Hypocrisy of Anti-Semitism

by Steven Shamrak

Since the inception of Christianity and Islam, both religions have been claiming that their spiritual doctrines originated in Judaism. At the same time, their followers aren't really interested, and their leaders have actually discouraged them from studying the spiritual source of Christianity – the Torah and Jewish teachings! Instead of showing a gratitude to Jews, many Jewish spiritual books, like Kabbalah and Talmud, were forbidden to study by the Church for many centuries, and Jews were subjected to many centuries of cruel persecution!

Religious leaders and political elite of both Christian and Muslim, worlds have been using Jew-hatred as an effective tool of control over their population. No wonder that anti-Semitism is prevalent among Muslims and Christians as anti-Jewish propaganda is still widely practiced, with the use of the media, and a new term has emerged – “anti-Zionism” – as a politically correct substitution to the ‘good old’ “anti-Semitism”!

Buddhism, Hinduism and Shinto do not have this problem!

Non-theological reasons of Anti-Semitism were set around the 5th century, when priests started forbidding Christian members to visit synagogues during high Jewish holidays, as there were no Christian holidays then, where Christians were giving donations, and as the result Churches were deprived of revenue!

Anti-Semitism is not a new invention! For many centuries, Churches, Christian and Muslim rulers loved to extort exuberant taxes from the Jewish population, confiscated properties that belonged to Jews, and canceled debts to Jewish lenders. Even now, as part of its Anti-Semitic nature, the Church is unwilling to pay taxes to the Jewish state, Israel!

Anti-Semitism has always been used to take control over population as a tool of wilding political power. The Church introduced it after spreading its influence over the Roman Empire, using some existing animosity toward Judaea and Jewish religion. Through history, Anti-Semitism was used in Christian and Muslim worlds to redirect anger of their subjects about internal issues toward Jews. Communists and Fascists have done the same to consolidate their control over masses! Now, the political left does the same in the US and Europe, and Muslim/Islamic states are not far behind, skillfully using the United Nation against Israel!

The actual term "anti-Semitism" was created not long ago, in 1879, exclusively as a “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group by 'native' Christian/European populations toward Jews. Recently, international anti-Semites have been trying to reduce its potency and meaning by extending it to Arab population, disregarding strong anti-Semitic tendency among Arabs and Muslims in general. Arabs and Muslims have and are able to use a recently created term - “Islamophobia”! Unfortunately, most of the time, it is well-deserved, considering number of terror acts committed by them against the Western countries and Israel. Anti-Semitism has a completely different origin and history!

It has been proven so many times that international anti-Semites only respect Israel and Jews when they are strong! Israel was respected, even by anti-Semites, after the War of Independence, when Jews surprised them by defeating seven well-armed advancing Arab/Muslim states. After the Sinai war in 1956, and especially after the Six Day war of 1967 and the Yom Kippur war even Ukrainian Jew-haters had respect for Jews for a short while! It did not last long because Israel squandered its success and did nothing to consolidate its victory.  International anti-Semites realised that even having their own country Israel is still behaving as a ‘Ghetto Jew’ – weak and who can be pushed around! As a result, Israel is under continuous international pressure to cede the Jewish land to non-existing fake nation, so-called Palestinians, as part of the destruction of the Jewish state plan!

Israel must decisively defeat its enemies and remove them from Jewish land! This is the only way to end the hypocrisy of the anti-Semantically inspired so-called peace process and end the conflict! Most likely, we will not get love from our enemies – but at least we can get respect, which is long over-due!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The Catholic Church asked Israel to cancel the law that defines Israel as a "Jewish nation". Does it mean that Vatican is no longer a Catholic only city-state? Will it allow opening a synagogue there? The hypocrisy of the anti-Semites of the Jew-hating church has no limits!

"Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!"

Please, read and distribute!

Good Bye Mattis - not a Friend of Israel!

In July 2013, after serving two years as the chief of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) under President Barack Obama, retired Marine Corps General James Mattis said “We have got to find a way to make the two-state solution that Democrat and Republican administrations have supported. We’ve got to get there, and the chances for it are starting to ebb because of the settlements, and where they’re at, they’re going to make it impossible to maintain the two-state option.” In other words, when it came to the peace process, there was no daylight between the views of General Mattis and say, Peace Now or Meretz party...

Israeli-Made Drone Dome at Gatwick Airport

The anti-drone Drone Dome system developed by Israel was deployed at Gatwick airport to end its 36-hour disruption by rogue drones. The system provides 360-degree protection against drones at ranges of 3-5km, blocks the broadcasts of the threatening drone and in effect cuts communications between the drone and its operator. The British army bought 6 Drone Domes in August for $20m.

No Condemnation for Hezbollah by UNSC

The United Nations Security Council refused to condemn the Hezbollah terrorist organization for its outright, repeated violations of the world body’s own Resolution 1701, passed in 2006 to end the Second Lebanon War. Even verification of the existence of the cross-border attack tunnels, confirmed by UNIFIL, was insufficient. (In the case of Israel, the 'Ugly Nazi' is always predictable!)

