Hypocrisy of anti-Israel Headlines Exposed!

by Steven Shamrak

Israeli Ambassador Gabriela Shalev recently announced that: "The main goal is to destroy completely this terrorist gang, which makes people on both sides of the border, in Gaza and in Israel, suffer daily." Nothing wrong with the annulling of Hamas as another Islamic terrorist organization, but we must not forget that it is the population of the PA controlled territory, which elected Hamas to lead them. The unwillingness of the so-called Palestinian population, in Israel or the territories, to live in peace and their support for terror against Jews is the main problem!

The ‘Coalition of the Willing’ has been trying for seven years to destroy al Qaeda. Surprisingly, there are no UN resolutions of condemnation of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in spite of heavy casualties among civilians, or calls for restraint and negotiating peace with Taliban or al Qaeda. We must remember the reason why Americans are still dying in Iraq: the population of Iraq had hated Sadam, but they hate us, Western democracy and the Crusaders, even more!

“UN demands international action to stop Israeli strikes on Gaza – For many years “Ugly Nothing” and other international organizations, as well as governments, were peculiarly mute when Israel was under continuous attacks from Gaza. There were no condemnations or call to end them. There are 192 members of the UN. Israel is only country which is not allowed to defend itself!

“UN chief calls for ceasefire as Israel pounds Hamas targets” – Was the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon so prompt when for several years Hamas terrorised Jews in Israel with daily rocket and mortar fire?

“Syrian-Israeli Negotiations Halted” – There were no negotiations! Syria demanded the return of the Jewish Golan Hights without any commitment of ending support of terrorism or even peace with Israel! Both sides just played the PR game of ‘Peace Negotiation’.

“Top PA negotiator: No peace talks with Israel during Gaza assault” – Daily rocket attacks, suicide bombings, rock throwing and kidnappings – This is the peace process that Israel has endured from the PA. There is no difference between these two terrorist organizations: Hamas and Fatah. Hamas is targeting support from the Islamic world, Fatah has mastered the better PR spin, aiming at the Western countries.

"UN official says Israel attacked during lull." – What an idiotic comment! It would be difficult to start major military operation precisely at the time when Hamas chose to send another wave of rockets.

"Good Question: Why Is Israel Bombing Hamas?" – For many years nobody asked why Hamas attacks civilian population in Israel.

Creating Human Disaster Artificially. "Egyptian border guards have opened fire on Palestinians who breached the border to escape Israel's assault on Hamas in the Gaza Strip." – As usual, no international outcry!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The only reason why Israel is losing support of Jews and non-Jews world-wide, even conservative ones, is because no one likes to be associated with a ‘Loser’ who is able but unwilling to fight back and defeat the enemy!

Mosque was a Rocket Warehouse. The IDF has released images of a mosque exploding in a fireball after being hit by a missile...proof say authorities that Hamas has been storing rockets in their mosques, sure that Israel would not hit a religious institution.

Sane Voice of the True Friend. The Czech Republic has backed Israel's right to defend itself. Czech foreign minister Karel Schwartzenberg said ''Hamas has progressively stepped up its rocket launchings onto Israel since the end of the truce, and the situation is unacceptable.'' (This is the same country which helped Israel to win the War of Independence by supplying weapons during the international anti-Semitic blockade of Israel in 1948 while the world waited indifferently for the second Holocaust which was planned by the advancing Muslim states.)

Listen Hamas and Leave. Hamas has called, on Hamas TV, on Egyptians and Jordanians living in Israel to leave the country. The radical Islamic group has repeated threats to re-commence suicide attacks. (The same calls were made in 1948, in order to make killing of Jews easier for advancing Muslim armies! Yes, all of those so-called Palestinians, including the Jordanians and Egyptians, Syrians, Bosnians from the western Balkans, Circassians from the northern Caucasus, Iranian and others who live in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and who have been occupying Jewish land.)

Air Force Hits over 40 Tunnels. The Israel Air Force said on Sunday evening that it hit 40 of the hundreds of smuggling tunnels under the Philadelphi Route along the Gaza-Egyptian border near Rafah.

The Fifth Column Must be Removed. Since the start of military action in Gaza, more than 150 Israeli Arabs have been arrested in the north of the country for violent protests.

