Israel Must Say MYOB to Fake Friends

M.Y.O.B - The US Interfering in Israel Internal Politics

Tensions between the White House and Israel is at boiling point as Biden administration officials, Vice President Kamala Harris and others, met with Israeli official Benny Gantz, who joined the “war cabinet” after Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel, and is widely viewed as one of Mr. Netanyahu’s chief political threats. Mr. Netanyahu’s team downplayed the visit and rejected any suggestion that Mr. Gantz represented the prime minister. (The Biden administration is undermining Israel's democracy, and persistently trying to deny Israel the victory against Jew-Hating enemy aggressors again.)

M.Y.O.B - Why does the US 'Care' about New Jewish Homes Built by Israel?

The US condemned the approval of approximately 3,500 new housing units in Maaleh Adumim, Efrat, and Kedar. The US had not considered Israeli settlements to be illegal from the Reagan Administration through the Trump Administration. Last month, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the US would consider all Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria to be illegal. Blinken said the new construction is counterproductive to reaching an enduring peace and then added, "They're also inconsistent with international law." (What international law? At best Judea and Samaria is disputed territory.)

M.Y.O.B - UK Foreign Office: Hamas is ‘Moderate’

Britain’s Foreign Office is under fire after it hosted an event teaching its civil servants that the Hamas terror organization is a “moderate” faction essential to the future of the Gaza Strip, while criticizing Israel as a “colonialist” white nation state. During the 75-minute seminar, titled “Israel/Gaza: What Next for Hamas,” Israel was described as a “white, settler colonialist nation,” while the speakers urged Foreign Office employees not to apply the “terrorist label” to Hamas, saying it was “unhelpful,” and emphasizing the need to “engage with” the “political wing” of Hamas.

M.Y.O.B - The White House Pushing for the UNRWA Support

The White House is pushing for support of UNRWA even as Congress votes to outlaw it. Israeli intelligence revealed that more than 450 Gazan terrorists, mainly Hamas members, were and still are employed by UNRWA, which is tasked with providing humanitarian aid and educational services to the Arabs in the Palestinian Authority and Gaza. Nevertheless, the Biden administration reassured the 'Palestinians' that it won’t let UNRWA run out of money. The US covers about a third of UNRWA’s budget. The US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said, “We’re going to wait to see what the assessments show, and then we’ll make a decision on how to move forward, but let me be clear – we will find a way to ensure that we continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the (fake) Palestinian people.” (International anti-Semites are relentless! Note: Mind Your Own Business.)

M.Y.O.B - Biden says Netanyahu ‘hurting Israel more than he’s helping,’ willing to address Knesset.

The US president says IDF entry into Rafah a ‘red line’. As divides between the US and Israel have grown regarding the war, some left-leaning pundits have been urging Biden to bypass Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hardline government and speak directly to the Israeli public - at the Knesset or elsewhere.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

On 7 October 2023, 253 hostages were abducted by Hamas and other Islamic Jihad terrorists from Israel, 138 of them had have foreign passports from 25 different countries. Among them at least 31 Americans were killed and many were taken to Gaza, some of them already dead. There is still no condemnation of this terror attack by the 'Ugly Nazi', and the only pressure the US applies is on Israel to stop destroying Hamas.

Escalation on the Norther Front

Hezbollah launched 37 rockets at Israel from Lebanon as war against Hamas, dubbed Swords of Iron, entered its 23rd week on Saturday. The war began on October 7th, the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah. (When will it be enough?)

The US Aid Killed 'Innocent' Gazans

The United States has killed at least two innocent Gazans with the airdropped humanitarian aid shipments that President Joe Biden ordered dropped into enemy territory. Besides the killed Gazans, multiple people were also wounded by the impact from the US aid. Unfortunately, the one step that would actually get civilians out of danger – facilitating and allowing their exit from the Gaza war zone, is not on the table. The US, Egypt and the world are holding the Gazans hostage to create a “Palestinian” state and perpetuate the conflict. (No international ‘outrage’!)

Hamas does not Know how Many Hostages are Murdered

A senior Hamas leader, Bassem Naim, a senior Hamas leader, claimed that he does not know how many hostages were still alive in Gaza - “I don't know. The number is not so important,” he said in an interview with CBS news. (No international outrage!)

The UN Admitted the Truth - NO Action

After five months, the United Nations finally admitted that Hamas terrorists committed large-scale acts of rape and sexual violence on October 7. The UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence Pramila Patten on Monday states that after she and other UN officials visited Israel in January and were exposed to the mountain of evidence. Since the victims were mostly Jews, they will have to settle for “it probably happened” rather than “it definitely happened.” This is a far cry from the rush to believe every accusation levelled against Israel, no matter how spurious or how obviously untrue they are. And this report only occurred because of massive pressure on the UN to do the right thing for once.

The Turkish Mad Dog is still Barking

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday once again lashed out at Israel and at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and reiterated his support for Hamas, saying that no one could "make" Turkey "qualify Hamas as a terrorist organization.”

