I am not Charlie!

by Bat Zion Susskind-Sacks

Like many other viewers, I am presently watching the "Say no to Terror" demonstration, this dog and pony show. Unfortunately, it will NOT solve the problem. Had the world REALLY wanted to avoid the present reality, they should have listened to Israeli leaders earlier. They should have organized such demonstrations when the early terror attacks by similar ideological principles took place. What is this attack different than any of the previous ones? They were ALL aimed at depriving freedoms, mainly Freedom to live! Is Charlie's Freedom more important than theirs?

NO, I am NOT Charlie! I am the four Jews who died in the hostage situation in Paris on Friday; I am the four praying Rabbis who were slaughtered in their Synagogue in Nof Yofeh in Yerushalayim last November; I am the little baby who was killed at the stop of the Light rail, when a terrorist drove his car directly and purposely into the crowd waiting for the tram to arrive; I am the 3 Yeshiva students who were kidnapped and slaughtered in cold blood by Hamas Islamist Jihadists in JUDEA last Summer… and I am the millions of other Jews who died, just like them, through history, for no reason other than the crime of being Jewish... I am proudly standing with the Jewish people against these horror attacks. I am proudly holding hands with the Children of Israel with all my heart… With all my life. Am Yisrael Chai!!!

Note: Since Islamic terror attack on offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, Western leadership, including the Pope and US President Obama, have spent more time worrying about backlash again Muslims than condemning Islamic terrorism! Our political and religious leaders have failed admit that deeply ingrained hate of Muslims toward all infidels is main reason and life-line for Islamic terror war against the West. This war moved its attention from Israel to the West, but met with a fake “War on Terror” only, which encourage more terror!

They Deliberately Tried to Offend Jews Too!

The largest university press in the world has warned its authors not to mention pigs or pork in their books to avoid offending Muslims and Jews. (For almost two thousand years the Church proclaims that it follows and respects the G-d given traditions that are written in Jewish Torah. In practice, Christianity deliberately negates most of the Torah rules, to distance itself from Jewish practice, including idol worship and especially dietary practice. Pork eating became an everyday norm of the Christian diet and Christian celebrations are marked with consumption of non-kosher sea food. All this time, by trying to offend Jews, Christians offend the G-d, they claim so dearly love!)

The move was revealed during a discussion on free speech on BBC Radio following terror attacks in Paris.

The move was condemned even by Muslim Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, who said “That’s ludicrous. That’s absolute, utter nonsense and when people go too far that actually brings the whole discussion into disrepute.”

At the same time, British Sky News refused to show Charlie Hebdo's latest cover that features Mohammed.

Bigots are not Welcomed in Israel - At Last!

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom cancelled her trip to Israel after she was notified that she would have to bring her own security personnel and that her trip would not be considered an official state visit.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

How to spot an anti-Semites? - They usually ask “Why are so many rich Jews?” They never ask “Why are over 22% recipients of Nobel Prize Jews?” (Note: there are 14 million Jews, less than 0.02% of the world population) So, why are Jews so disproportionably successful in business, science, agriculture, military, medicine, computer technology and communication, and other vocations? And this is in spite of chronic discriminatory treatment by most countries and international organizations! Instead of Jew-bashing it could be more beneficial to learn from us - South Koreans are doing it!

Western Governments Must Learn to Say Truth Plainly!

The Muslim mayor of Rotterdam, who was born in Morocco and immigrated to the Netherlands in 1976, made a statement after the terror attack at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo "It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom. But If you do not like it here because some humourists you don't like are making a newspaper, may I then say you can f*** off."

The ‘Moderate’ Islamic Terrorist Concern

The leader of the Shi'ite Muslim terrorist organization Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, said that Islamist terrorists had done more harm to Islam than any cartoon or book, a reference to the attack by suspected Islamist militants on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. (His main worry is that Sunni terrorists from Al Qaida are gaining popularity among the Muslim population!)

CNN: Islamic “Activists” Attacked Paris

Christiane Amanpour, infamous CNN correspondent in the Middle East, referred to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attackers as “activists”: “On this day, these activists found their targets, and their targets were journalists. This was a clear attack on the freedom of expression, on the press, and on satire,” she said. (To defeat the Islamist enemies we need correct terminology!)

