Israel Facing Proxy War with Iran

by Con Coughlin

The fact that Israel has found it necessary to attack targets so far from its traditional area of military operations close to its immediate borders is indicative of the alarming escalation that has taken place in recent months in the threat Iran poses to Israeli security.

Earlier this week, in Lebanon, an Israeli drone was reported to have bombed a Palestinian base that is said to be funded by Iran. Israeli warplanes were also reported to have bombed Iranian military bases on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The very idea of Washington sitting down with the Iranians at a time when it is continuing to threaten the security of its closest Middle Eastern ally would be unconscionable.

The reality is that there can be no meaningful dialogue between Washington and Tehran on a future deal so long as Iran remains committed to its long-standing policy of seeking the wholesale destruction of the Jewish state…

Hezbollah Fired Rockets at Israel

Multiple projectiles were fired from Lebanese territory into northern Israel. Hezbollah took responsibility for anti-tank rocket fire into northern Israel on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 1, claiming to have hit IDF vehicles and caused casualties. The IDF has returned the fire. Israel responded at once with air strikes and heavy artillery fire against the sources of Hezbollah fire. A short time earlier, the IDF advised all civilians living within a 4km radius from the Lebanese border to stay indoors. (The War which is not completed is lost! IDF knew that an attack was imminent. What they were waiting for? Only decisive defeat of the enemies will bring peace to Israel!)

Useless and Gutless UN Peace-Keepers

After the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, the UN Security Council passed resolution 1701, which in part called on UNIFIL to assist the Lebanese military in establishing an area free of any armed personnel, assets and weapons other than the government and UNIFIL. The budget of UNIFIL for 2018-19 was $481 million. The U.S. is the biggest donor to U.N. peacekeeping, paying around a quarter of its total $6.5 billion budget. (The 'Useless Nothing' has done nothing to stop military expansion of Hezbollah and its attacks against Israel!)

Transfer has Always been the Option!

by Hagai El-Ad

The media can express as much shock as it likes over news that the cabinet has discussed Israel funding the dispatch of Gazans from the Strip, but one can draw a straight line from the creation of the state in 1948, through Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan post-1967 and all the way to Netanyahu, Smotrich and Gantz today...

The “senior figure” – who everybody knows is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself – said that Israel is willing, generously, to allow the residents of Gaza to emigrate, if only a country were found that were willing to absorb them. And if that were not enough, Israel is even willing to pay for it – including driving them to the airport, from which they can take off and get the hell out of our sight once and for all...

And he’s not the only one: the person who wishes to succeed Netanyahu, until recently the justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, supports it. In an interview with IDF Radio Shaked explained: “it’s called encouraging emigration.” (This is published by a leftist, anti-Zionist Israeli paper. Good information, but wrong conclusion!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

After 70+ years, it is time to realise that 'inducements' will never work! Fake Palestinians and their international sponsors hate Israel and Jews. It is an incurable disease – anti-Semitism! There is only one way to 'encourage’ enemies to end occupation of Jewish land – it is by diligently removing them from Eretz-Israel, using help with emigration, financial and military ‘inducements’. After all, there are so many countries, not just Muslim, that ‘love’ them so much!

Netanyahu: Sovereignty to All Settlements

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz visited an elementary school in Elkana in western Samaria. He said "We won't uproot anyone here. There will be no more Gush Katifs, no more displacement, and with the help of G-d we will apply Jewish sovereignty to all (Jewish) communities as part of the Land of Israel and as part of the State of Israel." (Is it an election stunt or real intention? It would be a good first step toward re-unification of Eretz-Israel!)

Normalizing Ties with Israel Arab Way

Authorities in Morocco demolish Holocaust memorial near the city of Marrakesh one year into construction after protesters claimed it wasn't authorized and was normalizing ties with Israel. The memorial in the town of Ait Faska near Marrakesh was erected by German non-profit organization, PixelHelper! (This was not reported by international anti-Semitic media!)

Israel Ignores Illegal Takeover of State Land

Arabs from Samaria have built illegal buildings in areas designated for a new industrial zone in Samaria. The State has to date refused to demolish the illegal structures even though they have been built on land under full Israeli control. Yishai Hemo of the Regavim organization said: "The picture of the situation is clear: when the State of Israel does not demonstrate governance, there is an immediate price. While every building permit for Jews in Judea and Samaria goes through seven rounds of bureaucracy, the Palestinian Authority is creating facts on the ground." (Systematic inaction of Israel's legal system against the PA's violations is disgusting and self-destructive!)

They Hate Each Other More than Israel

Hamas security forces have moved in to begin arresting people associated with Islamic State and other radical Islamist factions in Gaza after at least three Palestinian police officers were killed in two mysterious bombings in the enclave. (If there were no Israel, streets of Gaza and Ramallah would be washed with blood of so-called Palestinians killing each other!)

Stupidity of Fuel Game

Israel on Sunday morning fully resumed the transfer of fuel to the Gaza Strip, after last week the same supply had been cut in half because of the rocket fire launched at Israel. Israel is determined to continue transferring the full supply of diesel required to provide electric power to Gaza. (Why not keep enemies in the dark? It would convince many of them to leave Gaza faster!)

UNRWA Seeks Donations - Time to Close this Anti-Semitic 'Shop'

UN agency supporting Palestinian refugees says it needs $150 million in donations to keep it operating, following instability caused by loss of US's $360 million in aid money per year. Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium had also suspended their contributions to the organisation.

Support Only Parties Certain to Enter Knesset

The Chabad National Council of Rabbis has issued a call to its communities to vote only for those parties which are completely certain to pass the threshold required to enter the Knesset in the upcoming election on September 17. (Make sense!)

If Lebanon and Hezbollah Want War

Jerusalem conveyed tough back-channel warnings to Beirut, that any attacks on the Golan or Galilee would bring forth a powerful Israeli counter punch. It was delivered to Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah and Lebanon’s military commander Maj. Gen. Joseph Aoun. (Warnings do not work – decisive actions are needed!)

Trump Factor

1. The Republic of Nauru has recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

2. Honduras is slated to open a trade office in Jerusalem next week as a preliminary step toward relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.

3. US sanctions a Lebanese bank for helping Iran-backed Hezbollah.

'Unity' in Time of Facing a War

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his top defense aides to brief chief political rival Benny Gantz of the Blue and White party on security developments, an extremely rare move reflecting threats of war on multiple fronts.

Quote of the Week:

"With God's help we will extend Jewish sovereignty to all the settlements as part of the (biblical) Land of Israel, as part of the State of Israel." - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  Sounds like an election ruse, not a plan or real intention! For once, take personal responsibility and do what is good for Jewish people and advance reunification of Eretz-Israel, and stop blaming God for your inaction and cowardness! Actually doing it would help his re-election better than talking about it.

Inept Land Registration Policy!

by David Israel

After a 15-year legal saga that included numerous petitions to the High Court of Justice, Israeli security forces cleared an illegal takeover by Arabs from Bethlehem at a Jewish owned private land in Gush Etzion in Judea...

According to Regavim, to date, only about 30% of Judea and Samaria lands have been registered and regulated. This reality is fertile ground for fakery, illegal construction and land grabbing, all of which play into the hands of the Palestinian Authority, which promotes its own real estate registration system without interruption, including on land that is in Israeli-controlled areas, where the PA has no legal authority... (Israel's Justice System is too slow to deal with land claims by Arabs, especially when it involves the need to remove Arabs from Jewish land!)