Illegal PA Construction in Area C up 80%

Illegal Palestinian construction in Area C, the portion of Judea and Samaria under full Israeli jurisdiction, increased by 80%. (The government of Israel does nothing to stop and remove them!)

There were 5535 new illegal structures built in 2022, compared to 3076 structures in the same period in 2021.

Analysis of the hard data reveals several additional important facts: Aerial photos show that in Areas A and B – the sections of Judea and Samaria placed under full Palestinian Authority civil jurisdiction under the Oslo framework, there are abundant empty spaces that remain undeveloped and completely un-utilized. Rather than developing these areas, Arab construction has continued to seep into the open spaces of Area C. Additionally, these same aerial photos leave no room for doubt: Arab construction is neither random nor haphazard. Construction is strategically placed, in accordance with the Fayyad Plan, according to pre-established criteria and objectives: Creating contiguous Arab settlement – a pattern that is particularly pronounced in northern Samaria; isolation and strangulation of Jewish communities.

“The Israeli government is creating a de facto Palestinian state,” says Meir Deutsch, Director General of Regavim. “Over the years we have documented the illegal construction on a daily basis and sounded the alarm about the Palestinian annexation of Judea and Samaria."

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The Israeli justice system is traditionally heavily infested by leftist - anti-Zionist personnel. It has systematically been harassing Zionist activists, religious and secular, and has been ‘blackmailing’ politicians and members of their families by legal investigations and threats of persecution, which usually run endlessly for many years!

Gay Palestinian Man Beheaded - Where is the Outrage?

A 25-year-old gay man, who fled the Palestinian Authority after his sexual orientation was revealed, was kidnapped from an Israeli safe house and brutally beheaded in Hebron. (Human rights organisations are only eager to condemn Israel. Atrocities committed by the PA and Hamas are ignored.)

New Major Gas Discovery Offshore Israel

Greek gas producer Energean announced it had made a major discovery of natural gas in commercial quantities in waters offshore Israel. The Hermes gas field holds an estimated 7-15 billion cubic meters of natural gas. The Hermes discovery boosted the chances of finding gas in the nearby Poseidon and Orpheus structures.

Israel Must Ignore Demands of Anti-Semitic Idiots

Biden demanded that Israel probe the death of a Palestinian Arab boy. The examination showed no evidence regarding the sad death of the child, Rayan Suleiman, and the activity of the troops in the village. The boy suffered a heart attack, collapsed and died. (Has Biden demanded the investigation of any terror attacks, at least once, from the PA or Hamas?)

Anti-Israel Indoctrination in the US Universities

Between 2017 and 2022, 92.82% of the articles in leading US college newspapers that strayed from journalistic objectivity were anti-Israel. There is an intense fixation on Israel, with nearly 1,500 stories on the topic in

those years.. Israel is always considered newsworthy, which fosters a culture of saturation coverage in which bias against the Jewish state is popular (among anti-Semites). Jewish students are afraid to share their Judaism or their love for Israel openly. (The US and European governments are quite pro-active when it comes to fighting ‘Islamophobia’ and discrimination against LGBT+ people. They are mute, or just pretending to fight anti-Semitism!)

Quote of the Week:

“While Russia slaughters our citizens, the Israeli government remains in its comfort zone and refrains from providing Ukraine with minimal defensive assistance." - Yevgen Korniychuk, Ukraine's ambassador to Israel - Why should Israel help Ukraine? Brazil and many other bigger and advanced states don't. Regardless of what Jews do or not they are always blamed by anti-Semites. Israel helped Ukraine a lot, in spite of Russian military presence in Syria and its relationship with Iran, but it is never enough! Both sides of the conflict, Russia and Ukraine are 'playing' anti-Semitic card.

'Friendly' Palestinian Neighbours

-      Christian Tourists Nearly ‘Lynched’ by Angry mob in Hebron.

Two vehicles belonging to Christian missionaries and tourists accidentally drove into the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Hebron, where they were surrounded by an angry mob and had to be extricated to safety by security forces.

-      Jewish Women, Daughters Rescued in Nablus.

Two Jewish Israeli women and three daughters were rescued in the PA-administered city of Nablus (Shchem) in Samaria. While they were shopping, a mob of Palestinians gathered around their vehicle.

It is illegal for an Israeli to enter “Area A” – cities under Palestinian political and military control, including Nablus – without a permit.

-      Israeli Farm Burnt by Arab Arsonists

Arab arsonists set fire to an Israeli farm in the Jordan Valley on Yom Kippur eve, burning it to the ground and causing damage worth millions of shekels. Arab vandalism of Israeli-owned agricultural endeavours is a common occurrence, and Israeli vineyards and fields in Judea and Samaria have been repeatedly targeted by Arab sabotage.

- Jewish House Attacked with Fireworks

Terrorists threw fireworks into the yard of the home of a resident of the Shimon Hatzadik neighbourhood and coordinator of Otzma Yehudit in Jerusalem.

- Terror Attack in Jerusalem

A terrorist opened fire in the direction of a security checkpoint at the entrance to the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat on Saturday evening, killing 18-year-old female Military Police officer Noa Lazar, and severely wounding a 30-year-old security guard.