Iran’s Policy Needs Decisive Response.

by Steven Shamrak

After the collapse of Iraq, the government of Iran took over the leading role in the war against “Infidels”. This war not just against Israel, but against the entire Western and non-Islamic world. The objective is: World domination by the darkest form of Islam. And our enemies do not hide their intentions. They openly state them and act toward the achievement of the goals they have set:

1. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  made several definite statements  about Iran’s intention of destroying Israel. He stated that the "Zionist regime" should be "wiped off the map," and has repeatedly denied the Holocaust.

In order to create a political smoke-cloud, Iran has filed an official complaint with the United Nations Security Council criticizing statements made by Prime Minister Olmert and Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz regarding the possibility of a military attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities.

2. According to the IAEA, Iran had more than 1300 centrifuges enriching uranium at an underground facility in Natanz as of May 13th and could reach its goal of industrial-scale production, with 3000 centrifuges running, by the end of June. That number could make enough enriched uranium for a bomb in a little less than a year. (Iran is expanding the assembly of centrifuges by 300 a week.)

3. Syrian and Iranian Generals in intensive war consultations.

4. The anti-Syrian leaders are being assassinated in Lebanon.

Hezbollah has built a network of underground military bunkers under the feet of United Nations peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon close to Israel’s border. It is estimated that it has stockpiled 20,000 rockets.

5. Hamas helps Iran build Gaza into an anti-Israel base.

6. With the intention of keeping the world quiet, blackmail is used, as an Iranian official said that Tehran will strike US and Israeli interests worldwide. Oil may hit $250.

Iran, Syria, Hamas, Fatah, Hizballah and many other Muslim and Arab ‘friends of Israel’ made it clear – the war is coming. The objective is customary – destruction of Israel! Jews have to realize that only pursuit of our own rights with unapologetic determination will bring true peace to the region. Our civility and humanity is always viewed as a weakness! Must Israel wait till her enemies are strong and ready?

The Same Players in Perpetuating Stupidity:

  1. Shimon Peres was elected president of Israel.
  2. Ehud Barak is again the leader of Avada – Labor party.
  3. Binyamin Netanyahu is again the leader of Likud.

‘Refugees’ in Lebanon. Fourteen towns, which the international media usually refer to as “refugee camps”, were established in Lebanon during Israel’s War of Independence to accommodate Arabs who left Israel. Lebanon has since refused to grant them or their children citizenship, forcing them to remain in delineated built-up areas. (Over 850,000 Jews have left Muslim countries as refugees since the War of Independence! It is more than the number of Arabs who were ordered by their leaders to leave.) The Lebanese army bombarded and continues to strike Fatah al-Islam targets and sent ground troops in with air cover. According to Reuters, 700 homes have been destroyed. (No international condemnation. No calls for restraint. The War Crimes Tribunal no one even consider!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Silence is not an option and lack of knowledge is not an excuse! Even if you disagree with one-Jewish-State solution, as a resolution to the Arab-Israel conflict, please study the facts with an open mind and discuss it with your friends and family. The idea and its logic might surprise you!

Egypt is Against Multinational Force in Gaza. Israeli officials have raised recently the concept of the international force in Gaza to police smuggling from Egypt and monitor the anarchy that rules the PA controlled streets. However, Egypt is rejecting it. (For many years, Israel rejected the idea as the act of surrendering of sovereignty over Jewish land. But Egypt knows that by destabilizing Gaza through terror, Gaza may be given away by the current Israeli governing idiots and traitors, who do not care about Israel’s future!)

US: Syria not Ready for Peace. American State department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters that the United States doubts that Syria is interested in negotiating peace. "I don't think you're going to find many indications of Syria showing the rest of the world that they are interested in playing a constructive, positive role in trying to bring about a more peaceful, secure region...” (Only delusional Olmert refuses to see or is incapable of seing the reality!)

