Don’t Blame Israel for Islamic Ugliness!

At the time as President Barack Obama's special Mideast envoy Mitchell urged the Arab world to take steps toward normalising relations with Israel and pressed Israel to halt construction of settlements in the West Bank.

1) "No one has the right to recognise this entity (Israel) or approve its legitimacy" - The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah, Nasrallah, vowed that his Shi'ite terrorist group will never recognise Israel and that no Arab state has the right to do so either.

2) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a lie again: "It (Holocaust) is a lie based on an unprovable(!) and mythical claim," and said that Israel has no future: "This regime (Israel) will not last long. Do not tie your fate to it ... This regime has no future. Its life has come to an end."

US has "no grand expectations" in trilateral meeting...

 Must stupid games go on and on?

New Policy?

The first Western leader to expressly admit knowledge of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, French president Nicolas Sarkozy said: "It is a certainty to all of our secret services. Iran is working today on a nuclear (weapons) program." He added: "We cannot let Iran acquire nuclear weapons because it would also be a threat to Israel."

…and More Games!

Defense Minister Ehud Barak told his U.S. counterpart Robert Gates on Monday that Israel would not take any option regarding Iran off the table, and urged Washington to set a time limit on its diplomatic efforts. This came after it was reported that President Shimon Peres, according to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, gave a guarantee there would be no Israeli strike on Iran. "It is certainly not a guarantee," Ayalon, Israel's deputy foreign minister, replied. "I don't think that, with all due respect, the Russian president is authorized to speak for Israel and certainly we have not taken any option off the table."

Making Life Easier for ‘Palestinians’ is Dangerous for Jews. A day after the army began removing roadblocks in the West Bank in an effort to make life easier for Palestinians, the IDF thwarted a stabbing attack on Thursday morning in the Metzad settlement of Gush Etzion - Three armed Palestinians were arrested after they cut through the security fence surrounding the settlement.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

I would like to ask the critics of Israel just one question: “Do you really care about so-called Palestinians or just love to hate Jews?” Please, at least be honest to yourself!

International Law Sacred for IDF. The IDF's Chief Counsel, Brig.-Gen. Avichai Mandelblit, said that the IDF is utterly committed to international law in all of its actions, defending the decision not to bomb the Shifa hospital in Gaza, where Hamas's top leadership was hiding during Operation Cast Lead, which would have killed about 500 civilians. (The Enemies of Israel do not care about international law. They use civilians as a human shields and fire rockets indiscriminately!)

IAEA Plays Games with Israel’s Existence.  An Associated Press report claims that senior officials at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) prepared a secret document on Iranian nuclear capabilities. Iran already has "sufficient information" to prepare an atom bomb, the report reveals, but the Islamic Republic is missing a sufficient delivery system. The latest United Nations report on Iran’s nuclear program was too soft on Iran for its failure to cooperate with the IAEA. The report can be viewed as a deliberate attempt by IAEA Director Mohamed ElBaradei, an Egyptian, to sabotage efforts by Israel and the United States to pressure the United Nations Security Council into placing crippling sanctions against Iran.

 ‘Moderate’ Muslim Friend of the US. Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf told an all-news TV station that military aid given by the United States had been used to strengthen defences against India. He said he had acted ''in Pakistan's best interests'' and didn't give a damn if the United States was furious about the consequences. (Since 9/11, the Taliban and Al Qaida have grown and flourished in Pakistan with the government’s approval and a pretence of rebuke.)

Free to Pursue Terrorists. A US commando raid in Somalia killed a top al Qaida terrorist wanted for a US embassy bombing. A US official confirmed that special forces were flown in by helicopter from a US Navy ship offshore in the Indian Ocean on September 14 and fired on a vehicle (or two) reported to be carrying Nabhan in the southern Somali Barawe district. Some witnesses of the raid said the helicopters and commandos were French. (Soldiers of a super power(s) attacked a target in a far away foreign land. No international condemnation or UN investigation as there were in the case of similar actions by Israel!)

