IDF Ready to Strike Targets in Iranian

The Israeli military is updating plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites and is prepared to act independently. Israel has identified numerous targets inside Iran that would hurt its ability to develop a nuclear bomb.

"If the world stops them before, it's very much good. But if not, we must stand independently and we must defend ourselves by ourselves," Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz told Fox News...

Gantz said the Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has hundreds of thousands of rockets. A classified map of targets shared with Fox News shows many of the rockets among civilian areas along the Israeli border. The annual Israel Defense Forces intelligence briefing indicated that Israel is preparing for several days of fighting with Hezbollah. Local media reports said 3,000 Lebanese targets would be hit every day during the next conflict...

Since the start of 2020, Israel hit more than 500 Iranian-linked sites in Syria with airstrikes, according to the Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi...

"The American policy should be American policy, and Israeli policy should stay Israeli policy," Gantz said.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israeli voters are disillusioned with decades of useless and self- destructive policy of the so-called peace process, which was imposed on Israel by a self-hating corrupt political Left and Israel’s ‘best friend’! At the same time, after so many broken promises, voters do not trust the empty rhetoric of Netanyahu, who forsaked the Likud charter and aspirations of the party founders. Let us hope that the next election will change it, and Israel will re-establish national pride and return to original Zionist agenda!

Was it Iranian 'Environmental Attack' on Israel?

Israel’s environmental protection minister, Gila Gamliel, has said Iran was responsible for a recent oil spill that ravaged its shores and has claimed the incident was a form of “environmental terrorism”. Her ministry had identified a Panama-flagged tanker called Emerald, which was smuggling oil from Iran to Syria in breach of international sanctions. Ship tracking data from Refinitiv showed the Emerald reported its position after passing through the Suez Canal on 1 February and again in Turkey two days later, suggesting it passed near Israel around the time Israeli officials believe the spill occurred. (Time to remove the cancer from Tehran!)

When Enemies Agree Israel Must Act!

Britain, France and Germany withdraw their support for a resolution criticizing Tehran for failing to explain the presence of uranium particles at undeclared locations. The three countries were signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Biden Administration “pleased” that EU dropped censure of Iran. The State Department’s Ned Price said the US was pleased with the European move and looked forward to “Iran’s willingness to engage in a way that leads to credible, concrete progress.” Iran also “welcomed” the US-backed decision by European powers to drop their plan to denounce Iran’s suspension of UN watchdog’s snap inspections of nuclear sites. Tehran showed no sign of backing down on its decision to hobble UN inspections and earlier rebuffed an EU offer of informal direct talks on its nuclear program after US acceptance.

Welcome to UAE Ambassador to Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the first Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Israel, Muhammad Mahmoud Al Khaja. “We are changing the Middle East; we are changing the world,” Netanyahu told Al Khaja. The ambassador is expected to look for a site for the embassy and his residence in the coming days. He also visited Yad Vashem! (In just a couple of months, Israel has a better and warmer political and economic relationship with UAE than after decades of ‘friendship’ with Jordan and Egypt!)

Defense Alliance Against Iran

Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have discussed expanding cooperation in facing common enemies. The matter is being “informally discussed,” the source said, adding that the countries are US allies. All four believe a nuclear Iran would be a major threat and have been eyeing the Biden administration’s plan to re-join the 2015 nuclear deal with concern. (Iran is a global, but mainly regipnal threat to Israel and Arab states. Israel and its new Arab allies have the rights to stop this threat before it became uncontainable – this is a local political issue for them!)

Position of Biden Administration is Against Israel!

US State Department spokesman Ned Price clarified the change between the positions of the Trump administration and those of President Joe Biden. Price noted that “the United States opposes any action taken by Israel which may make it difficult to reach a two-state solution.” On the Iranian issue over which Israel has been very concerned lately, Price said, “We believe Diplomacy is the most effective means to prevent Iran from ever obtaining nuclear weapons.”

Quote of the Week:

“The only way to manipulate and control the Jewish People is by convincing them they are doing "Tikkun Olam" (repairing the world). Fighting for Justice... fighting for the "underdog", even if the ‘underdog’ hates their guts and wants them eliminated. The call for virtue is so powerful... it's been weaponized against us.” – a FB posting – Many Jews do not need any justification to be Israel-hateful, because they are hating their own Jewish ancestry! They think that this will please traditional anti-Semitic enemies and enemies of Israel. They forgot what Julius Caesar said long time ago: I love treason but hate a traitor.”

With an Ally Like this Who Needs an Enemy!

by Tovah Lazaroff

The Biden administration issued a warning this week to its allies in the Middle East not to oppose US policies and not to seek military solutions to the region's problems.

"We do not believe that military force is the answer to the region’s challenges, and we will not give our partners in the Middle East a blank check to pursue policies at odds with American interests and values," it said in a document posted on the White House website… (What about the interests of the best ally of the US in the Middle East? They are always ignored, and often the US prevents Israel from doing what is necessary to end the conflict!)

Israel and the Biden administration are at odds on how best to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power and to halt its regional and global support of terror activities.

While the two allies agree on the end goal, the Biden administration believes the best way forward is to re-join the 2015 Iran deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, designed to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions. Israel believes the deal only emboldens Iran and leaves it with the ability to become a nuclear power.

Israel and the US are also at odds over West Bank settlement activity, with Israel believing it has the right to build on territory that will one day become part of sovereign Israel.

The Biden administration believes that much of that territory should be part of the permanent boundaries of a Palestinian state and holds that settlement activity prevents the resumption of negotiations for a two-state resolution to the conflict... (The Biden administration seems to have conveniently forgotten that Iran has been at war with the US since 1979, and regularly calls for “Death to the US”.)