Israel Must Exert its Power

by Victor Sharpe

The world and the national and international mainstream media are eerily silent when Israel and her civilian population are attacked by missiles from Gaza or Lebanon and Israeli civilians are slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists as recently occurred.

But if Israel retaliates, oh my, the same immoral world and mass media scream and condemn her for daring to resist and a predictable anti-Israel censure is issued from that ultimate temple of hypocrisy: the United Nations. Israel is like the rape victim who never receives justice from a series of biased judges.

But it is now even worse for the embattled Jewish state. The most hostile anti-Israel President, Barack Hussein Obama, and a State Department, which is perennially anti-Israel to its core, will never give Israel the green light to finally finish the job by destroying once and for all the murderous terrorists of the Arab and Muslim world.

Does the world care about the tormented Israeli town of Sderot, which is battered relentlessly by missiles from the pitiless Hamas occupied and terrorist infested Gaza Strip? In the little town of Sderot, her suffering people live a mere three kilometers from the Gaza Strip. They have only a 15 second warning from the next incoming barrage of deadly missiles deliberately fired at them by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians…

Ashdod and Beersheba - all major southern Israeli cities came under a heavy rocket offensive from Gaza lasting from Thursday until Sunday night. Jews have died, babies and toddlers have been wounded, a synagogue and a school was hit by a Grad missile. Towns and villages have been struck and civilians terrorized.

Did you hear that on the TV news or read it in the New York Times or Washington Post? If you did it was reported in the fashion that afflicts all news about Israeli suffering: The sin of moral equivalence. In other words, it is a perverse editorial mechanism, which presents the Israeli victim as equal to the Arab victimizer...

When we see how the mainstream media and the international corridors of power are silent in the face of the crimes of the Palestinian terror machine we should hearken to the words from the ancient Jewish Ethics of the Fathers: “He who is kind to the cruel ends by being cruel to the kind.”

Al Qaida Members in Libyan Rebel Command

The Obama administration finally acknowledged Wednesday, Aug. 31 that al Qaida elements had been fighting in Libyan rebel ranks in last week's capture of Tripoli. This confronts the US administration with the sole choice of accepting this fait accompli, especially after American reporters discovered in Muammar Qaddafi's abandoned intelligence headquarters files attesting to the former Libyan ruler's campaign against Al Qaida's Libyan recruits and outside infiltrators. (Must Israel follow directives of an incompetent American administration and its security apparatus, which helped create al Qaida and is unable to destroy it?)

Gaza is Getting Libyan Arms

Palestinians in Gaza have acquired anti-aircraft and anti-tank rockets from Libya during its six-month civil war. Israeli officials have detected an inflow of SA-7 anti-aircraft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), describing an overland supply route that opened up between eastern Libya since it fell to the rebels.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

We do not need to focus on changing Islamists’ attitude or behaviour of our traditional anti-Semitic 'friends'. Jews must change their own attitude in order to regain self-respect and take back what is rightfully ours. Change of Islamic attitude will follow, as they only respect powerful adversaries!

Self-Hating Journalist Fired

The Jerusalem Post has fired radical leftist longtime columnist Larry Derfner after he published a commentary piece in which he justified Arab terrorism against Israelis and particularly the recent multiple terror attacks near Eilat.

Enemy Within Understand the True Meaning of “Arab Spring”

The road to “freeing” Jerusalem begins at the gates of the new military regime in Cairo, says the Israeli Islamic Movement’s deputy leader Kamal Al Khatib. He charged that Israel is afraid of the new regime in Cairo because “it knows it advances the liberation of Jerusalem.” The new regime is increasingly influenced by the formerly outlawed radical Muslim Brotherhood, with which the Islamic Movement identifies. Khatib said that he is not against Israeli law per se but that Arab Knesset Members’ loyalty to Israel does not include respecting “Jewish laws that violate religious or national loyalty.” He previously has alleged that “we have every right to use all means in our possession to defend land” claimed by the Palestinian Authority. (In the past, loyalty of Jews was questioned by many countries. It is time for Israel to question the loyalty of Israeli Arabs and get rid of the fifth column!)

