Israel Must Win this War!

The US Campaign to Oust Netanyahu

Blinken has tried to compel the Israeli prime minister to agree to a plan that would see the Palestinian Authority, which nominally controls Palestinian autonomous areas in Judea and Samaria, take over Gaza.

Netanyahu Issued Rebuked to Antony Blinken

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a veiled rebuke to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, pushing back against Blinken’s claim that Israel could not defeat Hamas in Gaza, and that it should accept a Palestinian state. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Blinken told New York Times columnist Tom Friedman that Israeli society, not the Arab nations, was the current obstacle to peace in the Middle East. (With friends like this who needs enemies. The US and other international political anti-Semites have not allowed Israel to completely defeat its enemies. Enough is enough – M.Y.O.B.)

No Deal is Better than an Idiotic Deal

The Israel PM said to reject US plan for Saudi normalization in return for path to Palestinian statehood. The Times of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly rejected a proposal from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that would have seen Saudi Arabia normalize relations with Israel in exchange for Jerusalem and agreeing to provide the Palestinians with a pathway toward statehood. (Not on Jewish land! Israel has already signed a ‘peace’ deal with two countries – Egypt and Jordan – which still remain its enemy.)

Biden Pushing for a Palestinian State

President Biden pressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Friday to agree to the creation of a Palestinian state after the war in Gaza is over. (While Israel is fighting its ugly enemies, President Biden and his administration’s only care to is to create an enemy state on the Jewish land.)
In a rare Shabbat statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied that he told US President Joe Biden that he might consider some form of Palestinian State.

Cruelly of Enemies of the Jewish State has no Limits

Hamas Terrorist Wanted to Sell IDF Soldier’s Head for $10,000

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

‘They’ are not concerned when Turkey attacks and kills Kurds in Syria and Iraq. ‘They’ did not care when Iran seized ships and fired at Israel-affiliated merchant vessels in Arabian gulf. ‘They’ are pathologically pre-occupied with Israel, and “deeply concerned” when Jews are defending themselves and fighting for the survival of the only Jewish state. The intention of the enemies of Israel – the PA, Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, etc – is well known, and the international Antisemitic bigots, have been openly and covertly supporting it.

Anti-Semitic incidents worldwide leaped by a dizzying 1,735 percent,

since October 7, when the Hamas terrorists launched its war against Israel from Gaza.

(Only strong, self-reliant and independent Jewish state can reverse this ugly trend.)

Even Pakistan had Enough with Iran

Pakistan fired several missiles towards alleged terrorist targets in Iran, two days after an Iranian missile attack on Pakistan. The two countries have recently accused one another of hiding militant groups that attack the other along their shared border. (Most enemies of Israel in the Middle East support terrorist organizations. This is the nature of their ‘game’.)

Gaza - Over 9,000 Terrorists Eliminated

The Israel Defense Forces has eliminated more than 9,000 Arab terrorists in the Gaza Strip during its ground offensive against Hamas Since Oct. 7. Hamas comprised approximately 30,000 fighters, the IDF has said.

Judea and Samaria - 2,600 Terror Attacks

Between Oct. 7 and Jan. 15, Rescuers Without Borders first responders recorded more than 2,600 attacks targeting Israeli civilians and soldiers, including 760 cases of rock-throwing, 551 fire bombings, 12 attempted or successful stabbings, and 9 vehicular assaults in Judea and Samaria. Among the report’s findings was a sharp increase in the number of shootings, with 127 instances of gunfire reported over the past three months. Palestinian terrorists in Judea and Samaria have killed five Israelis and wounded many others since Oct. 7.

Cut Dependence on Imported Munitions

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel intends to reduce its security dependence on the import of military products.

Mad Dogs Barking from Iran

Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, threatened to eliminate Israel. He said that the Palestinian problem has become the first problem of importance for the Islamic world now. "We are convinced that the victory will be for Palestine, and the Zionist entity is on the way to destruction. Others may see this as a distant scenario for implementation, but we see in this a scenario that is close to implementation, and it is possible that in our generation we will see the departure of Israel," Raisi said. (Enemies of Jews never hide their genocidal intention. This would be a good case for South Africa to present to the International Court of Justice.)

The Israel Left is still Delusional

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant held a situational assessment of Judea and Samaria a week ago. According to Gallant, at the moment, Israel must bolster the Palestinian Authority. "When it comes to Gaza there is a double effect, one is of inspiration, and the other is of anger. On this background, there are things that we must regulate and I hope that the government will accept the IDF and Shin Bet's stance when it comes to labourers and funds. I say clearly: a strong Palestinian Authority is an Israeli security interest, no less. (Hamas and the PA have the same objective - destruction of Israel, and killing Jews!)