Al-Aqsa TV is off the Air

A Hamas-affiliated TV station which had its studios destroyed in an Israeli airstrike last month said it would go off air indefinitely over a lack of funds. On November 12, the station’s main office and studio was bombed by Israel. Following the airstrikes, the channel briefly went off the air, but soon resumed broadcasting from another location. (Most likely, the station is seeking donors among Arab states and European 'friends' of Israel!)

Selling the Patriot Missile to Turkey is not Smart!

The United States approved the sale of $3.5 billion in missiles to Turkey, offering an ultimatum after US outrage over the NATO ally’s plans to buy S-400 system from Russia. The sell package includes 80 Patriot missiles, and 60 PAC-3 missile interceptors and related equipment. State Department said that sale will increase Turkish defensive capabilities, to guard against hostile aggression and shield NATO allies. (Against whom? Turkey has never been a real ally - just a user! For many years it has been moving toward Islamic dictatorship. It would definitely make it an enemy of NATO!)

Abbas Sets $319 Million for Terrorists

The Palestinian Authority has allocated more than $319 million for payments related to security prisoners and so-called “martyrs” - terrorists - in its 2018 budget. The amount includes salaries for 5,000 families of prisoners, funds for commissary purchases of 6,000 prisoners, stipends for 5,500 released prisoners, grants for 1,500 prisoners upon their release...(Plus millions will be siphoned to pockets of the PA elite. It is not a problem for international anti-Semites, who have subsidised enemies of Israel for over 70 years already!)

Old Stupid Idea will never Work!

The European Union and Russia have warned US President Donald Trump that any Israeli-Palestinian peace plan not based on the pre-1967 borders and a two-state solution will not succeed. Ambassadors from eight EU member states issued the warning in a joint statement at the UN headquarters in New York. (Idiotic idea of creating another Islamic Arab state on Jewish land was a joke and has been treated as a joke by all parties involved – it hasn’t worked for 50 years!)

Israeli Humanitarian Aid Continues in Indonesia

The IsraAID team in Central Sulawesi includes WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), mental health support and disaster response management experts in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, for an entire community of more than 300 families – over 1,400 people. (This is not reported by any anti-Semitic press outlet!)

Facebook Board is ‘Weaponizing’ anti-Semitism

Dozens of civil rights groups,32, called on Facebook to purge Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg from its board for blunders including “weaponizing anti-Semitism.” (Facebook has been systematically putting pro-Israel members in 'jail' and restricting their posting - using "Pavlov dogs" method to modify the behaviour of supporters of Israel and Zionism!)

Enemies of Israel Prefer More Terror

Terror group's leader Ismail Haniyeh would triumph over Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in both Gaza and the West Bank, if elections were held today. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh would win with 49 percent to Abbas’ 42 percent. (Election in 'democratic' PA is long overdue and nobody cares!)

Australian Labor Party to Recognize 'Palestine'

The national conference of Australia’s Labor Party (ALP) on Tuesday passed a resolution calling on the next Labor government to proceed with recognition of “Palestine”. (They are against recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but happy to recognise the non-existent state of FAKE people!)

Harmful, Gutless Political Indecisiveness

Sudanese, Eritreans commit 50% of all foreigners’ crimes! In 2017 the police filed 4.3 times more cases against Eritreans and Sudanese for sex crimes than their relative share of the general population; 3.5 times for violent offenses that did not cause death; and 3.1 times for property offenses. (Illegal migrants should have been deported from Israel a long time ago!)

Relentless European anti-Semites

The European Union announced it would commit a further 20 million euros ($23 million) to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in 2019. This will bring the EU’s contribution to 153 million euros. (They are still trying to exterminate Jews!)

Quote of the Week:

“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” - Thomas Mann 

Israel doesn't Need a Peace Agreement

by Lauretta  Brown

As UN Ambassador Nikki Haley prepares to leave her position later this month, she gave one last impassioned address to the UN Security Council.

Haley said that the UN has “shown itself to be hopelessly biased” against Israel. She cited the UN General Assembly’s recent failure to condemn Hamas’s terrorist actions against Israel.

She then discussed the prospects for a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians and what was at stake for both parties.

 “Israel will not make a peace agreement at just any price, and it shouldn’t,” she said. “No UN resolutions, anti-Semitic boycotts, or terrorist threats will ever change that. Throughout its existence, and even today, Israel has been surrounded by threats to its security. It would be foolish for it to make a deal that weakened its security.”

 “And yet, even in the face of constant threats, Israel has become one of the leading nations in the world,” she emphasized. “Israel wants a peace agreement, but it doesn’t need one.”

“It is time we faced a hard truth: both sides would benefit greatly from a peace agreement, but the Palestinians would benefit more, and the Israelis would risk more,” she concluded.

...She said the new U.S. peace plan “recognizes the realities on the ground in the Middle East have changed – and changed in very powerful and important ways” and “embraces the reality, that things can be done today that were previously unthinkable.”

“The world must know that America will remain steadfast in our support of Israel, its people, and its security,” she concluded. “That is an unshakeable bond between our two peoples. And it is that bond – more than anything else – that makes peace possible.”