Israel Needs New Policies to Defeat Enemies

Members of Knesset from both the coalition and opposition called for the State of Israel to develop new policies to defeat its enemies, or its future might be challenging.

“Israel is the only country in the world that breaches its defensive ability over its own territory,” said MK Hauser. “We have seen this in every round of fighting against Hamas, which undermines our legitimacy to be victorious. We had seven years since Operation Protective Edge in 2014 to prepare for Operation Guardian of the Walls, when we should have been preparing to ‘finish this story’ and failed to do so."

“There has been a steady deterioration in strategic decision-making since the First Lebanon War that has harmed Israel’s national security, so there is no choice but to return to the idea of victory,” said MK Steinitz. “The more we postpone it, the harder it will become. We could and should have finished off Hamas, we came so close in 2008.”

"A year after Operation Guardian of the Walls, alongside the terrorist attacks over the past two months, the time has come to internalize, learn, and change by strengthening the security of the citizens of Israel and the spirit of Israeli victory," Gregg Roman, Director of the Middle East Forum, said.

Major General (Reserve) and Former Ombudsman of the IDF Yitzhak Brick said that “In Israel’s wars we fought with uncertainty. Decisions at the political level are made according to the price being paid and not the necessity on the ground. Anyone who fears loss will not have the ability to win on the battlefield. This conduct will lead to a loss of fighting spirit and deterrence.”

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

True Jewish Zionist objectives were and still are to remove enemies from Jewish land and reunite Eretz-Israel. Only by executing the "Sinai Option" or similar plans Israel will be able to end terror and accomplish its primary goal.

US Resolution against Antisemitism

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan resolution to condemn anti-Semitism. The resolution did not mention anti-Israel bias or the targeting of Jews for their pro-Israel beliefs and advocacy. The resolution also calls for a plan of action to combat anti-Semitism through robustly refuting Holocaust denial. In the US incidents of anti-Semitism are up 34%, to 2,717 incidents, just last year. (Nice gesture, time will tell if any serious steps will be taken, or this is just another 'white-wash'!)

Stop Treating the Enemies in Israel's Hospitals

Two days after the violent attack by Arabs from eastern Jerusalem of staff at Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus, dozens of family members of a motorcyclist from Abu Snan, who died at Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya from injuries sustained in an accident, tried to break into the hospital's shock room, attacking security personnel and civilians.

US, IDF to Simulate Strike on Iran

The American air force will join an Israeli military drill in two weeks. US jets that will conduct air-to-air refuelling of a number of Israeli war planes, simulating an airstrike on the Islamic Republic. CENTCOM commander General Eric Corella already landed in Israel to lead the coordination effort between the air forces. (Let’s hope this will be the last exercise before the real deal.)

Israelis Join Civil Defense

As security forces continue to battle a terror wave, Israeli Police and the Defense Ministry launch 'Home Guard' campaign, training civilians to participate in armed patrols in their hometowns and be first responders in case of attacks. Some 4,000 civilians have signed up, so far.

'Ugly Nazi' is Biased Against Israel

The International Legal Forum (ILF), together with a global coalition of over 25 organizations, released a major in-depth report (“Fixed Inquiry: The Biased UN Commission Against Israel”), calling out the ongoing Navi Pillay-led UN Human Rights Council commission against Israel as “singularly unprecedented, unjust and completely lacking in impartiality or any legal basis.” Hamas fired approximately 4,500 rockets at Israeli civilians in May 2021, however the UNHRC resolution establishing the Commission did not even mention Hamas. Instead, the Commission, which is expected to hand down its initial findings this June, will unjustly single out the Jewish state for condemnation, whilst giving a free pass to Palestinian terror groups, which just launched a fresh wave of violence, killing at least 18 Israelis since March of this year.

Will Likud MK Challenge Netanyahu?

MK Yuli Edelstein, former Knesset Speaker, said "The good of the state is that at the head of the Likud where there is someone who knows how to form a coalition that will lead the country. I think that with the experience I have and the abilities I have, and the proven things that I have done, I could be the appropriate person to do that." (Netanyahu is not such a person)

Russians Fired on IAF Craft for the 1st Time

Air defense systems operated by Russian officers opened fire at Israeli aircraft operating in Syria for the first time. Russia has supplied Syria with four S-300 batteries. However, only Russian officers are able to operate the batteries. All aircraft returned to Israel safely. (It looks like a warning shot from Russia to Israel for support provided to Ukraine.)