Quote of the Week: “They handed Czechoslovakia over. Why shouldn’t they do the same with us?” - Ben Gurion commented on Chamberlain’s “Peace in our time” in 1938. – Sad, but it was prophetic! They betrayed the Jews of Europe to the Nazi and anti-Semitic scum of Europe and sold out Jewish dream of Eretz-Israel to the Arabs for oil!

Jewish Tradition of High Moral Standing. Yeshiva boys studied in the yeshiva high school in Maaleh Hever, a small community in southern Judea near the crash-site of Assaf Ramon, son of fallen astronaut Ilan Ramon. When they heard the explosion of the plane, only about 1.2 kilometres away, they ran out and photographed his plane burning and the arrival of rescue teams – but then refused to sell the exclusive photos so as not to desecrate the dead or offend the family.

Self-Hate is Exclusively Jewish Syndrome. The far-left J Street activist group, which bills itself as being “pro-Israel”, includes pro-Arab and even pro-Iranian activists: The organizations finance committee includes members such as Richard Abode, a former board member of the Arab American Institute (AAI) and Genevieve Lynch, who is also a board member of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). J Street was founded with an initial investment by radical American businessman George Sores.

Facilitating the Point of NO Return. The US will join other major powers in seeking an early meeting with Iran although Tehran refused to discuss its nuclear program. (When ‘major powers’ want to do nothing about an issue, they have ‘meetings’ until it is too late to do anything. Handling global warming is one example. If Israel had not destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor the world be a much more dangerous place by now. Must Israel always save a self-destructive, decadent Western society without any appreciation?)

Hezbollah Deploys Chemical and Biological Weapons. The Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa reported on Thursday, Sept. 3, that chemical weapons were stored in the hidden Hezbollah arms warehouse which blew up at Hirbet Salim near the Israeli border in mid-July. A European source quoted an Arab official as predicting that Hezbollah is gearing up "for something big." (Once again the international media has shown no interest in running this material.)

The Big Lie.

by Sultan Knish

There are two interconnected lies that reside at the heart of any American discussion about Israel. The first lie is that the road to peace in the Middle East lies through Israel. The second lie is that Israel controls American policy toward itself. Those lies are not the product of ignorance or misunderstanding. They are the product of an effective propaganda campaign by the unofficial suit and tie spokesmen of the Saudi lobby who dominate American policy in the Middle East. The goal of that campaign has been to make Israel seem like the axis on which the Middle East and America turn, in order to put Israel on the firing line. And it is a campaign that has been wickedly successful up until now.

Within the Middle East, Israel is physically insignificant. At 8500 square miles, Israel could not just fit comfortably into Pennsylvania, it is 1/5th the size of Jordan, 1/8th the size of Syria and 1/12th the size of Egypt. Simply put, Israel is smaller in land and population than every country that borders it. If you looked at the Middle East from space, you could easily put a fingernail across all of Israel.

Israel has beaten all of these countries in wars and has the best military in the region, but that is because if it didn't, it wouldn't exist. Israel's military is not the product of a will to conquer, but of an attempt to maintain its own territorial integrity and protect its citizens from attack.

…There is only one nation whose capital is not recognized by the United States. …The narrative of the powerful Israel lobby before which everyone in D.C. trembles cannot be reconciled with this simple fact, or with many others. …If you look at what some of the most powerful people in the last few administrations had in common, the simple answer is oil.

…The Pro-Israel Lobby is a charade, a showpiece for people with too much time on their hands and too little subtlety. If half the claims about the Israel Lobby were true, Israel would be four times the size it is today, with secure borders and no terrorist problem. Instead Israel has been pressured like no other country has, to appease and accommodate terrorists at the expense of the lives of its citizens, its national security and even its survival... by a foreign policy crafted to fulfil Saudi interests.

…The real truth is that Israel is a tiny country that commands emotional affinity from a limited percentage of Jews and Christians, whose diplomacy abroad is clumsy, and whose regional influence is small, whose military is handicapped by liberal handwriting and whose leaders would rather negotiate than fight... until there is no other choice. …the easiest way to clear up the lie is to simply look at the reality of the Middle East