Innovative Blind Hate

by Steven Shamrak

I have received a reply to my recent editorial letter from a highly educated Muslim person. Among many unsubstantiated and strange accusations in his email, there was a statement: “Hamas is nothing comparing crimes committed by Zionists and its gangsters.

I asked him to send me a list of atrocities which he thinks that Zionists committed against Muslims. He refused to provide the answer and implied that I already know them and accused me of being paid by “Zionists” (I wish:). It is not the first time Arab supporters are unable to prove their baseless accusations - be it about that Israel has committed atrocities against Muslims or the legality of so-called Palestinians’ claim on Jewish land. I am still waiting an answer!

It is typical behavior of Jew-haters and even self-hating anti-Zionist Jews. They make unsubstantiated accusations, hoping that nobody would challenge them. When they are questioned, no answer is provided; questions and facts are brushed off as irrelevant and they move to another stupid hate-motivated rhetoric!

He made other idiotic statements and accusations like:  White Jews are not tribe of Moses. They cannot claim Palestine as their motherland or fatherland.” Predictably, he refused to read about Ethnic Make Up of so-called Palestinians.

But this statement of his is quite innovative: “War helps Israel to test its armaments helping its industry to showcase its products and market it internationally. Those who cannot buy American technology can buy the same from Israel.” The only thing Arab/Muslim countries and so-called Palestinians need to do, in order to undermine Israeli military “showcase” is to stop attacking Israel and end occupation of Jewish land. Why don’t they?

As a matter of policy I do not waste time on engaging idiots in a debate. They have two major motivations - hate for Jews and attention seeking!

The misguided Western liberal view that the Islamic world would become more ‘civilized’ with proper western education is recklessness! Recent history proves (all of the 9/11 hijackers were well educated) that with better education Islamists become better terrorists, and smarter ideologists and recruiters. It is not a lack of education or poverty drives Islamists but pure and unadulterated hate!

The Sacred War - 2014

This adaptation of a Soviet Propaganda song of WW2 (click on head line to watch video) is a good answer to the inaction and stupidity of successive governments of Israel in area of international public relationship. Information about Zionism, Jewish independent movement, the rights of Jews to our ancestral land must be actively and deliberately disseminated.

For several decades Israel has done almost nothing in area of Zionist propaganda, especially among Jews. There is a desperate need to motivate and raise patriotism of Jewish population of Israel, as well as among Jewish communities in Diaspora. There is a desperate need to motivate and raise patriotism of Jewish population and fight spread of apathy and despair!

In spite of inciting hostile, hateful and anti-Semitic international environment, almost nothing has been done to promote and explain the Jewish point of view on the Arab-Israel conflict by Israeli government. Therefore, Jews from the former Soviet Union tired of waiting and began using their ‘Soviet’ expertise!

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Enemies of Israel have a clear agenda, which has not changed since the Middle Ages. What is the goal of the Jewish nation? Just survival or “Quiet” are not national goals - it is a miserable existence, which perpetuates terror!

Familiar anti-Semitic Behaviour

An anonymous Western diplomat reported that “Israel has provided satellite imagery and other intelligence in support of the US-led aerial campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq.” He added that the information has often been shared by Washington with Arab and Turkish allies after being "scrubbed of evidence of its Israeli origin." (Too often achievements of Jewish people are ‘under-reported’ or plagiarised by others. US engagement in anti-Semitic behaviour, regardless of the reason, is anti-Semitism!)

Demagogy of Terror

Hamas does not intend to cooperate with any regional or international decision which would see its arsenal 'against the resistance' harmed. "Weapons are the holy light of the sanctity of the struggle and the land issue, and if they want to demilitarize its weapons, we will only agree if the occupier is also demilitarized and its leaves our land," Haniyeh said, referring to the entire state of Israel. "As long as there is an occupation, there will be a struggle," he added. (What “occupation”? There were no Jews in Gaza before the last war. Cancer, so-called Palestinians, must be removed from Jewish land!)

Another Good-willing Jew is Killed by Islamists

US confirmed the authenticity of the video showing the murder of a second US journalist by the Islamic State. Steven Sotloff was a dual Israel-US citizen and had even studied in Israel. Sotloff made Aliyah and studied at the IDC some 10 years ago. After his capture in Syria, it seems any connection to Israel was deleted from his online presence in a bid to prevent the information from reaching his captors.

Islamic State Gaining Popularity Among Israeli Arabs

The Arab sector in Israel has been inundated with conversations and confrontations over the topic not only online, but also in cafés and mosques. An Imam praised the terror group during Friday prayers at a northern Israel mosque: "ISIS is on the right path." At another mosque in the area, a physical confrontation erupted because of an argument on ISIS, after one worshipper said "the Islamic State is the only one that can establish an Islamic state, and it is good they are punishing people. I hope they make it to Israel."

