Israel Needs New Allies!

by Melanie Phillips

There is a peculiar international rule attached to the Arab-Israel conflict: Regardless of facts - Blame Israel Anyway! In the Soviet Union there was a similar anti-Semitic rule: “If there is no water in a tap - Jews must have drunk it all!”

Abbas has understood what the Iranians grasped: that Washington will do anything to be seen to have achieved a deal. Consequently, the US will not act against him whatever he does, while it dumps on Israel instead.

So Abbas has behaved accordingly. His attitude to the Kerry negotiations was to say no to everything and wait for the US to blame Israel - over the “settlements”, of course, surely the most spectacular red herring ever to have swum in the fetid waters of diplomacy. The US duly obliged.

Then Abbas fatally undermined the negotiations by applying to join 15 international treaties in order to get spurious recognition for “Palestine”.

Finally, he destroyed the negotiations altogether by making a pact with Hamas. Even the Obama administration conceded it was probably asking a bit much of the Israelis to negotiate their country’s existence with a bunch of thugs pledged openly to annihilate it.

But Obama still blamed the Israelis as well as the Palestinians for being obstructive…

Abbas repeated he would not recognise Israel as a Jewish state. So he, too, wants Israel to disappear. What he recognises, in other words, is merely that Israel does exist, not that it should be allowed to exist.

No matter. The wishful thinkers are swooning over Abbas calling the Holocaust “the most heinous crime to have occurred against humanity in the modern era”. He has acknowledged the Holocaust before. As he wrote in his doctoral thesis, he thinks the Jews helped perpetrate it.

And now he plans to form a government with people who want to bring about another one…

In fact, the Fatah/Hamas pact is unlikely to last. Abbas intends rather to use it to make mischief for Israel in the West by manipulating public opinion.

The proper US response would be to isolate the PA and bring this lethal farce to a close. Of course it will not. Abbas, like Iran, has understood that Washington is deserting the West’s friends and empowering its enemies. For allies against these evils, Israel must now look elsewhere. (Surprisingly, Russia and China look like are good candidates! Both countries have problems with their Muslim population.)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The main objective of psychopaths is to obtain a feeling of power and control over others. They use fear, lies, intimidation and impose isolation on their prey. Isn’t it how Israel is treated by international anti-Semitic psychopathic states?

Christian Theology Needs Serious Review and Repentance!

The fragment is believed to have come from Egypt and contains writing in the Coptic language that says, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife...’.” Never before has the Christian Bible referred to Jesus being married, or having women as disciples. But a new scientific analysis of the papyrus and the ink, as well as the handwriting and grammar, show that the document is ancient. “No evidence of modern fabrication (forgery) was found,” the Harvard Divinity School said in a statement. The palm-sized fragment probably dates to between the 6th and 9th centuries, and could have been written as early as the 2nd century AD. (They say: “Winners write the history”. After Christianity gained dominance quite a lot was rewritten and forged about Jews and Judaism! For centuries Jews were not even allowed to contradict the anti-Semitic bastardy! Even when Jews were allowed to address some allegations, like “Blood libel”, idiotic accusations came again and again, in spite of Leviticus17:10. “Repentance” is a major part of Catholic doctrine, but not where Jews are concerned!)

Perpetual Ugliness of Islamic Terror

Scores of girls and young women kidnapped from a school in Nigeria are being forced to marry their Islamic extremist abductors. The girls are being sold into marriage to Boko Haram militants for 2,000 naira ($12). About 50 of the kidnapped girls managed to escape from the captors in the first days after their abduction, but some 220 remain missing. (Islamic hypocrites do not mind that their ‘brides’ were subjected to the ‘evil’ of Western education.)

Price Tag Isn't Terrorism, Rocks and Firebombs Are

Housing Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) pointed out that while “price tag” incidents are a serious crime, they should not be equated to violent terrorism carried out by Arabs: "Terrorism is murder and intent to kill by throwing rocks, shooting, firebombing, car bombs, and more," added Ariel, who and called to differentiate between real terrorism and serious acts that are "unrelated to the definition of terrorism." (When Arabs have been committing acts of vandalism against Jewish properties, cars and graves it was widely ignored. As soon as Jews began retaliation a catchy label - “price tag” - was invented and suddenly everyone is concerned!)

Now the Catholic Church is Worried about 'Price Tag'?

The Roman Catholic Church is demanding Israel take action after Hebrew graffiti. Church leaders in Israel plan to make security and political officials “aware of their responsibilities,” according to the statement. The statement is in line with the current talking points of the Israeli leftist media and politicians, who systematically downplay daily Arab terrorist attacks, from rock throwing and firebomb attacks to heinous murders, and play up Jewish nationalist crimes, which have not gone beyond graffiti and vandalism in recent years. (Jewish communities have being subjected to hate graffiti all over the word by Nazis, Christian and Islamic haters, and nobody cares!)

Christian officialdom is silent when Muslims systematically vandalize, desecrate and destroy churches! They do not raise their voice against genocide and “ethnic cleansing” of Christians conducted by Arab countries!

