Human Rights Groups a PA Terror Weapon

by Gil Ronen

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said that, "Human rights organizations have become a tool of the Palestinian Authority for diplomatic warfare against Israel" and "paddles of terror, which tries, through these groups, to undermine Israel's right as a democratic country, to defend itself."

Ayalon added, "Governments which fund these organizations are responsible for strengthening terror and reinforcing the Palestinians' false hope of establishing a state without negotiations."

Noting observance of Human Rights Day, Ayalon called on human rights groups and the international community not to forget whose rights are trampled by Hamas (and Islamic expansionism to the West, conducted by organisations like Al Quida), and to advance the release of abducted soldier Gilad Shalit.

Ayalon stated that in view of the Palestinian Authority's consistent refusal to come to the negotiation table, he expects that during 2011 the PA will continue attempts to assault Israel's legitimacy. To this end, it will use tactics like lawfare and “other obstructive unilateral steps,” and the global human rights agenda “will once again be hijacked and abused for a narrow political agenda.”

NOTE: Lawfare has been described as a strategy of using or misusing law as a substitute for traditional means to achieve military or political objectives.

Subject of Slavery and anti-Jewish Propaganda

In Africa, Arab merchants were selling seventy thousand slaves a year at the Zanzibar slave market. "The Arabs," says Hoffer, "looted ivory, grain and cattle, made slaves of the able-bodied natives, burned villages and wantonly killed those who did not escape into the bush." Arab slave routes could be traced "by the vultures and hyenas feeding on putrefying corpses." (Some undercover anti-Semites are ‘fuming’ that a few Jews were involved in slave trade. However, they are not angry at Arabs for hundreds of years of African slave trade, which is still being conducted at present time!)

Arabic Style of Expressing Christian Love

In honor of Christmas, the mayor of Bethlehem lights a tree and calls to boycott Israel.

Christmas Present from Iraq!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Why does the Israeli press go the extra mile to camouflage the fact that the murderous Carmel fires were lead by Arabs? This is beyond fake political correctness - it is a blunt display of unadulterated self-hate! One cannot defeat foes without clearly identifying them!

Understanding Mentality of Islam and Treaties with Infidels!

“This is a bloody war to the final victory until the enemy surrenders to Islam.” (Please visit and read this interview if you are truly interested in understanding Arab-Israel conflict and what drives global Islamic terror!)

They will Never Recognize Israel

"Hamas will never recognize Israel, despite pressures and efforts aimed at achieving this," Hamas Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh said  during a mass rally in Gaza to mark 23 years since the birth of the Islamic movement in 1987. Hamas is the Gaza branch of the pan-Arab Muslim Brotherhood. (There is no point in negotiating with Arabs. They will never honour any agreement with infidels and will just replace one 'moderate' terrorist  organisation with another!)

The Fake Game of Recognition of Fake State.

"We want a state of Palestine, not a unilateral declaration of statehood," said the PA's ‘Prime Minister’ Salam Fayyad. He explained that he did not see how a unilateral declaration would help the PA's cause. Such a declaration "is not and will not be a part of our thinking". At the same time, ‘Palestinians’ are furious over the US Congress resolution against unilateral statehood and the EU, restates its need for a negotiated accord. (Blackmail and terror is their game! There many international idiots who are willingly help Arabs spill Jewish blood and destroy Jewish aspirations)

Jerking Israel by NO Policy Yo-Yo

Washington will no longer seek an Israeli settlement freeze to renew stalled Middle East talks, and was "ending the contacts to try and achieve another moratorium," said a senior US diplomat. The diplomat, briefing reporters in Jerusalem on condition of anonymity, said "we reached the conclusion that this is not the time to renew direct negotiation by renewing the (settlements) moratorium." Israel banned Jews in Judea, Samaria and much of Jerusalem from building any new structures, or additions to existing homes, for 10 months in an attempt to bring the Palestinian Authority to the negotiating table. It did not work! (The United States do not have a clear ME policy and are making it up on a whim. Self-serving interests dominate, of which oil is the biggest factor of influence and it has not always been in favour of the Jewish state. Israel can say “No” to the US, as any sovereign country. The time has come for Israel to start pursuing her own interests!)

'Peace Talks' Linked to Terror

IDF commanders have previously warned that Hamas and other terrorist groups will double their efforts to attacks Israelis if the diplomatic process moves forward. “We assume that if Israel resumes negotiations with the Palestinians, there will be more attempted shooting attacks". While the Fatah-led PA agreed for a brief period of time to negotiate with Israel, many groups rejected negotiations, among them Hamas, Islamic Jihad, breakaway Fatah groups, and the PFLP.

Rejection Against which Nobody Protests

The Central Committee of Fatah has rejected a plan by United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to open indirect talks mediated by the US between Israel and the PA on core issues. (What would be the world reaction if Israel has rejected the US ‘suggestion’? Peace was never their intention!)

