Liberalism and Our Freedom.

by Steven Shamrak (Feb 2003)

It is important to understand the role of Liberalism in our society. For the last two hundred years western democracies have been shaped by the idealistic views of liberal individuals and organizations. We are grateful to them for creating modern democracy. Human Rights, Social Justice, and Animal Rights are important issues of Western democracies.

There is a fine line between liberalism and the leftist political ideologies that are focused on undermining Western society. They do not want to accept that Socialist ideology has failed. They deny the horrors it brought to the peoples of the Soviet Union and other socialist countries, including North Korea. Nevertheless, in spite of a deep irreconcilable ideological gap, they are eagerly joining forces with fascist and Arab terrorists against the only democracy in the Middle East - Israel.

There are people in the West who still doubt the intentions of Arab-Muslim expansionism or even deny its existence (some of them call people like me ultra- right extremist, fascist or even racist). This type of denial has happened before. It did not save liberals after the communists came to power in Russia. Many moderate citizens perished in concentration camps after fascists came to power too. Re-education camps are still an integral part of China. It is time to realise the danger we are facing and take a stand. “Liberalism” will not survive when the “Dark cloud” of Muslim extremism will cover Western Society, like it vanished when Communists took over in the Russia.

Please, check the recent news about Al Qaeda cells arrested in Europe: “Twenty-one Al Qaeda operatives detained in Europe with explosives and chemicals. Spanish anti-terror agents rounded up 16 militants, most Algerian, in Catalonia. Italian police detained 5 Moroccan men near Venice with explosives and maps of central London, plans to hit the NATO base in Verona and Padua Cathedral.” Almost, 2,000 British citizens have been trained by Al Qaeda (more by now). Do you know why?

Use the Internet and find out how Christian and other minorities are treated in most Muslim countries and why. Unfortunately, this information for political reasons is not widely publicized. Just imagine what the world would be like if Arab-Muslim extremists were free to do as they pleased! And, how would you feel if they were at your door?

We all like to be nice and carefree. It is time to start to care! It is time to protect what we value most - Our freedom.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

In the Middle East archaeological truth is a victim to international anti-Israel hypocrisy. In order to hide evidence of an historic the Jewish presence in the region and deny legitimacy to Jewish claims to all of the “Palestinian Mandate” land, archaeological digs are either not allowed in Saudi Arabia, Sinai and Jordan, or are conducted under close governmental supervision. Even in Israel many significant findings are kept quiet or under-reported to avoid offending Muslims or Christians.

Missiles and Rockets Found at Israeli Arab Village School 

Anti-tank missiles and rocket-propelled grenades were found stashed in a school and a kindergarten for special needs children in the Galilee village of Abu Sanaan. The village is mixed Druse and Muslim Arab, and Shifshak. Police said that it is possible that a Druse villager serving in the army stole the arms from an army depot.

Obama Visit to Israel is about Iran and Syria

President Barack Obama is not coming to Israel to advance new proposals or break the peace talks deadlock with the Palestinians, the White House said on Wednesday, 6 Feb. Obama is coming for consultation on major issues: preventing a nuclear Iran and the collapse of the Assad regime in Syria. (Is it another attempt to stop Israel from attacking Iran? At the same time, he is going to visit enemies of Israel in Judea and Samaria - great ‘best friend’!)

Israel - Country where the Brain Matters

A drama has been developing in Israel over the past two months between Apple and Intel, reportedly battling it out to hire engineers who are shortly to be laid off from Texas Instruments (TI). According to recent reports, Apple is set to open an R&D facility in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ra'anana - the same area as TI's own R&D facility.

Iranian Stealth Jet is “Laughable Fake”

From the loony regime that just figured how to shoot a monkey into space: Iran now claims it has its own homemade, radar-beating stealth fighter jet. But aviation and defense experts say the tiny one-seater looks like a toy and might not even be able to fly - calling it a “laughable fake”.