The PA Rejects the US Demands for Reform

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, rejected the American demands for reforms in the Palestinian Authority. He added that any necessary changes or reforms will be according to a Palestinian Arab agenda, not an external agenda, and that continued attempts to undermine the independent national decision or the Palestine Liberation Organization will fail, as they failed in the past. (Israeli politicians need to learn from the enemies how to be self-respectful and have determination to achieve the Jewish national goal. (The PA and all other enemies of Israel have only one “agenda” – destruction of the Jewish state.)

'Revelation' from the Red Cross

VP of the International Committee of the Red Cross stresses: "Hostage-taking is strictly prohibited under international humanitarian law, the ICRC keeps calling for all hostages to be released immediately and unconditionally. Every day counts." Prof. Hagai Levine, Head of the Medical Team at the Hostages Families Forum said "The hostages have basic human rights to receive medical treatment and medications. The fact that the ICRC was not allowed to visit them, all of them, is a disgrace to humanity." (It took the Red Cross 100 days to make this obvious statement.)

Labor Party Leader has no Answer

Outgoing Labor party leader Merav Michaeli accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of causing enormous damage to the State of Israel, while admitting that she does not know how to revive the country’s weakened political left. After taking over the party from Amir Peretz in 2021, Michaeli managed to increase Labor’s representation in the Knesset to seven seats, but the improvement in its standing was short-lived.

Facts about Hamas Tunnels in Gaza

Hamas’s network of terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip is even more extensive than previously thought. A new assessment indicating it has upwards of 5,700 entry shafts. Israel now believes the Islamist group built between 350 and 450 miles of subterranean terror infrastructure, up from a previous estimate of 250 miles. Israeli intelligence found there were about 100 miles of tunnels under the city of Khan Yunis alone. This intelligence assessment is “extraordinary,” especially given the fact that the Gaza Strip is only some 25 miles long and seven miles wide (at its broadest point).

Quote of the Week:

"Israel's endgame is not only to destroy Hamas, it is to destroy all terrorism in Gaza. And when I say all terrorism in Gaza, you have to understand that at the end of the day, the people who broke the fence, murdered women and children, burned babies, and raped women, were the civilians of Gaza. The Gazans could have enjoyed the neighbour that they had. When we left the Gaza Strip (in 2005), we expected it to become the next Singapore. We expected them to build roads, culture, and education. Instead, we got missiles and tunnels. So really, the endgame is that Israel can no longer exist next to this Nazi threat," - May Golan, Minister for the Advancement of the Status of Women of Israel.

Where is the Outrage?

by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

In a world that seems constantly on edge, on the verge of apocalypse, and saturated with daily outrages – usually fabricated, contrived, or vacuous – there is a surprising lack of outrage at genuine indignities that we ignore at our peril.

There is a daily stream of anti-Israel outrage about the plight of the Gazan civilians that certainly elides the role that they play in their own suffering – and they continue to gather intelligence for Hamas. But Hamas rockets are still launched against Israel’s cities, towns and villages.

Why does the world not find it intolerable that Hamas, presumably on its last legs, continues to target Israeli civilians after massacring 1200 of us on October 7? Why is Antony Blinken silent about this continued affront to civilization?

Why is any rocket or missile acceptable, and not worthy of a devastating response? What other country in the world is forced to tolerate missiles on its citizens – and receives no sympathy for it, no expression of outrage?

Pursuant to the much-vaunted “international law,” civilians caught in a war zone are entitled to leave, and the international community is obligated to find them safe passage to avoid the ravages of war. Such was done for more than five million Syrian civilians who fled Syria’s civil war in just the last decade. Why are such accommodations not afforded to Gazan refugees, far fewer in number than Syrian refugees?

Why does “international law” not pertain to them, or is “international law” just a cynical, rhetorical cudgel to use against Israel?

Instead of affording these “civilians” the protections of “international law,” haters of Israel keep deliberately “civilians” of Gaza in the war zone in order that they should be killed – and some who try to flee have been killed by Hamas.

It is clear that the entire territory of Gaza, small as it is, is a center for terror. It is equally clear that Gaza will be uninhabitable for years. Why is the obvious solution – resettlement from the terror-infested war zone – not seriously contemplated?