Is Everyone Wants to Remove Netanyahu?

by Barch Leshem

PM appears unable to form a right-wing government after a host of his former disgruntled political partners ran against him in the March 23 elections; he also can't count on unity government after shamelessly violating agreement with Gantz.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a paranoid politician who's convinced that everyone is working to remove him from power. And he is right. Due to his position as prime minister, he has made enemies over the years as his opponents attempted to replace him.

But more than that, Netanyahu, because of his personality, has made enemies of those who were his partners and allies. He crushed anyone who could have potentially replaced him as the head of the right-wing camp!

Call on Netanyahu to Step Aside!

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has proposed to New Hope chairman Gideon Sa’ar that he join his government and Netanyahu would step down from the post after one year, allowing Sa’ar to be appointed as Prime Minister. Earlier on Friday, Sa’ar called on Netanyahu to resign and clear the way for the formation of a new government with a new premier.

“Without Netanyahu, a stable government can be formed easily and quickly. If Israel is more important to Netanyahu than continuing to hold on to power, he must finally draw the patriotic conclusion. I call on Netanyahu: move aside, free Israel and allow the country to move forward,” Sa’ar tweeted. (Unfortunately, it seems some other choices are worse!)

Another Election - No Working Goverment

The two rival groupings are marooned between 59 and 57 with a tiny Arab party holding the balance of a 61-majority, according to the final results of Israel’s fourth election in two years that were published Thursday night, March 25. PM Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud leads with 30 seats compared with its closest rival. Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid with 17.

This process is bedevilled by petty politics and personal issues. Netanyahu is closer to the finishing line, since Likud and the religious parties (Shas -9, Torah Judaism – 7 and Religious Zionism – 6) constitute a solid bloc of 52. With Yemina (7), he could command a realistic 57 – still 3 short of the magic 61.

Planning anti-Netanyahu Goverment

The leaders of the parties in the so-called “bloc of change”, which will be headed by Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, have been holding talks in recent days in order to discuss the "national healing government" which will include 52 seats: Yesh Atid (17), Blue and White (8), Yamina (7), Labor (7), Yisrael Beytenu (7) and New Hope (6). Meretz (6 seats), and the Joint List (6 seats) or Ra’am (4 seats) could support the government from the outside.

The goal is for that government to expand after a certain period of time and for the haredi parties to eventually join it as well. The outline is not without problems: Under this plan, Meretz is not included in the government - and there is no reason for its members to only support it from the outside and not seek to join it. Another problem that exists is the relationship between Avigdor Liberman and haredi parties which have continuously attacked each other. The most complex problem of all is whether Bennett and Sa’ar would agree to be dependent on the votes of the Arab parties. (It is incredible - the dislike of Netanyahu is so great that parties of such a political diversity and personalities are willing to consider this option!)

Why did 300,000 Likud Supporters Stay Home?

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had a difficult conversation with Likud MK Shlomo Karhi after it became clear that 300,000 potential Likud voters stayed home instead of voting. Likud won 30 seats to remain the largest party in the Knesset but not win enough seats as a bloc to form a government. (Maybe they had enough of Netanyahu - his totalitarian rule over Likud, his unwillingness to follow and implement the party Zionist ideology. Time to step down Bibi, it is long overdue!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

For the sake of the future of Likud party, Israel and the Jewish Zionist aspirations Netanyahu must step down! Yes, during his many years as PM he has done a lot for economic growth of Israel, but in the process he, in order to secure his leadership, pushed out many talented leaders from Likud, and effectively abandoned the Zionist ideology the party was founded on, as well as transformed party into his personal dictatorship! During the last year, using the emergency of Covid-19, his dictatorship has expanded over all population of Israel – freedom of choice and democratic rights of individuals were cancelled and squashed! Israel urgently needs new Zionist leadership to decisively defeat our enemies, reclaim and reunite our land, shut up international anti-Semites, and move the country forward!

US Restoring Assistance for the PA Terrorists!

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield announced the resumption of $15 million US economic and humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority which had been stopped by the Trump Administration.

She also reiterated the Biden Administration's support for Israel and for the Two-State Solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. (In 2016, the PA paid out about US$303 million in stipends and other benefits to the families of so-called “martyrs” - the scheme has been described as "pay for slay" of Jews! Thank you President Biden - any extra penny is welcomed by Jew-killers! This is actually illegal, due to the Taylor Force Act, but anti-Tramp anti-Israel mob does not care!)

IDF Sends Message to Turkey

The IDF will hold a large-scale exercise in Cyprus during the summer! The exercise will include special forces, the Air Force, Navy, and both regular and reserve soldiers in the IDF's "Depth Headquarters" for forces deep in enemy territory. The IDF also plans to bring vehicles for the ground forces to Cyprus, for them to simulate battle in enemy territory. In addition to the ground exercises, there will also be largescale air and sea operations, for which the Air Force will send fighter planes, fighter helicopters, assault helicopters, and cargo planes, and the Navy will send missile ships and other naval forces.

Iran Attacks Israeli Ship

Another Israeli-owned container ship, Lori, has been targeted by an Iranian missile in the Arabian Sea as it made its way from Tanzania to India. The attack on the Lori is the second attack on an Israeli cargo vessel in a month’s time. On Feb. 25, the Israeli ship Helios Ray was damaged in the Gulf of Oman. Israel placed the blame squarely on Iran. (Time to end the reign of Mullahs in Iran - Israel and Arab friends can do it!)

IDF is Targeting Empty Buildings Again!

IAF fighter jets and helicopters struck a Hamas rocket manufacturing site and military post after Gaza-based terrorists fired a rocket toward the city of Beer Sheva during the Election Day. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly in the area at the time of the attack.

Quote of the Week:

"The identity of any future Israeli government will not change the nature of the conflict with this occupier, and it will be considered an occupying entity to be fought, and this will not affect the way our people fight until this occupation is eliminated." - Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman  What he really meant 'until Israel is eliminated'! Because the enemies of Israel have been occupying Jewish land. Only by decisively ending this occupation will Israel be able to live in peace!

Anti-Semites of UNHRC Attacking Israel Again

Just prior to the Palestinians firing a rocket at Israel the United Nations Human Rights Council approved a resolution calling for an arms embargo against Israel, passed 32-6, with eight abstentions. The six countries that opposed the resolution were Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Malawi and Togo.

In an unusual move, Bahrain, which typically approves texts bashing Israel at the United Nations, was absent for the vote. In addition, the following eight countries abstained: Bahamas, the Czech Republic, India, Marshall Islands, Nepal, Philippines, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Among the 32 countries that approved the text were five European ones, including nations that typically abstain from such votes as a show of support for Israel. Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland all voted in favour of the resolution. (With Trump gone, EU states and the UN are returning to Israel bashing!)

In addition, the resolution against Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem passed 42-3, with two abstentions.

The resolution condemning Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights, passed 26-18, with three abstentions, as European states rejected a text slamming Israeli sovereignty on the Golan. (Surprisingly, even they realised the stupidity of this shame!)