Israeli Police Attacked Jewish Vineyard

Large forces of Yasam special police tried to tear down a vineyard at Adei Ad, near Shiloh. Several dunams of vineyard had been destroyed. The vineyard belongs to Assaf Azulai and neighboring Arabs dispute its ownership. Residents blamed the IDF Civil Authority of trying to quickly create facts on the ground and raze the vineyard after Regavim's motion was filed to the High Court. (No wonder that terrorism is on the rise as Israeli police are busy helping Arabs in occupation of Jewish land)

Al Qaeda Bombs Algeria for Supporting Qaddafi

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for a suicide bombing at a military academy meant to punish Algerian support for Qaddafi. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings that killed 18 people.

Migrants Enter Israel from Egypt

A record-breaking 2,000 refugees and labour migrants infiltrated into Israel from across the Egyptian border in August. While the bulk of the aliens came from African countries, PMA officials said other nationalities, including Turks, Chinese and Filipinos also made up a small percentage of the figure. About 10 to 15 percent of the infiltrators managed to steer clear of Israeli military observation posts and crossed the border unnoticed.

It is Final - No Apology to Turkey

Israel has made a final decision not to apologise to Turkey for the killing of nine people aboard the Mavi Marmara. Turkey gave its backing to the 2010 Gaza flotilla that included the Mavi Marmara - where dozens of terrorists awaited Israeli commandos and attacked them with great brutality. After some of the soldiers were stabbed, savagely beaten and thrown off the ship's deck, the commandos had no choice but to open fire.

A Fake Friend or Islamic Backstabber

Turkey expelled Israel's ambassador and cut military ties over Israel's refusal to apologize for last year's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. The dramatic move came hours before the release of a U.N. report that called the Israeli raid that killed nine pro-Palestinian activists "excessive" and also blamed Turkey and flotilla organizers for contributing to the deaths. (We must remember that Turkey, a NATO member, refused to cooperate with the US during invasion of Iraq)

Terrorist still Alive Due to Fear of Legal Repercussion

A terrorist who went on a rampage in Tel Aviv a week ago, injuring eight security men, is still alive. How did this happen? Soldiers and police are simply afraid that the courts will prosecute them if they use force against the enemy. “The behaviour of the State Attorney’s Office and the legal system lately against security guards, policemen, soldiers and officers who staunchly defended the Nation of Israel - and were rewarded by being sent to jail - weakens the security forces,” said National Union Chairman MK Yaakov Katz.

Quote of the Week:

“Israel is a living daily reminder that what passes for Islam in the region can offer its people nothing but poverty, superstition, ignorance, violence, and squalor.” - Bill Levinson

Living in a Shadow of War

Iran Dispatches Fleet to Red Sea

Israel sent two more warships to the Red Sea border with Egypt as a military reinforcement, following warnings that militants are planning another attack on southern Israel from Sinai. This comes as Iran's Press TV reports that Tehran has decided to send the 15th fleet to the Red Sea. Last week, Israel's military ordered more troops to the border area following intelligence reports of an impending attack, days after militants crossed into Israel through the Egyptian border and killed eight Israelis.

New Egypt Troop in Sinai a Gamble for Israel

Israel hopes Egypt's interim government will regain control of the Sinai, which has become lawless. But the troop presence carries risk for Israel as its ties with Egypt look more fragile. The agreement to bar Egyptian soldiers from the Sinai border was a linchpin of the landmark 1979 Egyptian-Israel peace treaty. Allowing the heaviest Egyptian military presence along the border with Sinai since the 1967 Middle East War carries significant risk for Israel.

Israel Intensifies Training of Settler Security Teams

The Israeli military has stepped up training for more than 100 settler security teams in the Judea and Samaria in anticipation of possible PA popular mass disturbances accompanying any Palestinian bid for United Nations recognition in September. The teams were established in 2000, amid the violence at the outbreak of the second intifada, in recognition of the fact that the army could not be in every place at all times.