Happy Pesach (Passover)!

May we all free ourself from the Mitzraism, external and internal slavery, soon!

Invitation to Join Ha’Uma.

by Steven Shamrak.

The word "Ha’Uma" translates into the English as "the Nation". Writing letters, articles or fighting anti-Israel bias in the media are important activities, but hardly enough to achieve the shift of political direction!

Ha'Uma is the concept of creating a grass-root network of people and organizations, of various political views, with commitment to active and determined work toward the achievement of the Jewish National goal: "Jewish people have the right to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land - Eretz Israel". There are many individuals, groups, organisations and even parties who share the same inclination. In order to change the status quo, Jewish people and our true friends must be unitited in one formidible force.

We must disseminate the truth about the Arab-Israel conflict and fight apathy within Jewish communities. We can start promoting the idea among the members of our own family, friends and within the organisations we belong to. Remember, we are creating our own reality. Just imagine, if Moses, Joshua and Jabotinski had resigned to the 'current reality' and had gaven up their dreams.

There are no legal, historical or moral grounds for the Arab claims. Compromise has not worked and will not work. It will only bring the annihilation of Israel and Jewish people. Only by uniting Jewish people and our true friends behind the idea of Eretz Israel - Land of Israel, it is possible to bring peace to Israel and to the region.

If you would like to actively participate in this endeavour, please read: The First Step and let us. The aim is to empower people with true knowledge and engage them personally in the battle for the achievement of the Jewish National goal.

Americans Oppose Giving Land to Palestinians by 5-to-1, Believe Palestinian State Would be a Terrorist State by 2-to-1, Support Israelis over Palestinians by 10-to-1.Now is the time for Jews to understand the truth and folly of the ‘Peace Process’ and return to realization of our own National Goal!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The image of the Ha’Uma emblem was inspired by Israel’s 10 Agorot coin. The engraved map of Israel on it is not an extreme idea, but basic requirement of Eretz-Israel! (see top left corner)

Delusional or anti-Israel? US President George W. Bush remains adamant that his vision of two states living side-by-side in the Middle East was the solution that would bring an end to decades of Arab-Israeli fighting. (Should we trust the man who, in spite of multi-billion dollar intelligence services at his disposal, insisted that Iraq had WMD!) US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday that it was important for Israel and the Palestinians to establish a "common agenda" and "destination in mind" to move forward on creating a Palestinian state. ("Destination in mind" - Destruction of Israel!  “Agenda” is creation of yet another Arab state on Jewish land! Is that the "common agenda" she is looking for? Blaming Israel for US humiliation and the debacle in Iraq are also not the true friend’s behaviour.)

Killing Israelis is 'More Precious' than Children. At the time when European and American diplomats began meeting with members of the ‘new’ Palestinian Authority, hoping to re-start the stalled land-for-promises-of-peace process, thousands of Arab Palestinian children were treated to a special television film broadcast from Al-Aqsa TV, a station run by Hamas: When the little girl learn that her mother has blown herself up at the crossing from Gaza "into" Israel and has killed at least four Jews for the sake of Allah and Mohammed, the girl sings: "Instead of me, you carried a bomb in your hands," "Only now, I know what was more precious than us. May your steps be blessed, and may you be flawless for Jerusalem". "I am following Mommy in her steps" she sings bravely at the end.

Concessions to Encourage Dialogue. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Thursday that Israel was willing to make "extensive, painful and tough concessions" to encourage dialogue only with its enemies. The recent meetings between Olmert and PA President Mahmoud Abbas yielded sparse results. (Painful concessions for the talk only! Will he destroy Israel for delusion of ‘peace’?)

Quote of the Week:

"It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands." - Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign, November 15, 1998.

Hamas and Hizbullah Flags over Jaffa. The Israel Islamic Movements conducted a march last Friday in Jaffa with Hamas and Hizbullah flags and posters calling for the destruction of Israel. They announced that the march march was a "great success" and that many children from a local state-sponsored school had participated. Jaffa is part of the Tel Aviv Municipality. (Arabs, inside and outside Israel, have set and expressed their goal clearly. What about the Jews? What is our goal? Surrender and self-destruction?)

'Orange' Youth on Lives Saving Mission. Anti-expulsion activists have widened the scope of their activities to include combating road deaths due to car accidents, embarking on a campaign funded by the Yesha Council. Hundreds of national-religious yeshiva and seminary students will hand out literature and bumper stickers about motor-safety at intersections across the country in the coming weeks.

Jewish Contribution to Humanity:

Julius Edgar Lilienfeld (1881 – 1963) was born in Lemberg (Now: Ukrainian: Lviv or Lwow) in Austro-Hungarian occupied Poland and emigrated to the USA in 1927. Among other things, he invented the transistor and the electrolytic capacitor in the 1920s.

Jewish Towns are Arab Terrorist Camps. The towns of Elei Sinai and Dagit, former Jewish communities in the Gaza region, are now being used to teach new terrorists and upgrade the skills of those who are already experienced in attacking Israeli civilians and soldiers. The Gaza trainees are using the formerly Jewish towns to practice producing and using explosives, ambushing soldiers, shooting rockets and more, according to a senior member of Hamas. (Compliments of Olmert and the result of ‘Withdrawal’ of Jews from Gaza!)

Moderate Arab State of Jordan. An intelligence report summing up two years of research exposed Jordan’s King Abdullah, so-called Israel’s partner in peace, as being secretly in league with the Damascus-based radical Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal. The ties between the royal house and Hamas, according to Israeli intelligence researchers, have always been managed by Muslim Brotherhood leaders close to the throne. (Reminder: Jordan is illegally created state, which occupies 77% of the Land of Israel.)

Demise of Fake and Traitorous Parties. If elections were held today Likud, under Binyamin Netanyahu's leadership, would be the overwhelming victor, a new poll showed that Kadima would see its power drop more than 50 percent to a barely 13 seats in the theoretical election and Labor would also get 13 seats. The Likud party would win 35 seats. The poll indicated that the Likud owed its success less to a rise in hardline sentiment than to the personal unpopularity of Olmert and Peretz. (Israelis are still unwilling to face the truth about their ‘partner in peace’! What partner?)

Practice of Legal Intimidation. Several organizations have called upon their activist members to be prepared to enter Homesh, which was uprooted by IDF forces as part of the 2005 Disengagement Plan. Initially, the police department and army not only threatened to charge activists returning to Homesh, but also said it would sue them for expenses. (Israel’s government and its leftist cronies often use legal system to bully and inflict financial hardship on Zionist activists. Under pressure, the IDF allowed the march, but will not allow rebuilding efforts.)

Israel is Its Own Worst Enemy. Academic and political leaders concluded at the Jerusalem Conference last Monday that Israel’s greatest threat is the weakness that has overcome its own leadership. Israel's actions vis-à-vis the Palestinian Authority (PA) send a message of weakness to the entire world: "When the State of Israel calls upon the world to boycott the PA government as a terrorist state, but the State of Israel does not boycott the person who established that government - Abu Mazen - this is weakness. How does Israel expect the USA and Europe to refrain from transferring funds to PA…” MK Yuval Steinitz, current member of Defense Committee said.