War on Terror: Hypocrisy Caught in the Act.

by Steven Shamrak. (Nov 2006)

After 9/11, western countries have supposedly unleashed the War on Terror against Islamic terrorism. The multi-billion dollar forged wars are now being conducted in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The US is spending billions of dollars on anti-biological warfare but no one has answered the questions: Who was sending US military grade Anthrax through the US post? Why was additional hysteria created after the horror in New York and Washington?

Even before the wars it was known that Iraq had no connection with Al Queda, and it was obvious that creating democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq is an unachievable goal and has nothing to do with the war on terror. Most likely, immediately after the departure of the American army, civil wars and the resurgence of Islamic tyranny will rule again in both countries. Even under the illusion of American control, Afghanistan is a state run by narco-warlords. The return of a Taliban-like rule is just a matter of time.

Western leaders do not want the complete defeat of the spread of Islamic terrorism. Only the illusion of the fight is important. Wars and terror make control and manipulation of the population easier. War mongering has always been a favorite tool of unscrupulous kings and dictators. As a result, many democratic principles have been dismissed and sacrificed due to this phoney war.

At the same time, democratic standards are dying, and duplicity is flourishing during this war: Russia is allowed to do anything against the Chechen independence movement; the US led coalition has a free hand in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay; human rights are being abused in the US and the UK.

Israel is the only country that has continuously suffered from Muslim/Arab terrorism for decades. Still, the International community denies Israel the basic rights of self-defense and self-determination!

Why is it excusable and justifiable to shoot the unconfirmed terror suspect in London, but is bad practice to target the known Arab Palestinian terrorists? Why must Jewish people leave their ancestral land to Arab terrorists, but the US government does not want to even hear about the occupied Mexican territories, and the UK is still in possession of North Ireland and other colonial lands? Why is Israel subjected to trade embargoes, boycotts and unprecedented International harassment and anti-Israel biased media coverage?

So far, I have two answers:

1. In spite of all pretense and empty rhetoric, Anti-Semitism is still one of the main underlying principles of Christian and Muslim dominated societies.

2. There is always need for a villain in order to divert attention from local problems and corruption. Jews have been used for centuries as a scapegoat and as a proven distraction tool.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Many countries are poised to recognize statehood of fake a nation, Palestinians. This is another example of international anti-Semitic bigotry! They (UN, US, NATO, EU) have been doing nothing to free people of Tibet, Western Sahara and many others from indisputable occupation. Traditional international anti-Semitic bigots do their best to deligitimize the Jewish state and deprive Jews of their ancestral land! They had helped to invent the ‘Palestinian’ as a ‘nation’ in 1964 and have been promoting their fake rights since. Bigots have no problem with supporting mortal enemies of Christianity and democracy as long as they are against Jews!

Democratic Movement or Islamic Thugs?

Senior Libyan rebel “officers” sold Hizballah and Hamas thousands of chemical shells from the stocks of mustard and nerve gas. The rebels offloaded at least 2,000 artillery shells carrying mustard gas and 1,200 nerve gas shells for cash payment amounting to several million dollars. US and Israeli intelligence agencies have tracked the weapons of mass destruction consignments from eastern Libya as far as Sudan in convoys secured by Iranian agents and Hizballah and Hamas guards.

Gay Opposing anti-Israel Apartheid Week

As the Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) events of March come to a close, a number of leading gay and non-gay activists have come out swinging to defend the Jewish state. “When Israel is accused falsely of being an apartheid society, there is an agenda – and that is the delegitimization of the Jewish state. And that is anti-Semitic,” Stuart Appelbaum, the first international trade union leader to announce he was gay. (Some minority movements have started to realize that their agenda has been hijacked and used for Islamic anti-Israel propaganda and traditional anti-Semitic tendencies)

‘Revolutions’ that Lead Nowhere!

"Where is the revolution going, the revolution that began in Tahrir Square?" asked a short brunette holding a microphone. "What happened to the revolution we created?" Human rights lawyer Ragia Omran repeated the question before a crowd of activists, concerned citizens and politicians. A recent law that Egypt's ruling military council stood poised to approve would make protests a criminal offense punishable by jail time and huge fines. (The US and other Western countries jumped into hot water, supporting the ‘revolutionary’ movements in the Muslim countries, without proper understanding of their goals, forces behind them and final outcomes!)

