Islamization of Gaza First.

A report by the Shin Bet (Israel’s secret security) describes how Hamas has institutionalized Islamic law and thought in all areas of Gaza life since its violent takeover of the area. The report emphasizes that the instilling of these and other Hamas ideas into public life is the result of a carefully orchestrated Hamas program. Hamas is also threatening to take over Judea and Samaria, and is favored to win the next elections, if and when they are held. Among the report’s main points are these:

·                    A dress code for women on the street, in schools and in courts is enforced. Principals can expel female students who do not wear a head covering and wide dresses. Judges have been instructed not to hold sessions if female lawyers do not appear in Islamic garb. On official Hamas TV, Al-Aqsa, women announcers wear a veil, and Islamic content is increasingly featured in the programs.

·                    Men may not swim in the ocean without a shirt, and female mannequins may not be exhibited in store windows.

·                    Mixed-gender public ceremonies may not be held, and men may not teach in girls’ schools. Hamas is also trying to separate boys and girls in the UN-run schools. Fatah-identified teachers are being replaced by Hamas members.

·                    Hamas police arrest immodestly clad women and enforce gender separation. Unmarried couples may not appear in public; married couples must be ready to produce a marriage certificate on demand.

·                    Religious-studies classes have been added in schools, mosques and prisons. Prisoners who become more religious can have their sentences shortened.

·                    An across-the-board 1% public sector pay cut was imposed during the summer months in order to pay for summer camps for reviewing the Koran. The pace of building mosques, medrasahs and Islamic sharia courts is being stepped up.

·                    Hamas is working on establishing the Islamic National Bank and an Islamic insurance company.

·                    The Bureau for Legal Counsel and Legislation is preparing a new criminal code based on Islamic law. In June 2009, for instance, the Legislative Council passed amendments to the code for the purpose of “preventing immoral incidents in public.”

Israeli police banned Jews from the Temple Mount site during Chanukah celebration, which commemorate the Jews return to the Temple.

Season’s Greetings to our true friends.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Without any prior discussion or debate the United States joined Saudi Arabia in the fight against Al Queda in Yemen, justifying rocket attacks against two terrorist camps in Yemen as a threat to the US national security. For several years the US has been restraining Israel from destroying Iranian nuclear program. Why is the nuclear-armed Iran with ballistic delivery capability not a threat to the US national security? And, why is national security of Israel much less important and Jewish lives are less valuable than American ones?

Why Bother with Appeasement? As far as Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas is concerned, Binyamin Netanyahu's building freeze is not really a freeze. "Netanyahu's declaration on a building freeze for ten months is not to be considered a break in settlement activity". PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in effect ditched the American Roadmap plan last Tuesday and issued an ultimatum to Israel that there will be no talks unless Israel agrees ahead of time to surrender all of the land restored in the Six-Day War in 1967. (Israel must drop the idiotic ‘Roadmap plan’ to nowhere as well and recognize that Judea, Samaria and Gaza are all “Jewish lands”. After that, the ‘Palestinian’ conflict will be easy to solve!)

Tel-Aviv in Firing Range. Military Intelligence Chief Major General Amos Yadlin admitted that “Syria, Iran and Hezbollah all have the ability to threaten the Gush Dan. Our enemies have not rested for a moment.”

Another Mad Dog Barking. During a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused Israel of aiming to "exterminate" the Palestinians. Chavez saluted the Palestinians for what he called their "fight against the Yankee empire... against the genocidal state of Israel..., which attempts to exterminate the Palestinian people." Abbas thanked the Chavez government for its support and said: "We're all on the same path." (Jews do not want to exterminate the fake Palestinian people. To remove them from Jewish land is a better option!)

Law Against Foreign Political Interference is Needed. The researcher, Adi Arbel, said that European states achieve their aim of influencing Israeli policies by funding groups like Peace Now, Adallah, Yesh Din and B'Tselem. “In the United States there is a law called the 'Foreign Agent Registration Act',” he explained. “The purpose is very clear – to have laws here in Israel, too, that will make it mandatory to have the same transparency as in the US and that will show everyone where the money to these groups comes from.” (They would scream “Zionist conspiracy” if Israel actually did it!)

Stupidity is the Residue of Labor Party Infestation of IDF. IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi expressed support for a national service system that would draft all Israelis, including the Arab population. (Israeli Arabs are deeply anti-Israel. Must Israel train enemies?)