Israel will not be Invited to Fight the ‘War on Terror'

The United States has called for the creation of a broad international coalition to go after and "destroy" the Islamic State group, and build a plan by the time the UN General Assembly meets later this month. (Israel fully supports Obama's call for united action against Islamic State, but the most effective and experienced nation in fighting Islamic terror military power in the region, Israel, is not welcome to participate in the anti-Islamic terror coalition - not before, nor now!)

Different Names - Same Genocidal Intention

A member of the Fatah movement which is touted as a “peace partner” for Israel has called for violence against Israel. "I support a powerful response by the resistance, but one that inflicts casualties, especially in the occupation army... because this is the best way to influence them," said Tawfiq Tirawi, a member of the Fatah Central Committee. In recent weeks, Fatah has called for violent "revolution" against Israel, and threatened the Jewish state by telling it to "prepare the body bags."

Procrastination Works for Iran

Iran has failed to address concerns about suspected atomic bomb research by an agreed deadline, the UN nuclear watchdog said a week ago. An IAEA report obtained by Reuters showed that little substantive headway had so far been made in the UN agency's long-running investigation. The IAEA had also observed via satellite imagery "ongoing construction activity" at Iran's Parchin military base, the report said. Western officials believe Iran once conducted explosive tests there of relevance in developing a nuclear weapon.

Haredi Enlistment into IDF is Up

The passing year has seen an impressive 39 percent rise in ultra-Orthodox enlistment into the IDF. Of the almost 2,000 new soldiers, an impressive 863 opted for combat roles. (Self-hating Jewish left likes to complain about lack of participation of religious Jews in IDF, but feel threatened when they do.)

Hamas Rebuilding Attack Tunnels

Two weeks after the IDF's counter-terror operation Protective Edge in Gaza was halted by a ceasefire, a senior diplomatic source says that Hamas has renewed its production of rockets and the smuggling from Egypt, and is rebuilding its attack tunnels. Hamas appears to be “daring” Israel to take action against it, even as indirect talks between Israel and Hamas are about to start, with the purpose of reaching a long term “arrangement.”

Are Jews Converted to Islam Psychological Traitors?

An Israeli woman who converted to Islam and married a Muslim Arab was sentenced to a year in prison after she smuggled her husband into Israel illegally. The woman illicitly took advantage of the trust the state put in her as a security official stationed at the Meitar checkpoint, on the road between Hevron and Beersheva. (According to Islam, the wife must follow her husband, so why didn’t she try to move out to ‘Jewish-friendly’ PA controlled land?)

Quote of the Week:

“There is no such thing as 'Palestine' in the Koran. Your demand for the Land of Israel is a falsehood and it constitutes an attack on the Koran, on the Jews and their land. Therefore you won’t succeed, and Allah will fail you and humiliate you, because Allah is the one who will protect them (i.e. the Jews) (Sura 5 Verse 21), and that Jews are the inheritors of Israel (Sura 26 Verse 59).” - Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, a Muslim scholar.

African Slave Exposes Hypocrisy of United Nations!

Simon Deng, once a Sudanese slave, addressing

Durban Conference in NY (to read full speech click hear)

I came here as a friend of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. I came to protest this Durban conference, which is based on a set of lies. It is organized by nations who are themselves guilty of the worst kind of oppression.

It will not help the victims of racism. It will only isolate and target the Jewish state. It is a tool of the enemies of Israel.

The UN has itself become a tool against Israel. For over 50 years, 82 percent of the UN General Assembly emergency meetings have been about condemning one state - Israel. Hitler couldn't have been made happier!

...By exaggerating Palestinian suffering, and by blaming the Jews for it, the UN has muffled the cries of those who suffer on a far larger scale.

For over fifty years the indigenous black population of Sudan - Christians and Muslims alike - have been the victims of the brutal, racist Arab Muslim regimes in Khartoum.

In South Sudan, my homeland, about 4 million innocent men, women and children were slaughtered from 1955 to 2005.  Seven million were ethnically cleansed and they became the largest refugee group since World War II.

The UN is concerned about the so-called Palestinian refugees. They dedicated a separate agency for them, and they are treated with a special privilege.

Meanwhile, my people, ethnically cleansed, murdered and enslaved, are relatively ignored. The UN refuses to tell the world the truth about the real causes of Sudan’s conflicts. Who knows really what is happening in Darfur? It is not a "tribal conflict."…