Implement Levy Report

Freshman MK Orit Strook challenged outgoing Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman on Tuesday regarding the Levy Report, which stated that the presence of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria is legal under international law. Neeman responded by agreeing to Strook’s arguments. “Indeed, it would be appropriate for the government and the Knesset to adopt the Levy Report,” he said. “Unlike the Talia Sasson report, it was a quality, objective report.” (Why didn’t he implement it?)

‘Useless Nothing’ Must End Charade

Senior officials of the UN atomic agency returned to Tehran on Thursday 24, hours after they arrived without a deal on investigating Iran's nuclear program.  Herman Naeckerts, who headed the team, said "remaining differences" between the two sides mean that "we ... could not finalize" the agreement on how such an investigation should be conducted. No date was fixed for another visit. (It is time to stop Iran’s nuclear program)

Anti-Israel Democracy in Action

Ari Ziegler and three classmates were booted from a controversial anti-Israel forum sponsored by Brooklyn College by campus police after they presented pro-Israel handouts at event on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. (Anti-Semites use democracy against the Jewish state, disallowing use of democratic principle of freedom of speech for it defense)

Egypt Floods Hamas Tunnels

Egyptian forces have flooded smuggling tunnels under the border with the Palestinian-ruled Gaza Strip in a campaign to shut them down. Dozens of tunnels had been destroyed since last August following the killing of 16 Egyptian soldiers in a militant attack near the Gaza fence. Cairo said some of the gunmen had crossed into Egypt via the tunnels. (As usual, there have been no international protests. Muslim countries are free to do anything they like!)

Where is FIFA or Media Outrage?

An Israeli soccer player, Itay Schechter, who plays for British club Swansea City, was forced to skip the six-day team training session in Dubai because of the United Arab Emirates’ policy on Israelis entering the country. (And the club did not protest and stayed in Dubai. Discriminatory treatment of Israelis is common - not just in sport. Just imagine the media frenzy if Israel would disallowe entry to an Arab player of any foreign club! It is never a ‘big story’ for bigots in international media to report and condemn anti-Israel international behavior.)

Israel Needs to take a Lesson from Malaysia

An Australian Senator, Nick Xenophon, was detained immediately on arrival in Malaysia and held in custody for 16 hours. He was put under security detail because he co-authored an international observers' group report released last year on the Malaysian electoral system that was critical of gerrymanders and that called for significant electoral reform. Malaysia deported Senator Nick Xenophon, deeming him an enemy of the state. His deportation caused an Australian delegation of MPs to cancel their planned visit to the country. (International bigots, who plan to come to Jerusalem and after paying a lip service to Israel are immediately going to Ramallah to express support for the enemies of the Jews state, must not be allowed to enter Israel!)

Quote(s) of the Week:

“The path of ignorance guided by a fear” - Star Wars: the Clone Wars - Many Jews do not even want to know the facts about Arab-Israeli conflict (see below), fearing that it would challenge their preconceived ideas and attitude toward Zionism, influenced by global anti-Israel propaganda, and compel them to do something about injustice, Israel has been facing! (F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appeared Real). Intelligent people do not believe in the fallacy that “ignorance is bliss”.

Islamic Barbarism has No Limits

1. Sheikh Fayhan al-Ghamdi, an Islamic television preacher in Saudi Arabia, accused his 5-year-old daughter of not being a virgin. He beats her to death, but got off with $50,000 fine.

2. Sheikh Abdullah Daoud admitted that sexual molestation of female babies is common in Saudi Arabia. His solution: “Whenever the girl (from the age of two) is an object of desire, the parents have the duty to cover her up with a hijab.” Sheikh Muhammad al-Jzlana, complained that it made Islam look bad. (It does not just look bad - it is bad!)

3. An Egyptian court is forcing two Coptic Christian boys, ages 10 and 9, to stand trial for “insulting the Quran.” The boys were arrested in September after a man reported the boys for playing in a trash pile the man claimed included pages of the Quran.

(Gang rapes, acid attacks, amputations or common insults and intimidations are the weapon of the Jihad war against all infidels and Muslims who do not share their Islamist dogma.)