Islamist Disrespectful to Their Own History

The Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, the al-Nusra Front, has destroyed a 13th century tomb of a revered Islamic scholar in southern Syria. The al-Qaeda affiliate and its rival ISIL regard the reverence of tombs as tantamount to idolatry and have demolished shrines.

'Ugly Nothing' is doing it Again!

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has confirmed the Palestinians will formally become a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on April 1 and the court's registrar said that jurisdiction would date back to June 13, 2014. This means the court's prosecutor could investigate the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip in July and August 2014. (The UN is bending over to an illegitimate state of bogus people. Even the beginning of its membership will be back-dated to allow conduct an anti-Israel mockery of an 'investigation' - another smear campaign. Will 'Ugly Nazi' investigate and condemn violation of international laws by Hamas first? After all, Israel responded to thousands of rockets Hamas fired indiscriminately at Israel)

Jewish Contributions to the World

Danny Lewin - The guy who saved Internet was 9/11's first victim! He was a tech entrepreneur who had developed algorithms to ensure the World Wide Web wouldn't crash from high traffic. He was killed by Al Qaida hijackers on board of a plane, trying to stop them from flying into the World Trade Center towers.

That How You Fight Enemies!

Hezbollah operatives operating on the Golan Heights are killed, including senior commander Jihad Mughniyeh: (1) Just a week before Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah threatened to wage a war against Israel that would include opening new fronts against the Jewish state and overrunning Israeli population centers. (2) Mughniyeh was the senior Hezbollah commander in charge of the potential attack. It is suspected that Mughniyeh was planning serious attacks against Israel, including rocket attacks, infiltrations, and using explosives and anti-tank missiles.

Obama Protector of Iran?

US President Barack Obama reiterated once again that he will veto proposed bipartisan legislation to impose new sanctions on Iran. "I will veto a bill that comes to my desk... There is no good argument for us to undercut, undermine the negotiations until they play out," Obama said. (After long and fruitless negotiation, Iran is planning to build two more nuclear reactors - “There is no good argument” at all?)

Quote of the Week:

“Everyone should be living in his homeland. It is something different to travel and discover other cultures than to live in one’s homeland and work for its prosperity. I think that those people should live and practice their religion in their homelands and shouldn’t try disturbing common life in countries have a different culture… I would tell them: Unless you can accept rules laid down by your host country - while killing journalists certainly is not accepting them - go back home, to your homeland. - Czech President Miloš Zeman - A fake Political Correctness has not yet corrupted leaders of emerging East European democracies!

In Time of Grief France is still anti-Semitic

There was some ugly international wrangling behind the scenes of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's changing plans for attending the rally in Paris on Sunday.

Netanyahu's bureau said that the prime minister would not be attending the anti-terror rally, citing security considerations. A short time later, however, it turned out that he would indeed be going.

According to the report, Jerusalem and Paris exchanged diplomatic blows over the matter. Netanyahu contacted a “senior French official” and asked to attend the rally, but France said it did not want him there, because his presence would create "difficulty in arranging the rally."

Netanyahu agreed and said he would not fly, but changed his mind when he learned that ministers Naftali Bennett and Avigdor Liberman intend to attend the rally. He informed the French of the decision, and in response the French said that if Netanyahu attends, they would invite Mahmoud Abbas as well.

It was reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had offended French President Francois Hollande by attending the rally despite the request. Netanyahu’s move angered French officials, who responded by inviting PA President Mahmoud Abbas and placed him in the front line of official demonstration (There were at least four Jews killed in two attacks in Paris, but, somehow inviting a renowned terrorist and a killer of the Jews, Abbas who walks with a wide smile in the middle of the front row the second from Angela Merkel, is not offensive for victims of Islamic terror!)

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman participated in the solidarity march reported his experience: "I saw here complete solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo newspaper victims, but what stood out is that solidarity with the victims of the Hyper Cacher attack was almost not felt." (Acts of anti-Semitism, instigated by Muslims, have been steadily on rise in Europe and in France particularly!  There was no big outcry, no big rallies, when Jews were killed, such as the rabbi and his children in Toulouse not long ago.)