IDF Soldiers Fear Legal Ramification!

Arutz Sheva Staff

A video posted to social media on Saturday night shows a Palestinian Arab terrorist getting out of a vehicle at the Kedumim junction, lighting a firebomb and throwing it from close range at a fighter from the Golani Brigade.

The fighter appears to be afraid to open fire at the terrorist, who is then seen fleeing the scene.

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Yamina) wrote on Twitter, "This story is simply insane. A fighter in Golani is afraid of opening fire at a terrorist who lights a firebomb and throws it at him from close range (right underneath my home in Kedumim).”

 “But this fighter is not guilty. It is the legal system in the State of Israel, which is behaving like in Sodom, which should be blamed. Whoever prosecutes Arie Schiff (a 70-year-old Israeli from Arad who shot a Bedouin thief who tried to steal his car -ed.) on a murder charge should not be surprised when fighters are afraid to shoot terrorists," he added.

Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Minister Rafi Peretz said in response to the video, "Such an event must end with a neutralized terrorist. Alive or dead."

"The response in the video is very disturbing. The Defense Minister must make sure that the necessary commanders draw the necessary lessons so that such an incident does not happen again. Such a response only strengthens terrorism. The IDF must be a winning army, we have no other option," he added.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

After its creation in 1945 the United Nations was trying to prevent restoration of the Jewish state by adopting a ridiculous partition plan, resolution 181, and international anti-Semites were hoping that advancing Arab/Muslim armies to would destroy Israel during the War of Independence! The UN has been continuously and relentlessly undermining legitimacy of Israel by adopting the endless number of anti-Israel resolutions, by UNGA and its numerous subsidiaries. The UN’s and its membership’s Antisemitism is hereditary! Its predecessor, the League of Nations, was playing a significant role in facilitating the “final solution” – the Holocaust. The Jew-hating “Useless Nothing" has passed its expiry date - it must be dismantled, leaving only some of it truly functional and non-political parts active!

There is NO Room for a PA Capital in Jerusalem!

"Jerusalem will remain undivided, but there is room for a Palestinian capital in it," Defense Minister Benny Gantz told London-based Arabic news outlet Asharq al-Awsat. He expressed his hope that peace in the Middle East could begin to be achieved by attempting to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Former mayor of Jerusalem and current Likud MK Nir Barkat immediately attacked Gantz, stating that, "Jerusalem is the capital of only one nation. It is the capital of the eternal Jewish people" and it is "the capital of the State of Israel." (Not a single leader of fake Palestinians has really recognized the right of Israel to exist, and displayed the will to live in peace with Jews! Jews are not allowed to live in the PA-controlled areas and were forcefully removed from Gaza. Unfortunately, we still have too many idiots among Jewish leaders!)

Turkey is the Enemy!

Turkey has in the last few weeks sought to use media connections abroad to push narratives about how it wants reconciliation with Israel, even as its own media pushes extremist anti-Israel comments. Hatred of Israel and vows to destroy Israel, invade Jerusalem, “liberate Al-Aqsa” and spread extreme nationalist, anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic comments have become increasingly normal in Turkey, while most journalists who are critical of the ruling party in Turkey have been silenced! (Why is it, after so many violations, Islamist Turkey is still a member of NATO? Sanctions do not work!)

Successful Test of Iron Dome

Israel has successfully completed an air defense exercise that tested the abilities of the Iron Dome missile defense system to intercept cruise missiles for the first time, Defense officials assessed that Iranian-backed militias may try to fire cruise missiles into southern Israel.

Quote of the Week:

"The Muslim world’s problem is not in the vineyards of the Judean Hillside, but in the demons fluttering around their own skulls. The Arab Street is angry, but it’s been angry even before it had actual streets. Perpetual anger is not righteous, it’s just plain mental. People who are angry all the time are not in the right, they are out of their minds. For too long the Arab Muslim world has solved all of its problems by blaming them on someone else. This hasn’t resolved a single problem, but it has led to most of the wars fought over the last 50 years." - Sultan Knish

Unhappy Rights Abusers of 'Ugly Nazi'

by Patrick Goodenough

Having supported more than a dozen UN General Assembly resolutions condemning Israel in the past two weeks, the representatives of some of the world’s most egregious rights-abusing regimes complained on Wednesday about “country-specific” resolutions targeting some among their own ranks – Iran, Russia, North Korea, and the Assad regime – saying they violate the cherished UN principles...

“We object to politicization, selectivity, double standards, and the confrontational approach,” said the Chinese representative. “We are against the practice of pressurizing other countries in the name of human rights. We oppose country-specific human rights resolutions.”

“We will not be accomplices to an attempt to deny the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea their right to peace, self-determination and development,” said the Cuban delegate. He was responding to a text that expressed deep concern “at the grave human rights situation, the pervasive culture of impunity and the lack of accountability for human rights violations and abuses” in North Korea.

Iran’s representative voiced dismay that “once again international instruments have been distorted for use as tools in the pursuit of political agendas by certain member-states that are well-known for their efforts to undermine multilateralism.”

By the end of December, the General Assembly will have adopted 18 resolutions that condemn Israel, directly or indirectly. Fifteen have already passed, in votes on Dec. 2, 7, 10, 11 and 16. Three votes are yet to come.

All 15 Israel-focused votes adopted thus far passed by large majorities, typically with 150 or more “yes” votes in the 193-member assembly…

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