Quote of the Week:

"The Arab language has many nuances. To understand an Arab phrase one has to understand the context and follow the intonation. Not everything you hear should be accepted as real. Most of our Israeli politicians are completely ignorant of understanding the outlook of our enemies, especially (so-called) Palestinians. If the country's policy is based on ignorance then it is worth nothing." - Moshe Sharon is an Arabic studies researcher, a professor of the Oriental studies department of the Jewish University in Jerusalem.

Another Global Attack on Democracy

Two bomb blasts that killed a person in central Stockholm were a "terrorist crime". An Islamist website, al-Qaeda-linked, called Shoumoukh al-Islam published a photograph of the man it said was the attacker. "It is our brother, mujahid Taymour Abdel Wahab (Iraqi-born Swede from UK), who carried out the martyrdom operation in Stockholm." But Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt later cautioned against drawing hasty conclusions. (By opening doors to Muslim immigration, Western democracies made themselves vulnerable to Islamic terror. Western democracies made themselves vulnerable to Islamic terror. The Government of Sweden supports the creation of a Palestinian state and is very critical of Israel. It has not bought immunity from Islamic terror, just delay!)

Hidden Ugliness of Democratic States

The British government has decided to cover the cost of extra security for state-funded Jewish schools. The cost of security comes to approximately 1.6 million euros ($2.1 million) annually. The Community Security Trust reported that anti-Semitism hit a new high in 2009 with 924 anti-Semitic incidents recorded. (In the 21th century Jewish communities in the democratic states - UK, EU, Australia, US - are under constant threat from Islamic terror, and anti-Semitic vandalism and violence, which has been deliberately ignored by local authorities!)

Hypocrisy in Action:

Amnesty condemns Israeli ban on home sales to non-Jews...

 - Amnesty International condemned a “religious ruling”, which is not Israel’s law! Why has the organization been mute about the practice of imprisonment and even killing of Arabs, in accordance with PA laws, if they sold land or homes to Jews in Judea and Samaria? Amnesty International lost its impartiality a long time ago. It has transformed itself into another international stooge, serving the highest bidder – oil rich Arab states!

Polarities of Christianity!

by Steven Shamrak

I have been writing my editorial letter for over 9 years. It is not against Christianity or Islam, regardless of how much harm they have inflicted upon the Jewish people. It is about the right of my nation to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land, although, some issues must not be buried, forgotten or remain unanswered.

Recently I have received messages from two Christians in my mail list after I had published the “Apology for Unintentional Mistake” article. I would like to share them with you. If you are a Christian, it is up to you to choose which one you would like to affiliate with:

Communication from Roy and my answers:

“How many Jews died in the Holocaust? “Was that not enough for you to recognize the truth?” – Is this a hidden Holocaust denial? Is it justification of the Holocaust using the Inquisition idea – to burn Jews if they do not convert to Christianity? Just be honest about your intentions toward Jews and do not hide behind a smokescreen of dishonest questions!

“The Church was not responsible for the Holocaust” - Silence of the Church was the major KILLER! The Holocaust was committed by Christians, Germans and local thugs. Most ‘nice’ people remained silent. This is the clear indication of responsibility. In Denmark, Bulgaria, even in Italy, to some degree, when the Nazi anti-Jewish bigotry was challenged, Jews were saved!

“The Chief Rabbi in Rome during World War II converted to Catholicism. Was that not a profound statement concerning the truth of the Catholic Church's position regarding the massacre of Jews by the Nazis?” – You must think what you write! This only  “profoundly” proves the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, its aim to irradiate Jews physically or through conversion. It seems that the Holocaust was a useful tool, as was the Inquisition before it! For almost two thousand years the Church has been cynically keeping Jews alive in Rome, so they would witness the glory of the “second coming”. This is not an act of LOVE - it is an ugly cruelty!

“I am not guilty of slavery, persecution, genocide, forced conversion, child abuse or silence about the killing of Christians by Muslims, so I cannot repent” – No, you might have not carried them out yet! But you are guilty of ignoring and even secretly supporting the revolting deeds that have been committed in the name of the Church and making excuses for them!

2. Communication from Ken

“You are absolutely correct. Many people who use the term Christian have no idea what Christianity really is. It is exactly as you say, about forgiveness, love, and one of the most important commandments besides the Law of Moses, is Thou Shalt Not Judge, yet many atrocities have been committed in the name of Christianity. Christ even speaks of Wolves in Sheep's clothing.

True Christians know we (Church) are a branch (of Judaism), and we must bless the Jewish people and nation, that is one of Christ's main messages to us.  But, sadly, the denominations of Christianity most often represent their own ideas and use it as a fear factor of control and personal gain. Please know there are many ministers in America who preach that it is our duty to help the Jewish nation...” (Please, read more on the subject: Message to Christian Friends of Jews)