Bush Gives Money to Abbas. President Bush bypassed Congress to release funds to Palestinian Authority. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice authorized the release of the funds, Bush cited national security to waive a number of laws that require him to vet such assistance with Congress. The money is in addition to $59 million that Congress had already authorized earlier this year. (Why is support of the terrorist organisation Fatah, which is dedicated to destruction of Israel, in the interest of US national security?)

Ofeq-7 is on Orbit. Israel launches new spy satellite. With the successful launch of the Ofeq-7 imaging satellite, Israel acquires an essential intelligence asset for any war contingency.

EU still Hates Jews More. The European Union has agreed to transfer 4 million euros (approximately $5 million) to the coffers of the Palestinian Authority government, effectively ending a freeze by Western nations on funding the Hamas terrorist-led entity.

Quote of the Week:

"I can understand your wanting the right of Arabs to live in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (the Jewish lands), but what is the logic of demanding they live in Israel instead of the country you want to establish for them?" - Clinton asked Arafat in 2002. The logic is simple: Destruction of Israel was and still is the goal!

Another Face of Political Ugliness. The Council of Torah Sages leading the Sephardic religious Shas Party decided, in a unanimous vote, to throw its support behind Kadima’s Vice Premier Shimon Peres in his run to become the next president of Israel. (During its political history the Shas Party has only shown concern about number of dollars it receives from the government. The future of Israel is just a trading commodity for Shas! Forming a political party, based on cultural background, must be forbidden!) MK Chaim Amsellem (Shas) was caught at Ben Gurion Airport with a bag containing tens of thousands of shekels. Amsellem's assistant, Asher Shitrit, refused to account for the money's origin.

PA Infighting Reached New Heights of Cruelty. In the afternoon, Hamas militants tossed a Fatah activist, handcuffed, from the 15th floor of a Gaza City skyscraper. In the evening, Fatah militants responded by defenestrating a Hamas man from the 12th floor of another building. (Just imagine what they are prepared to do to Jews.)

Olmert’s Contempt for Law. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert angered the Knesset State Control Committee on last Monday when he failed to show up the second time for a meeting on criminal allegations made against him.

'Peace Now' Fined for Slander. A Jerusalem judge ruled that Peace Now must pay 58,000 shekels ($14,336) to Aryeh King , a well-known activist for Jewish settlement in eastern Jerusalem, after slandering him on the left-wing Peace Now website. The site called King a racist and a fascist, and accused him of threatening the peace. (This is one of many lies exposed. I wonder who is paying the bills and salaries of the self-hating Jewish members of this organization.)

Israel Shares Anti-terror Expertise. The Israeli delegation will be in India to discuss counter-terrorism and anti-infiltration strategies in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian army uses a wide array of surveillance devices, ranging from unattended ground sensors and HHTIs (hand-held thermal imagers) to LORROS (long-range reconnaissance and observation systems) and BFSRs (battlefield surveillance radars), most of these procured from Israel.

Duplicity of British Boycott. British unions, scientists and social groups continue to declare new boycotts of the Jewish state. They insist anti-Semitism has nothing to do with it. (If not, why are they not boycotting Iran or Syria for supporting and facilitating terrorism? Why is the PA not on a boycott list for conducting terrorism against Israel? What about Sudan for committing genocide during the past 10 years!)

Enemies are Pleased.

“They (Hamas) understand that Israel will not undertake a ground operation deep into Gaza. And they are also pleased with the emptying of the towns in the south [of Israel]." said head of the IDF Intelligence Corps' research division, Brigadier-General Yosef Beiditz. He warned that Hamas is going ahead with its plans for an Iraq-style mega-attack inside Israel and further kidnappings. (And Jews are only too ‘happy’ to please by transferring Jewish population and not clearing the Jewish land of Israel’s enemies!)

He also reported that Hizballah is preparing for a summer war and is busy restoring its fortified positions south of the Litani river, while the UNIFIL peacekeepers, as usual, ignore their primary mission and allow Hizballah redeployment along the Israeli border. (No one but Israel can stop the escalation of Arab terror. International or UN presence just facilitates the growth of terror and limits Israel’s options. This is historically well proven fact!)