Gantz is Israel's Weak Link

Minister-without-portfolio MK Benny Gantz is the government’s “weak link,” and the US administration’s decision to host Gantz for meetings is an attempt to ‘drive a wedge’ within the government and the people of Israel, said Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich.

Iran Fuds Hamas Generously

Hamas receives $100 million yearly from Iran. Additionally, Hamas collects some $600 million from Gazans in yearly taxes. In September 2023, President Joe Biden unfroze some $6 billion in Iranian assets, in exchange for the return of five American civilians held in Iranian prisons. Hamas is increasingly dependent upon charitable funds from abroad. (And international anti-Semites are only happy to give generously to Israel-hating terrorists)

UNRWA is the Terrorist Organization

Israel ramped up its criticism of the embattled UN agency for Palestinian refugees, saying 450 of its employees were members of militant groups in the Gaza Strip. Major international funders have withheld hundreds of millions of dollars from the agency, known as UNRWA, since Israel accused 12 of its employees of participating in the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks on Israel. UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini accuses Israel of "a deliberate and concerted campaign" against the agency. (The organisations issued no unconditional condemnation of Hamas for the horrendous terror attack on Israel. UNRWA must be disposed of now - enough with unlimited support of the fake Palestinian refugees!)

Terrorists are Hiding among Evacuating Civilians

Hamas and Islamic Jihad members were captured, 80 of them, by Israeli forces hiding among the civilian population evacuated from western Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Quote of the Week:

"It took five months for the United Nations to recognize the shocking acts of rape and sexual violence committed by Hamas against Israeli women during the October 7 massacre. Regarding UNRWA, it has been proven that 12% of its employees are members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad, they should be declared a terrorist organization and their headquarters in eastern Jerusalem and Ammunition Hill should be closed. There is no justification for Israel to continue paying membership fees to the United Nations. We will not immediately lose the right to vote because it is a two-year process. We don't lose there because of a single vote. It sounds like a difficult step - but when the situation is so dire and the UN, which was created after the Holocaust to prevent these atrocities, does nothing - they must be shocked." - Gilad Erdan, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations.

We See You Dear World

by Hillel Fuld

The double standard and hypocrisy surrounding this war and Israel, in general, is astounding and disgraceful. Here is a partial list of the most twisted aspects of the Israeli-Hamas war that prove just how morally bankrupt the anti-Israel crowd is:

- The fact that anyone, in their right mind, would call for a ceasefire when Hamas proudly declares it’ll repeat October 7th over and over.

- The fact that a Palestinian state is even being discussed when there has yet to be one Palestinian Arab leader who has said that they are willing to live alongside Israel.

- The fact that there are otherwise normal people who walk around quoting casualty numbers provided by Hamas despite the fact that Hamas is a terror organization that has zero problem making things up out of thin air.

- The fact that anyone denies the barbaric Hamas atrocities of October 7th despite the fact that there is HD footage of it all, and even Hamas doesn’t deny it.

- The fact that after October 7th, instead of support for Israel skyrocketing, it was Antisemitism that skyrocketed.

- The fact that the UN, and specifically UNRWA, have been proven to actively support Hamas and there are still countries funding them and still people debating their legitimacy.

- The fact that the head of UNRWA can claim he didn’t know that a multi-million-dollar tunnel that uses the electricity from UNRWA HQ was being built right under his nose.

- The fact that Blinken and the US State Department think they have a right to dictate to Israel how it should and should not defend itself.

- The fact that the world is losing its sh*t about the necessary Rafah operation despite the clear knowledge that the hostages are there and Hamas leadership is hiding there. It’s as if the world wants Hamas to survive.

- The fact that the Red Cross hasn’t visited the hostages or gotten them medical care and no one seems to care.

- The fact that there is hard evidence that Hamas steals the foreign aid going into Gaza and countries are still sending in aid and forcing Israel to send in aid.

- The fact that Egypt won’t let a single Palestinian in and no one seems to think that is strange despite pressuring Israel to do the same.

- The fact that anyone in the western world is calling for Israel to stop the war on terror instead of calling for the release of the hostages.

- The fact that Israel is being accused of genocide when Hamas’ declared goal is exactly that, genocide. And they don’t even hide it.

- The fact that so many people around the world are chanting ‘From the river to the sea’ without even knowing what it means (the total erasure of Israel) or what sea and river they’re even talking about.

- The fact that anyone accuses Israel of discrimination and call it an apartheid state despite endless evidence and even testimonies from actual Arabs living in Israel that Israel is anything but an apartheid state.

- The fact that any liberal is standing against Israel despite the fact that their liberal values align with Israel and are the literal opposite of the values of the people they are defending.

- The fact that women’s rights activists haven’t said a word about the savage sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas, and some even deny it.

- The fact that no pressure is being applied to Lebanon and Hezbollah to stop attacking Israel but as soon as Israel retaliates to defend itself, and Israel WILL retaliate; the world will magically wake up.