US Removed KACH from Terror Organizations List

The United States has removed five extremist groups from their terror

organizations list. Several of the removed groups once posed significant threats, killing hundreds if not thousands of people across Asia, Europe and the Middle East (but NOT Kach). Al-Qaeda, which was also up for review, was kept on the list, which was created under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, or INA. (Kach should not have been on this list at all. Political freedom and national pride are still not allowed to be expressed by Jewish patriots. Sadly, even in Israel.)

Israel can't wait for Iranian A-bomb

Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned that Iran is just a “few weeks” from accumulating sufficient fissile material for a nuclear bomb. Talks between Iran and world powers in Vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear deal have stalled. There is concern that Iran could be closer to being able to construct an atomic weapon if it chose to pursue one. (It is common knowledge why Iran wants to acquire a nuclear bomb. Israel must act and destroy nuclear targets in Iran now.)

EU Cutting its UNRWA Budget

The European Union’s 2022-2024 UNRWA aid budget will be 40%. The new budget will provide $82 million annually, compared to the previous figure of $135 million. In April of last year, the EU Parliament condemned UNRWA for teaching and producing UN-branded hate material. The EU commissioner, who announced the reduced funding package, said last year, after the Parliament’s condemnation, that the European Union would fight anti-Semitism and should consider conditioning aid to UNRWA. (This is a step in the right direction, but 100% reduction of aid to the anti-Israel organization, UNRWA, would be even better.)

Quote of the Week:

“Diaspora Jews (and Israeli ones) should not support the misguided policies of Israeli leaders and Israel should look to North America for moral guidance. Please do not tell me how you support Israel when you dismiss our biblical land – Judea and Samaria. This land was never occupied. This holy land was returned to Israel at the end of the 1967 war. Please tell me, how do you plan to make peace with Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, the PA and ISIS?” - Rabbi Richard Jacobs - Most of the times, by engaging in perpetual negotiations with the enemies, Israeli governments do not represent interests and goals of Jewish people! The ‘negotiations’ only gives credibility to Arab terrorists and diminishes Israel’s political standing.

Lesson of the Six-Day War

by Steven Shamrak

"On June 5th, 1967, Jordan attacked Israel. Suburbs of Tel Aviv were shelled by artillery. Israel's largest military airfield, Ramat David, was shelled. Jordanian warplanes attacked the central Israeli towns of Netanya and Kfar Saba. Thousands of mortar shells rained down on western Jerusalem, targeting Israel's parliament building and the prime minister's office. Twenty Israelis died in these attacks; 1,000 were wounded; 900 buildings were damaged. Only after coming under fire and sustaining casualties did the Israeli military respond against Jordanian forces in the West Bank." (HonestReporting)

"The biggest myth going is that somehow there was not a real and immediate Arab threat, that somehow Israel could have negotiated itself outside the crisis of 1967, and that it wasn't facing an existential threat, or facing any threat at all," said Michael Oren. (Jerusalem Post)

Nowadays, some revisionists of history are trying to turn the glorious victory of Israel against many Arab armies into a failure, calling it a "Hollow Victory" or saying that we are "Paying the Price" for Israel's 1967 Victory. What price would Jews pay if Israel was defeated in any previous war? Like former president of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser said: “We only need to win once!”

Hypocrites are attempting to make Israel's victories look like a source of current problems with the PA and most of the Muslim world. This approach, to make Jews to feel guilty, is not a new concept. Jews have always been blamed for the faults and problems created by others and Jewish achievements or inventions were brushed off or plagiarized. Our enemies like to see Jews submissive and obedient!

We ought to admit that Israel made mistakes during and after the previous wars and there is a need to learn from the lesson of history:

1. In order to achieve our goals and reduce the number of casualties, Israel must set clear objectives and choose her own time of engagement with enemies. And they must be followed through. We must not wait again and again for their move, while our enemies become stronger, restocking arms and training armies, with clear hostile intention toward Israel.

2. Any outside pressure must be ignored. The only reason why Israel has been experiencing internal Arab terrorism is because under international pressure Israel did let most of so-called Palestinians from Judea, Samaria and Gaza to cross the border to Jordan and Egypt to leave Jewish land.