Impact of Arab Propaganda.

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon believes that Arab propaganda against Israel's right to exist has found purchase even in Israeli society itself.

"Arab propaganda strengthens claims against the legitimacy of the existence of a Jewish State," Ya'alon said, "and, very unfortunately, these claims are even seeping into Israeli society, and among the Israeli youth who find themselves in a crisis of identity and of ignorance of the history of the Jewish people." (After the Oslo Agreement, the Israeli education system stoped teaching Jewish youth about Zionism, Jewish aspirations and rights, as well as the connection of Jewish people with the land of our ancestors. At the same time, Arabs do not abide by any agreement and the hate and terror is taught daily in their schools!)

Ya'alon continued, "Beyond military and economic strength, the key to Israeli national well-being is education to values and to a Jewish Zionist identity…”

In an address to the Zionist Organization of America in May of this year, General Ya'alon said: "In Israel, we must consolidate our Jewish Zionist narrative. Without believing in our case, there is no way to convince someone else." (Muslim and Western anti-Israel propaganda in Israel and Jewish communities would not be so successful if not for the lack of direction and its ideological bankruptcy of Israel governments. It is the apathy of Jewish leadership that could bring about the demise of Jewish society world-wide!)

US Supplies Fatah with Arms: Thousands of M-16 assault rifles, made in the U.S., were delivered to Fatah forces in Judea and Samaria as part of a Western aid package.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

According to a Chinese saying, a Disaster creates Opportunities. The Nuclear test conducted by North Korea created such an opportunity. It is the opportunity for the unification of the Korean people, the decisive destruction of the Iranian Nuclear program and the opportunity for the Western alliance to leave both Afghanistan and Iraq and let those blood-thirsty monsters kill themselves. The lesson is that diplomacy does not work where the regimes driven by schizophrenic ideology are concerned. It is time to implement the Containment plan (see below) and stop Islamic expansionism.

Peace Settlement would not Change Wahabi Fanatics. Former CIA Director James Woolsey said: "The impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has some importance but in reality it is much further down the line of causes of the current support for terrorism... I think you could have an Israeli-Palestinian settlement tomorrow, and the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia would still be fanatically anti-Shi'ite, anti-Sufi, anti-Jewish, anti-democracy, anti-Christian, anti-female, anti-music, and so would al-Qaeda be." (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) (This surprisingly honest opinion could change the minds of many people, if only anyone would listen!)

Soros Mulls AIPAC Alternative. Billionaire George Soros is considering funding a dovish, pro-Israel alternative to AIPAC, JTA has learned. His Representatives met in late September with leaders of dovish pro-Israel groups in Washington and discussed setting up an alternative to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. (I am not a great fan of most Jewish organizations. Many of them put too much emphasis on Political correctness and do not pay enough attention to the rights and the future of the Jewish people. Creation of another group will facilitate more confusion, disunity and stupidity! But, it will pat someone’s ego.)

Quote of the Week.

"Kill the Jews - kill them with your hands, kill them with your teeth - this is well pleasing to Allah." -  Haj Amin al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Arafat’s uncle, screaming to Hitler on Berlin Radio in 1942.

About Daily Humiliation. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza at the dinner organized by the American Task Force on Palestine:  "The Palestinian people deserve a better life, a life that is rooted in liberty, democracy, uncompromised by violence and terrorism, unburdened by corruption and misrule and forever free of the daily humiliation of occupation," (Yes, it is time to stop the “daily humiliation” to which Jews have been subjected to by Arabs and International community for almost 60 years. Arabs must end occupation of all Jewish land and leave Eretz-Israel.)

Call for Peace. More than 130 retired world leaders and diplomats called for an international conference on Middle East peace. “We believe the time has come for a new international conference…” The premise of the conference would include a Palestinian Authority unity government that includes Hamas representation, an end to the P.A.’s isolation and the inclusion of Syria and Lebanon in the talks. (None of them expressed deep concern for on going genocide in Darfor, Sudan and for the war in Congo. The emerging new Nuclear regime also does not bother them! This is just another International Israel bashing ploy!)

Sharansky quitting politics. Natan Sharansky, former Soviet refusenik-turned-Likud lawmaker, is quitting Israeli politics. He is expected to take up a full-time position at the Shalem Center, a conservative Jerusalem think tank. Sharansky was one of the best-known Jewish dissidents in the former Soviet Union. Having spent many years in KGB custody, he was released in 1986 and moved to Israel. He resigned from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s government last year to protest the looming Gaza Strip withdrawal. (Was he pushed out, tired of useless political bickering or has he just found better pastures?)

The Containment Plan.

by Steven Shamrak

We hear quite often that it is the fault of the West that the Muslim world hates us so much. They claim that it is the Western demands for implementation of democracy, perceived as arrogance by Muslims, which are responsible for the escalation of Muslim terrorism worldwide. They say that the Muslims feel disrespected and insulted by Western superiority and the life style which the West tries to impose on the Muslim world. The message of hate toward the West is loud and clear!

I am totally sympathetic with their concerns and agree that we, Western countries, must not impose our values on our Muslim neighbours. We must completely refrain from interference in their way of life!

If the governments of Muslim countries and their population do not want to live by and obey the rules of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence with other nations, cultures and religions, we must let them live the way they desire! Therefore, total isolation must be imposed upon them and we have to let them live in complete and total disengagement from us.

They want to live in accordance with and under Shirea Law, a genuine Muslim life style and in an environment of malignant terror and hate. Let them enjoy it in complete self-containment! The wishes of the countries and people who hate us so much should be respected by the Western society. We must allow them to maintain their ignorant life style and let them impose terror and hate on themselves only. This is the Containment Plan:

1.  Start active development and implementation of alternative sources of energy, with complete dedication of financial and human resources.

The benefits: It will make a cleaner environment; Political and economical independence from the Arab oil; Remove a tool of Arab blackmail; Reduce financing of terror; Engender a positive and healthy economical balance and quality of life.

2.  Intensify the war against drug trafficking from Muslim countries.

The benefits: It will improve Public health; Reduce the drugs for arms terror trade.

3.  Suspend immigration from Muslim countries and deport the radical and criminal Islamic elements to the countries of their or their parent's origin.

The benefits: It will prevent the deliberate Muslimisation process of Western society; Stop the spreading of locally grown Islamic terrorism; Allow the freedom of expression in the Western Muslim communities.

4.  Stop sale of advanced arms and technology to Muslim countries.

The benefits: It will prevent escalation of terror and the transfer of advanced technology to the hands of terror fostering Muslim states; It will reduce the chance of development of WMD.

5.  Reduce political, cultural and trade contacts. So far, those contacts have not encouraged Muslim societies to build democracy. Quite the opposite, as a result of these contacts,  hostility toward the West has increased.

The benefits: It will reduce cultural pollution of Western and Muslim societies.

6.  If nothing else works, stop all trade, cultural and political contacts with the worst offenders, like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Impose blockades.

The benefits: If their hatred of the West so great and the West is so bad, they must not enjoy produce of the "evil" - "Western regimes!

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