IDF Downplays 200M Deployment

The IDF will deploy the Iron Dome counter-rocket defense system outside major Israeli cities this week amid increased rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Iron Dome is designed to defend against rockets at a range of 4-70 km. The IDF stressed that the deployment was part of what it called an “operational test” and that the Air Defence Division was prepared for the possibility that the Iron Dome will not work as expected. (No defensive weapon will end conflict and stop the constant suffering Jews are experiencing. Only dicisive action against Arab occupiers of Jewish land can stop terror!)

Fatah Thugs Beat Unity Protesters

Five protesters were wounded by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement members orchestrated beat-down in Ramallah. Protesters were demanding an end to the Hamas-Fatah schism on Wednesday. (What Palestinian people? In Gaza most of them are of Egyptian origin, in Judea and Samaria the majority came from Syria and Iraq. No wonder they have so much ‘love’ for each other!)

One Cannot be a Little Bit Pro-peace

Israel will stop dealing with the PA if it brings Hamas into the government, siad a senior government official. This was a few hours after PA President Mahmoud Abbas met with a senior Hamas delegation for conciliation talks in Ramallah. (By including Hamas into government, PA admits that it still has the same Islamic terrorist agenda – destruction of Israel!)

Hizbullah Building Army

In direct violation of the UN-mandated ceasefire resolution ending the Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah is building an army in southern Lebanon. The Hizbullah terrorist organization has built bases or mini-bases in as many as 270 civilian villages throughout southern Lebanon. (Is Lebanon accountable? Why is Israel the only state that must obey international laws? Others don’t!)

Citizenship Denial For Harming State

The Knesset Plenum has approved the 2nd and 3rd appeals for the bill that entitles the courts to deny citizenship of anyone convicted of a crime to harm the State. (What about removing them from Jewish land?)

Quote of the Week:

"The Muslim world’s problem is not in the vineyards of the Judean Hillside, but in the demons fluttering around their own skulls. The Arab Street is angry, but it’s been angry even before it had actual streets. Perpetual anger is not righteous, it’s just plain mental. People who are angry all the time are not in the right, they are out of their minds. For too long the Arab Muslim world has solved all of its problems by blaming them on someone else. This hasn’t resolved a single problem, but it has led to most of the wars fought over the last 50 years." - Sultan Knish

Catholic Church: Jews are Chosen People

At the end of an annual meeting with representatives of the Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem the Catholic delegation, led by Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejěa, “took the opportunity to reiterate the historic teaching of the Second Vatican Council’s declaration Nostra Aetate (No. 4) regarding the Divine Covenant with the Jewish People that “the Jews still remain most dear to God because of their Fathers, for He does not repent of the gifts He makes, nor of the calls He issues (cf. Romans 11:28- 29),” the commission’s joint statement said. (And yet, why are there still so much Christian anti-Seminitism, including members of the clergy, around? Shouldn’t they be excommunicated? Galileo was!)

Religious Discrimination by Israeli Police on Temple Mount

A video was shown on the Knesset's Internal Affairs Committee pictured police officers discriminating against religious Jews at the entrance to the Temple Mount. Jews who are not wearing a kippah (skullcap) are permitted to enter the mount quickly, while those wearing religious garb are forced to wait in a slower-moving line and undergo extra checks. At one point, a man who was not wearing religious garb entered the “religious” line, only to be waved back out by an officer, who directed him to the faster line.

Nothing Changed Since WWII

Israel has demanded an explanation from Argentina over reports it proposed to Iran it would stop investigating two bombings if trade ties improved. A car bomb exploded outside a Jewish community centre known as the AMIA on 18 July 1994, killing 85 people. Twenty-nine people were killed two years earlier when a bomb destroyed the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. (After the WWII Argentina was the best hiding place provided for Nazis by the national hero, Peron!)

Must Israel Advance Its Own Peace Initiative?

In a meeting with French Ambassador to Israel Christophe Bigot, Welfare Minister Yitzchak Herzog says Israel must advance its own peace plan. (How many peace initiatives, which did not ingrain the destruction of Israel, did Arabs and fake Palestinians propose? All previously proposed Israeli initiatives were rejected by them. The only workeable peace initiative Israel can introduce and implement is to transfer enemy populations from Jewish land!)

No UN Intervention?

As many as 1 million people have fled their homes in Ivory Coast's main city, Abidjan, to escape the increasing violence and collapsing economy stemming from the nation's political crisis, according to the United Nations. Daily gunfire was spurred by Laurent Gbagbo in an effort to stay in power after losing a presidential election. (It seems that the UN has a very selective, if not  racist, policy of  interfering in internal matters of independent countries.)