Iran and Turkey are Real Threat


Dubai Deputy Police Chief Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim said that the normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is good for regional stability and security.

Tamim said that unlike Turkey and Iran, Israel has never threatened the Gulf states. He added that the agreement between the UAE and Israel serves the security and stability of the Gulf region in particular.

“Israel never threatened us. (Turkish President) Erdoğan did. Iran is (also) threatening us!”

Tamim also questioned why any government should require Palestinian approval to sign a peace treaty.

“Is it conceivable that the decision of heads of state to sign or not sign an agreement with a certain country would depend on the approval of Mahmoud Abbas? ...If Abbas were a worthy leader, he would have resolved the Palestinian problem or resigned.”

He then addressed Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh directly, saying, “Haniyeh, when you are being hostile to Saudi Arabia and open your arms to Iran, who do you think you are? Go to Iran and let them help you. Go to hell!”

Iran has three choices, all of which lead to Tel Aviv, he said.

“It can die economically, or it can sign a peace agreement with Israel and coexist with the region,” said Tamim. “The third option is the fall of the regime of the mullahs.” (It could be achieved by a few precision strikes at the regime leadership and Islamic Revolution Guard Corps – IRGC, and let the Iranian people to choose and create their future!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is a common knowledge that most anti-Semites and bigots of any kind are mainly intellectually challenged people, who found that instead of fixing their own life it is easier to blame others for the misery of their own existence. Unfortunately, they are manipulated and directed by clever anti-Semites, political and economic elite.

UN Jew-haters call Israel Violator of Women's Rights

The UN Economic and Social Council resolution, which passed 43-3 with only the United States, Australia, and Canada as objectors, alleged that Israel "remains a major obstacle for Palestinian women and girls with regard to the fulfilment of their rights, and their advancement, self-reliance, and integration in the development of their society." Several countries suspected of human rights abuses, including Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and China, voted in favour of the resolution. (Rules of Islam and Arab tradition have ‘nothing’ to do with the way they treat women? Anti-Semites just can't leave Jews alone! It is the time to close the UN – the 'hate shop'!)

Librarian by Day, Terrorist by Night

The terrorist cell was led by a woman who worked at Israel’s National Library in Jerusalem. Israel's General Security Services (GSS), or Shabak, revealed that it had broken up an Arab cell in Israel recruited by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and its terrorist proxy Hezbollah in order to plan terrorist attacks in the Jewish State.
(They love the benefits living in Israel provides, but hate the Jewish state!)

Hamas Nabs Explosives from Sunken WWI Warship

Hamas scuba divers looted the high explosive ammunition from a sunken British warship off the coast of Gaza, even though the IDF had known the ship’s location for years but failed to act on it. The Royal Navy ship HMS M15 was a Monitor-class warship with large cannon for shore bombardment. It was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine on November 11, 1917 and sank in waters 33 meters deep, about one kilometer off the shore of Gaza City.

Can't Change the Nature of the Anti-Semitic Beast!

Poland has moved a step closer to terminating its $1.8 billion industry of kosher and halal meat for export. Among the 460 lawmakers, 375 backed the measure. Poland has fewer than 20,000 Jews and a similarly-sized Muslim minority but is nonetheless a major exporter of kosher and halal meat.

Rockets are Back!

Thirteen rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Sderot and the Gaza Envelope settlements on last Wednesday morning. The volley lasted about 40 minutes, and an Iron Dome array intercepted eight of the rockets. On Thursday night, two rockets from the Gaza Strip were fired at Ashdod and Ashkelon during the UAE Foreign Minister’s speech at the signing ceremony of the peace agreements in Washington, DC. (When will it be enough? When will Gaza be cleared from enemy population and reunited with Israel?)

UN Chief Urges Negotiation

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged Israel and the Palestinians to seize the opportunity for negotiations, following the diplomatic agreements between Israel and two Gulf Arab states. The United Nations has been pushing hard not only to promote direct contact but also to try to find a format of a meeting. (Systematic failure of bogus negotiation taught international Anti-Semites nothing! It did not and will not work - Only by ending the occupation of Jewish land by fake Palestinians will Israel will achieve peace!)

Is the Deal about Iran Threat only?

Bahrain's interior minister said that normalizing ties with Israel protect Bahrain's interests and strengthens its strategic partnership with the United States, amid an ongoing threat from Iran. "It is not an abandonment of the Palestinian cause... it is to strengthen Bahrainis' security and their economic stability." minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said.

Quote of the Week:

“Non-Arab countries (Iran and Turkey) and a mob of non-state actors (the PA and Hamas) exist in a warped axis of perpetual resistance. They advocate one brand or another of extremism. They are nostalgic over lost empires or obsess over a new caliphate. They produce and thrive on conflict, disorder and instability. They bash America, Israel and the UAE. They have been the most vicious critics of normalization.” - Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - Good and strong statement! Let us hope that the agreement is not just about dealing with the threat from Iran, buying F-35, and stopping Israel from declaring sovereignty over Judea and Samaria!

I Want Peace Too.

by Steven Shamrak

It is shameful to see that so many Jewish organisations are supporting the same agenda which inevitably will lead toward the destruction of the state of Israel. Why do we need another Arab state?

We have no organisation that is prepared to break the glass ceiling of misplaced “political correctness” by advocating a pro-Israel peace plan:

1)     Transfer of all Arabs from historically Jewish territories.

2)     Re-unite ALL Jewish land.

Success was achieved in the compulsory exchange of population between Greece and Turkey in 1922. During the partition of the Indian subcontinent, almost 12 million Hindus and Muslims were transferred. Unfortunately, the population transfer was incomplete and it could be the reason why India and Pakistan are still having unresolved issues today.

Have you heard of any Arab organisation supporting Israel? Arabs do not want to live in peace with Jews! The reason they insist on the right of return is to reach their main goal – Israel’s destruction by demographic imbalance. Arafat said that they can wait for 150 years “in the end we will throw them (Jews) to the sea”. Must we agree with this intention?

It is time to speak up against political opportunism and educate some well-wishing, but ill-informed people. All Jews want peace in Israel! At the same time, we must not surrender our own national aspirations and rights!