Iran Nuclear Strategy Revealed

by Caroline Glick

Over the past several weeks and months, the discourse about Iran’s nuclear program has been dominated by the question of how far Iran is from “nuclear breakout.” Nuclear breakout is the point at which a state has the independent capacity to build a nuclear weapon at will, within a relatively short time. Such states are referred to as “nuclear threshold states.”

Soon after he took office in January, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Iran was three to four months away from nuclear breakout. Now, eight months on, the Biden administration says Iran is as close as a month away from nuclear breakout.

For the past decade, Israel implemented a multi-dimensional strategy whose goal was to harm Iran’s nuclear, military, diplomatic and economic capabilities.

Since taking office, the Biden administration has made clear repeatedly that its only policy towards Iran is appeasement. Consequently, there is no way the administration will either work with Israel to sabotage Iran’s nuclear installations or approve any Israeli plan to sabotage Iran’s nuclear installations on its own.

Israel’s diplomatic campaign against Iran had two audiences: the Arab regimes threatened by Iran, and the western powers - including the Democrat Party - that embraced nuclear appeasement. The Arabs responded to Israel’s staunch diplomacy by embracing the Jewish state as an ally.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Iran is determined to build an atomic bomb, and has declared on many occasions its intention to destroy Israel. The IDF has a plan and the ability to demolish Iran’s nuclear program (hopefully, at the same time, it will ‘cut off the head of the snake’, and will help people of Iran to get rid of the tyrannic regime of mullahs). Does the current political leadership of Israel have the will and guts to stop Iran’s genocidal intentions? Bibi did not have it!

Illegal 'Palestinians’ Arrested in Israel

694 Palestinians, who were illegally in Israel, were caught by Border Police as they tried to enter the Old City of Jerusalem. Police acted to catch the illegal aliens in light of recent terrorist attacks in Jerusalem.

UN Hiding UNRWA's anti-Semitism

Israel’s Ambassador to the US and UN, Gilad Erdan, arrived on Monday at a discussion in the UN in which the Commissioner-General of UNWRA spoke and in which a report was presented by the Committee "Investigating the Human Rights Violations of Palestinians by Israel". Erdan asked to respond to the speech. At the entrance to the hall, UN security guards prevent Ambassador Gilad Erdan from showing evidence of UNRWA anti-Semitism. "At the entrance to the discussion on UNRWA, the security people prevented me from bringing in conclusive evidence of the anti-Semitism and the incitement that UNRWA encourages in its educational institutions," said Erdan.

Israel's Left Hypocrisy of 'Peace' and Abba's Love of Terror

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas met Sunday night in Ramallah with three senior members of the Meretz party to talk of peace right after making condolence calls to parents of recently killed terrorists. To Health Minister and party head Nitzan Horowitz, Minister of Regional Cooperation Issawi Frej and MK Michal Rosen, Abbas talked of “establishing just and comprehensive peace". (They are legitimizing anti-Israel, terror instigating leader of fake people, using the meeting as an opportunity for them to bash Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and other conservatives in his government.)

UNRWA Seeking Million to help Enemies of Israel

UNRWA, the UN agency supporting “Palestinian refugees” announced that it would be seeking $800 million at a donor conference scheduled for November in Brussels. Created in 1949, UNRWA supplies aid (maintains the existence) to more than three million of the five million registered “Palestinian refugees” in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and territories assigned to the Palestinian Authority. It is also notorious for its anti-Israel activities.

Judge Sends Harsh Warning to Police

A Jerusalem court has ruled to release two Jewish protestors arrested while clashing with Palestinian Arabs in the southern Hebron hills area, with harsh words for the police. Advocate Nati Rom from the Honenu legal aid organization commented that “The court has once again given its seal of approval to what we have been claiming for some time - these arrests are based on empty stereotypes.” “Left-wing anarchists conduct one violent protest after another every Friday and Saturday, hurling rocks and firebombs, and the police make no arrests, open no investigations, no action taken. In court, police admit openly that they are uninterested in that, and busy pursuing Jews because of their appearance, whom they arrest with no warrant and while ignoring court orders against the other side. This discriminatory enforcement is illegitimate, impossible to justify.”