Emotinal Blackmail. An Egyptian newspaper has reported that kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit was wounded in an Israel Air Force attack on southern Gaza. The extent of his reported injuries was not reported, and there were no other confirming sources. (No “Proof of Life” has been given and during the two years no international representative has been allowed to visit Gilad!)

Quote of the Week: "If someone was sending rockets on my house where my daughters were sleeping at night, I would do everything to stop it, and I would expect Israelis to do the same thing." - President-elect Barack Obama, July 2008. - Must we trust his words, spoken in the heat of an election campaign, and wait for another flip-flop spin?

Soldier Charged for Self-Defence. Army corporal Nachum Ben-Yaakov has been charged for making threats and for firing his weapon in the air twice when surrounded by hostile Arabs during a disturbance between Jews and Arabs next to Hevron. (Soldiers who sadistically had bitten Jews during the army assault on the "Peace House" were taped, but not charged by the army. Since when has the IDF become the protector of the enemies of Jews? Stop this legal terrorisation of IDF Soldiers for fighting our enemies! Put Olmer, Barak and Livni on trial for fighting Jews and destroying Israel’s future!)

Injustice Under the Cover of War. The judge of the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court dismissed the indictment of Yassam Special Forces officer David Atyah, the first police officer to be indicted for the violent evacuation of Jews from the expanded community of Amona, located near Ofra. The Yesha Human Rights Organization responded to the dismissal of charges against the Yassam officers that the judge’s decision is a mockery of the severity of police brutality violations.

Hamas Leadership of Cowards. Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin said at a security cabinet meeting that some Hamas heads are hiding in hospitals in Gaza and even disguising themselves as doctors, in order to melt into the general population. (They use an ideological demagogy to agitate anti-Israel feelings among so-called Palestinians and are perfectly happy for more civilians to die for the fake cause! They - Hamas, Fatah. Hisbollah, Iranian government, Al Qaeda… - do not care about the Geneva Conventions and have cynically been using dead civilians to draw sympathy from an anti-Semitic or brainless international community.)

Negotiations, What Negotiations? “Why would we continue with these negotiations?" said Abbas, whose ‘moderate’ Fatah movement lost authority in Gaza after Hamas took control of the coastal territory by force in June 2007, but still undemocratically holds on to power in Judea and Samaria. "We will not hesitate to end them if they continue to be a cover for Israeli aggression.” (For 15 years, since the Oslo agreement, Israel has been negotiating with terrorists being under fire. This political idiocy must end now and the government should stop being a political wimp!)

Hypocrisy of the 'Loaded' Headlines:

“Killing a two-state solution” – Editorial, The Guardian – It is impossible to kill something that has never been alive. For the enemies of Israel, Islamic and anti-Semitic ones, the ‘two-state solution’ is just a step toward the destruction of the Jewish state!

“Lack of condemnation as good as approval for Israel” independent.co.uk - This not approval but an embarresment, created by continuous international anti-Israel policy and years of silence while Israel was under endless rocket attacks from Gaza!

Half-Hearted War Again. Defence minister Ehud Barak has given the green light for humanitarian aid to cross into Gaza. Some 80 trucks carrying food and medical supplies passed through the Keren Shalom crossing. (Name any other country which has done this in the heat of initial military action against the enemy?) Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said ''Israel has not learned its lessons from the war in Lebanon.'' He added, ''the goals are not clear, and the air force acting alone cannot win the war." (This enemy of Israel is right! They know well the gutless habits of the current Israeli government.)

Massacre in Congo.

Ugandan rebel group the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has massacred close to 500 villagers in the Democratic Republic of Congo since Christmas. The LRA, which has plagued northern Uganda for 20 years is now threatening villages in Congo, Sudan and the Central African Republic. The United Nations refugee agency says villages are being set alight, women raped and children abducted.

On Dec 26 2008, the LRA guerrillas massacred dozens of people in a church, according to Ugandan military sources and aid workers. The guerrillas used machetes, swords and clubs to kill the people - amongst them women and children. (This atrocity is being committed at the same time as Israel began its anti-terrorist operation in Gaza. Interestingly, there is no international condemnation, outcry from the world press or the UN Security Council emergency special session! Is this indifference of the world to the suffering of the people of Africa a manifestation of international racism? Why is there such a "disproportionate" preoccupation with Israel? Is it a deep brotherly 'love' for Jews?)