Infiltrators are Existential Problem for Israel

by Noah Klieger

There is no need to stress that the infiltrators from Africa pose a critical and extremely complicated problem, for which it's hard to find any rational and acceptable solution. Nonetheless, Israel must find such a solution because it's clear to everyone that the current situation cannot go on. The problem is only increasing every day.

Since its foundation, Israel has been struggling for its survival against hundreds of millions of its neighbors-enemies and their supporters around the world, and it cannot take in tens of thousands - and in the future even hundreds of thousands - of (non-Jewish) infiltrators. Every sensible person understands that this is not a problem of racism, but of existence (of the only Jewish democratic state).

The fact that thousands of infiltrators can hold a protest rally in Tel Aviv proves beyond any doubt that Israel is a democratic and liberal country - perhaps the only one of its kind. (Contrary to behaviour of other democracies, Israel issued work permits to 90% of illegal African migrants, so they could support themselves and send money to family at home. But, they have overstayed their welcome. It is time to go home!)

...And different countries or bleeding hearts should not come along and accuse us of racism. Let them turn to bigger and stronger countries than Israel, those which prove on a daily basis how non-liberal and even inhumane they are in their "treatment" of those Africans.

…For a long time we (Israel) didn't have a defined policy towards the problem, but we must set both norms and a plan of action in order to find the possible suitable solution. (The United States detains and deports illegal migrants from predominantly Mexico and South America, Australia keeps illegal arrivals mainly from the Middle East and Africa for years in detention camps, even ships them for detention to other countries, and turns boats back. Israel is the only country under orchestrated international attack, in spite of relatively humane treatment of illegal economic migrants!)

Note: Some 2,500 African migrants left Israel voluntarily in 2013.

The US is Behind European Boycotts

by Ari Yashar

Governmental sources report that US Secretary of State John Kerry (he is just another willing political pawn of the well-established and consistent US global international policy toward Israel) is behind the European boycott threats on Israeli products and companies operating in Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

The EU published its guidelines last July, boycotting Israeli companies operating over the 1949 Armistice lines.

At the moment, Kerry is making sure the threats stay in check, but as soon as the peace talks fail he intends to open the floodgates and spur on full-blown international boycotts on Israel, reports Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio).

Palestinian Authority (PA) officials reported last September that Kerry was putting pressure on the EU to delay boycotts so as to give him an opportunity to push Israel into peace talks. That report also appears to support the new revelations regarding Kerry's manipulation of anti-Israel boycotts… (The US government is exerting pressure on Israel on all fronts. The traditional anti-Semites, Europe, are just happy to oblige!)

Israel Foiled al-Qaida Attack on US Embassy

The Shin Bet disclosed that three Palestinians in custody were recruited by al Qaeda for suicide operations planned by Ayman Zuwahiri for execution with five North Caucasian terrorists arriving on fake Russian passports. The targets were the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem Convention Center and Jerusalem buses. It was the first time Zuwahiri took a personal hand in setting up attacks inside Israel with mixed teams from the Caucasus, the Gaza Strip, Syria and local Arabs. (The “War on Terror” has not even begun. Al Qaeda has become an Islamic-terror motivated International organization. Some major news organizations did not care to report this ‘insignificant’ news - It would be too pro-Israel of them!)

No More Negotiations - Enough is Enough!

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas launched his “diplomatic intifada” against Israel on Thursday, Jan. 23, from Moscow. In his talks with Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, he marked the PA breakaway from the Kerry peace process with Israel, four months before it was due to expire, and his bid for its replacement by Russian backing for a Palestinian state. Abbas’s defection caught both Secretary of State John Kerry and Prime Minister Binyamin - and their intelligence agencies - napping. (After ‘barking’ that Israel does not want negotiate with PA Abbas has shown his own true colours. Enemies must be removed from Jewish land! And yet, Israel will be blamed for the failure of the fake peace talks.)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, criticizes and snubs the US and Obama administration quite regularly. Some of his statements have merits; others are made to gain cheap popularity from the West-hating local Islamic population. But the US administration has never been ‘outraged’ by his and other Islamic leaders’, like Turkey or Saudi Arabia, anti-American public rhetoric. At the same time, a privately expressed opinion made by Moshe Ya'alon, which actually exposed the true reason behind the US pressure on Israel, self-serving and anti-Israel tendencies, is ‘intolerable’ for the Obama administration! They say: “With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies!” 

PA ‘Embassy’ is Terrorist Nest

Czech police discovered the second device at the Prague complex, weeks after PA ‘ambassador’ Jamal al-Jamal was killed by an explosion. Police previously found 12 illegal weapons in a search following the January 1 explosion, prompting the Czech Foreign Ministry to accuse the Palestinians of breaching international obligations. (All countries should close PA terror nests!)