Lebanon Deports Palestinians

Lebanon's General Security department has forcibly deported 41 Palestinian refugees back to Syria, despite the fact that they had entered the country legally. "This has been an ongoing campaign against Palestinians from Syria fleeing to Lebanon," Metwali Abu Nasser, a journalist and scriptwriter who fled Yarmouk camp last year, told Al Jazeera. Abu Nasser explained that the deportation of Palestinian refugees "should be seen in light of the harsh practises the Lebanese government deploys against Palestinians, whether it is those who are residents of Lebanon or those fleeing from Syria". (Only Israel must tolerate fake refugees of the bogus nation.)

Ban Enemy Propaganda from Israel

While Israel was preparing for Independence Day festivities, three Israeli NGOs have been exposed working specifically to undo the establishment of the modern Jewish state in 1948. The various NGOs are largely backed mainly by anti-Semitic European governments. Zochrot is funded by powerful European Catholic and Protestant aid organizations. Similarly ICAHD has a list of donors on its website including the European Union (EU), Spain, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). As for AIC, its sources of funding from 2012 to 2013 included the EU, as well as Swedish, Spanish, and French groups, as well as the Geneva Municipality. (Organizations which are conducting a propaganda war on behalf of Israel’s enemies must be banned in Israel!)

Israel Air Force is Israel's Insurance Policy.

Analysis: IAF believes it can shorten the next war on its own by striking thousands of targets a day, dropping more than 10 accurate bombs from one plane on different areas.

PA’s Huge Electricity Debts

Yiftah Ron-Tal, Director of the Israel Electric Company (IEC) addressed the PA electricity debts of 1.4 billion shekels (nearly half a billion dollars). "If it was up to me, I would cut off their electricity tomorrow," commented Ron-Tal. "Any private company would have cut off their electricity a long time ago. We're demanding the PA to pay every last penny." (The Israeli government has no political will to end the hypocrisy of the peace process and do what is right for the Jewish people! The least Israel could do is withhold funds from the “tax transfers” and pay compensation to Israeli victims of Arab terror and the cost to Israel’s economy due to endless terror.)

Christian Submission to PA Terror

An Israeli Arab Orthodox priest, Father Gabriel Nadaf, has been dismissed by the Greek Orthodox Church from his post in Nazareth, after he publicly supported IDF service for Christian Arabs.

Jewish Left is anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish

There have been mixed reactions to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's decision to advance a new Basic Law enshrining Israel's status as the Jewish nation-state. The reactions have predictably been split between left and right. Hatnua party head and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni pledged to do everything in her power to prevent the passage of the law. "I will continue to defend the values of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and will under no circumstance allow anyone to weaken its democratic values and to subordinate them to Jewish ones," she said. (There was a time when Jewish socialists and even communists were the vanguard of Zionist movement. Now they use the demagoguery of democracy to promote the policy of self-hate!)

Arab Israelis are Enemy Within

Lieberman slams Arab Israelis over Nakba protest and denounce them as a "fifth column" and traitors. The rally took place as Israel marked its 66th Independence Day. "Those who marched with flags of the Palestinian Authority demanding that it not give up on the right of return, are a fifth column whose aim is the destruction of Israel," he told army radio.

Giving Away King David's Tomb is National Disgrace

Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook, Rabbi of Rehovot and member of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, warned that the government relinquishing David's Tomb to the Vatican would be a "national disgrace." "Imagine if another nation did something similar (by giving away an ancient national heritage or religious site) - there would be an outcry," he continued. "Now when Jews do it, the world is silent. We are tumbling down a deep abyss."

Quote of the Week:

“Palestinian propagandists love to characterize Zionism (that is, Jewish nationalism) and the re-establishment of Israel in 1948 as colonial enterprises; it is the Jews who are aboriginal to the Holy Land. Alone among other nations, Jews’ language, history, culture and folklore were born and forged in the Holy Land. There is no statute of limitations on being indigenous. Accordingly, to claim the Jews are colonizers in the Holy Land delegitimizes all indigenous peoples because such attempts trivialize the unbreakable, maternal ties to the land that make us, like the Jews, indigenous.” - Ryan Bellerose, a Native Metis activist from Western Canada, Fed Up with Anti-Israel BS. (please see the article)

The Al-Aksa Mosque is Nest of Islamic Hate!

Al-Aksa Mosque Imam Raed Al-Daan said at an Islamic conference in Milan, Italy that the Arab armies would liberate Haifa, Safed, Jaffa, Lod, and Beit Shean.

“We will return to the sea of Jaffa, to the sands of Haifa, to the palm trees of Beit Shean, and to the hills of Lod and Ramle. We in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque await the legions of the conquerors. We await the armies from Tunisia, from Jordan, from Egypt, from Iraq, from the Maghreb, and from the Hijaz,”

Daan said that in Gaza, orphans have “sprouted wings” and there are “great and proud men” there “who have realized that darkness and the Jewish state would vanish,” said the report. "And that morning, the sun will rise on Palestine.”

The Al-Aksa mosque has been involved with promoting extreme rhetoric before. In July last year a demonstration in front of the mosque called for America, Britain, and France to be destroyed.

“Allah Akbar, May America be destroyed,” chanted a man to the crowd. After calls for the destruction of Britain and France, the crowd chanted, “Oh Obama, listen up, the Caliphate shall return.” (Any self-respecting country would remove this wasp nest a long time ago! What is Israel waiting for?)