Tsunami of Crime in Israel’s Arab Sector

With 100 people killed in the Arab sector since start of 2021, activists say for years the government preferred to look the other way and ignore the growing problem of violence in Arab communities. The wave of crime is also hitting the “mixed cities” where Jews and Arabs live together, and in some of these places, Jews, losing faith in the police, are organizing self-defence groups. The Arab minority makes up around 20% of Israel’s population, but has been convulsed by violent crime in recent years, with a murder rate that far exceeds its share of the population. The Israeli government on Sunday said it was enlisting the military and the Shin Bet internal security agency as it tries to rein in a wave of violence in the country's Arab sector. (As usual, Israel is blamed, not the Arab culture of hate and violence.)

Israeli Foreign Minister Meets with Bahraini Royals

Just over a year after the historic Abraham Accords normalized relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, the Jewish State’s Foreign Minister met the Bahraini royal family in the Gulf kingdom. The meeting between Yair Lapid and Bahrain’s king, Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa, marked the first time that an Israeli official has met with the nation’s ruling family. Acknowledging that he also met with Bahrain’s crown prince, Al Khalifa’s son, Lapid thanked the royals “for the privilege of being here today and of together, taking another step in building our relationship in the model of partnership and coexistence between cultures and religions”.

Time to Deal with all Iranian Armies

The head of Iran’s Khatam al-Anbiyah Central Headquarters said that Iran had created six armies outside the country’s borders, among them Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, to deter the enemies of the Islamic Republic, in particular the United States and Israel.

Quote of the Week:

IDF is Ready - will Israel Deal with Iran?

“Words won’t stop centrifuges. Iran has reached a watershed moment, but so have we. We will never let Iran have a nuclear bomb. If we use our resourcefulness, we can prevail. And that is what we intend to do.” - Naftali Bennett said addressing the UN General Assembly

“The IDF must function in several levels to deal a powerful multi-dimensional blow for eradicating pinpointed Iran’s capabilities. Spearheaded by air strikes, it must use powerful, high precision bombs, cyber, and electronic warfare for operations on land and sea. This operation we conceive as being preceded by actions to disable Iran’s communications system and crash its computers, so that the main force of the blow finds Iran’s fighting spirit at a low pitch.” – Gen. Bar explained the plan.

The Cause of Self-imposed Limitation

by Steven Shamrak.

The UN, USA, EU and even Arab states are not to be blamed for Israel's problems. They have always been disparaging of Jews. We will never be able to please them or change their nature. Disunity, self-hate and lack of direction are the main problems of the Jewish people.

The International pressure on Israel and the despair of Jewish people have been steadily increasing since the creation of Israel.  The present level of disunity and even hate among Jews is appalling in Israel and in the Diaspora! These are direct results of the continuation of gutless, self-disrespectful and divisive policies that have been conducted by most Israeli governments and many community leaders.

Many Jewish communities have been hiding behind nice and politically correct activities which have not resulted in any true accomplishment! There are thousands of Jewish organisations, publications, websites and active individuals. Most of them are acting with a good intention for the common good. Many of them are even getting positive results in their niche.  But there is a lack of the common vision, leadership and direction.

For centuries our enemies have been exploiting Jewish disunity with considerable success. After living in an anti-Semitic atmosphere for so long the Jewish people misplaced their national pride: the pride that made us unique among the nations! This was the pride that compelled Jews to fight both Greek and Roman occupations. The pride that made us succeed against all odds in business, science, medicine, music, art etc.

Unfortunately, Jews started to believe the slander of our 'inadequate' enemies. Even in our own country, we are living under the imaginary 'Glass lid' - self-imposed limitations - and are unwilling to leave our self-imprisonment and realise our destiny.

We need Jewish leaders, bankers, educators and influencers be united by the one Jewish National Goal now! Where are they? There is no time for useless debates anymore. Political affiliations must not interfere with the right of the Jewish people to live on all Jewish land as a sovereign nation. The time for action has arrived!

We must remember the words of Hillel: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”