year, despite the ban on academic studies in security prisons that has been in effect since 2011. According to the report, 1,026 terrorist prisoners are currently studying for a bachelor’s degree, and in each prison, there are several dozen students who are studying for academic degrees. (One of the incentives for Arabs to get free education is to commit terror act against Jews in Israel, and they and their families receive pay-off from the PA!)

Quote of the Week:

“There is no international consensus on this conflict. People reflexively try to pretend that an international consensus exists as to how to resolve the conflict. That’s not true. In fact, we couldn’t even get an international consensus to condemn Hamas. Hamas is a terror organization that subjugates 2 million Palestinians in Gaza, vows to destroy Israel, shoots thousands of rockets at Israel. If there’s no international consensus on that, there’s no international consensus on a resolution here. It is true that the PLO and the Palestinian Authority continue to assert that East Jerusalem must be a capital for the Palestinians. But let’s remember, an aspiration is not a right.”  - Jason Greenblatt, the US envoy for Middle East peace - He also said that international law would not, and can't, dictate the terms of a reconciliation agreement. Only Israel can end this international anti-Semitic charade – the time is now!

Self-imposed Limitation is the Cause

by Steven Shamrak.

The UN, USA, EU and even Arab states are not to be blamed for Israel's problems. They have always been disparaging of Jews. We will never be able to please them or change their nature. Disunity, self-hate and lack of direction are the main problems of the Jewish people.

The International pressure on Israel and the despair of Jewish people have been steadily increasing since the creation of Israel.  The present level of disunity and even hate among Jews is appalling in Israel and in the Diaspora! These are direct results of the continuation of gutless, self-disrespectful and divisive policies that have been conducted by most Israeli governments and many community leaders.

Many Jewish communities have been hiding behind nice and politically correct activities which have not resulted in any true accomplishment! There are thousands of Jewish organisations, publications, websites and active individuals. Most of them are acting with a good intention for the common good. Many of them are even getting positive results in their niche.  But there is a lack of the common vision, leadership and direction.

For centuries our enemies have been exploiting Jewish disunity with considerable success. After living in an anti-Semitic atmosphere for so long the Jewish people misplaced their national pride: the pride that made us unique among the nations! This was the pride that compelled Jews to fight both Greek and Roman occupations. The same pride is what made us to succeed, against all odds, in business, science, medicine, music, art etc.

Unfortunately, Jews started to believe our enemies' slander. Even in our own country, we are living under the imaginary 'Glass lid' - self-imposed limitations - and are unwilling to leave our self-imposed mental prison and realise our destiny.

We need Jewish leaders, bankers, educators and radicals united by the one Jewish National Goal now! Where are they? There is no time for useless debates anymore. Political affiliations must not interfere with the right of the Jewish people to live on all Jewish land as a sovereign nation. The time for action has arrived!