Israel Accuses US of Generating Artificial Crisis

In response to outrage from the US over comments made by Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Israeli diplomatic sources here said they are aware of “far worse”, even “shock” comments uttered by Obama administration officials against Israeli leaders. In November 2011 Obama was caught on an open microphone when French President Nicolas Sarkozy told Obama: “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar.” Obama’s responded, “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you.” (I don’t remember that Obama or Sarkozy apologized to Israel!)

Don’t Call Settlements Illegal Under International Law

In a rare show of support for Israel’s legal rights to Jewish land, Australia’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop, has said that the international community should refrain from calling settlements illegal under international law. Julie Bishop suggested that, contrary to conventional diplomatic wisdom, the settlements may not be illegal under international law. But since September, when the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Tony Abbott came to power in Canberra, Australia has been going to great lengths to demonstrate staunch support for Jerusalem’s policy on the international stage. Bishop also condemned what she said was excessive pressure exerted on Israel by Western states and civil society, including the threat of boycotts.

‘Useless Nothing’ Cancelled Jewish Rights Exhibition Israel

Complaints by Arab states led the United Nation’s cultural arm, UNESCO, to cancel the opening of an exhibition on the Jewish presence in the land of Israel. The exhibition, organized by the Simon Wiesenthal Center along with the governments of Canada and Montenegro, was scheduled to open Jan. 20 at the Paris headquarters of the UNESCO. (The claim was it would harm the “peace process”, but the fact is, the lack of recognition of Jews’ connection with the land of Israel is the biggest obstacle to actual peace with Israel.)

Desecration of the Temple Mount with Trash Cans

Jews who ascended to the Temple Mount recently discovered that the Muslim Waqf has been planting trash cans throughout the plaza atop the Mount. The Temple Organizations' Headquarters is concerned that the trash cans are just a means of solidifying the Waqf's claim to every square foot of the territory - intended to make it more difficult for police to push them away when they attack Jews who tour the site.

Suddenly Obama Became Pragmatic Pessimist

The American president expresses doubts about his three most significant Middle East interventions. In the experiences of his predecessors in trying to bring about a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, US President Barack Obama apparently has a conservative outlook when it comes to his own success. Obama expressed doubts about that and his other two major US initiatives in the Middle East - concerning the Iranian nuclear program and the Syrian civil war. (Intelligent people learn from the mistakes of others! In spite of the experiences of his predecessors Obama exerted undue pressure on Israel, as his predecessors and without a doubt successor. At the same time he supported Islamists in the so-called “Arab Spring”, creating the mess for his successor to resolve!)

Look Who is Concerned about Peace and Crime!

Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip could threaten the ceasefire reached at the end of 2012's Operation Pillar of Defense, declared the Islamic Jihad. The Egyptian-mediated ceasefire was reached on November 21, 2012 after eight days of Palestinian rocket fire at Israel and IAF counterstrikes. The Israel Air Force has been striking terror targets in the Gaza Strip in response to a recent rocket fire at southern Israel. From Gaza, the al-Quds Brigades vowed Israel would pay a heavy price for the strikes that were the latest in "a long series of crimes." (The retaliations do not work! Israel must destroy the terror base in Gaza and free Jewish land from Islamists’ occupation!)

Quotes of the Week:

“One of the forgotten things in political history is something called the San Remo Resolution. This was ratified by international law, also by the League of Nations in 1920, and weeks later by the U.S. Congress, thereby giving this land (called “Palestine”, including trans-Jordan - 78% of Jewish land, the Palestinian mandate) to the Jewish people. Arabs were given civil rights and religious rights in Israel, and they were given political rights in the surrounding lands … Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.” - Chris Mitchell, CBN’s Middle East Bureau Chief - Israel must not sign any deals with the fake nation, as it will annul the San Remo Resolution!

Supporting Israel is Right Thing to Do!

by Moran Azulay

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed the Knesset a week ago during his four-day visit to Israel.

He told Israeli parliamentarians that Canada supports Israel because it is a moral imperative: “Canada supports Israel because it is right to do so. It is a Canadian tradition to stand for what is principled and just, regardless of whether it is convenient or popular,"

Harper apologized for the Canadian government's refusal to help Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany (as most international bigots did).

While condemning calls in the international community to boycott the Jewish State, Harper was given a taste of Israel's rough-and-tumble parliament as he was heckled by Arab lawmakers (enemies within). He added, "As once Jewish businesses were boycotted, some civil-society leaders today call for a boycott of Israel."

The Canadian prime minister also addressed another of Israel's threats - the Iranian nuclear program. He expressed hope that the diplomatic process would succeed, but emphasized that Canada would not rush to lift its sanctions (unlike US and EU). (Although many think Canada is a true supporter of Israel, the policy paper states that Canada believes the settlements are illegal and an obstacle to peace. Canada still refuses to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided Capital of Israel. And, at the same time, Harper offered additional $66 million aid to PA. Canada has provided more than $650 million in assistance to the West Bank and Gaza since 1993!)