Quote of the Week: “The U.S. Administration, the European Union, the United Nations, and Russia's decision to rewrite history by labeling the Territories 'Occupied Territories,' the Settlements as an 'Obstacle to Peace' and 'Not Legitimate,' thus endowing them with an aura of bogus statehood and a false history. The use of these dishonest loaded terms, empowers terrorism and incites Palestinian Arabs with the right to use all measures to expel Israel.” - Eli E. Hertz

Artificially Kept ‘Peace’ with Syria. The UN Security Council voted unanimously to prolong the presence of more than 1000 Blue Helmet peacekeeping troops posted on the Syrian-Israeli border for another six months.

More anti-Israel International Bigotry. In response to Sweden's proposal to recognize east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said in a statement Sunday, "The Europeans should not dictate the outcome of negotiations in advance. This declaration is a dangerous initiative that could hurt efforts to resume negotiations between the parties and will harden the Palestinian position."

Jewish Answer to the ‘Freeze’. An Israeli minister Benny Begin has predicted that there will be 10,000 more Jews living in West Bank over the next 10 months.

Iran's Nuclear Intention is Obvious. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Tehran is reviewing the option of decreasing cooperation with the U.N. nuclear watchdog: "Iran's nuclear issue has been resolved... We will hold no talks (with major powers) over this issue. There is no need for talks," Earlier Iran announced plans to start constructing 10 new uranium enrichment plants in the country over the next two months. The ambitious plans were a bold show by Iran that it is willing to risk further sanctions. (Iran made no secret that its aim is to produce a nuclear weapon with the intention to annihilate Israel!)

No One Condemns Vandalism of Synagogues. Minister Yuli Edelstein (Likud) condemned the attack on the mosque in Kafr Yassuf Friday, adding: "we must remember that there is not a day that goes by when a firebomb is not thrown at a synagogue, or a Jewish institution is defaced by swastikas somewhere in the world. We do not hear about condemnations of these acts." (We must remember that Islamists themselves routinely attack and even destroy mosques in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan!)

Less Time to Fight Terrorism. The IDF has reduced its anti-terrorism activities in Judea/Samaria. The IDF is carrying out fewer patrols and fewer initiated actions against Palestinian terrorist elements. Instead, the forces in the area are assigned with providing protection to Civil Administration inspectors who are distributing stop-work orders in the Jewish towns.

Quote of the Week: Israel has earned much more from research over the years than the oil-rich countries have earned from oil. Israel must remain on the leading edge of research in the future." – Israeli President, Shimon PeresJewish brains vs Arab oil.

Result of Barbaric Refugee Scam. A 15-year-old British girl, Tulay Goren, murdered by her father because she was pregnant. Her father, an ethnic Kurd from Turkey, had moved to Britain claiming asylum in 1996. The prosecution lawyer told the court that the case was a "wake-up call" to the existence of so-called "honour killings" in Britain. (Honour killings, gang rapes of Western girls and other violent crimes are a ‘side effect’ of Muslim migration to the West.)

Israeli Wins Chess World Cup. Grand Master Boris Gelfand of Rishon Letzion won the Chess World Cup, defeating former world champion Ruslan Ponomariov of Ukraine in the tie-breaker of the final played in Russia. Gelfand was born in Belarus in 1968 and emigrated to Israel in 1998.

Hamastan vs Fatahstan. The Hamas has published on its website a 61-page document on the methods used by the Palestinian Authority to arrest and torture Hamas activists in the West Bank. (As usual, there is no international outrage.)

A Little Light Dispels Darkness

Reb. Laible Wolf.

An act of defiance - a human initiative, some would call an act of madness. But supreme courage is rewarded beyond the laws of nature. In the mystical Jewish spiritual teachings known as Kabbalah, the phenomenon of Divine leverage is described as the reward for human initiative: allow your effort to push the door ajar and Higher Forces will blow it wide open. The kinetic energy unleashed is the product of potential implicit in human initiative. Take an initiative, even a small act of kindness and generosity. Your humble effort has a multiplier effect leveraging that initiative in a supra-natural manner. A little light dispels much darkness. (Become the defiant true Zionist and dispel the darkness of apathy, hate and hypocrisy!)