How to Resolve Occupation of Our Land?

by Steven Shamrak

Removal of the enemy population from Jewish land is necessary and integral part for ending Arab-Israel conflict! Some people suggest that Israel has to pay them to leave. They ignore the fact that the conflict is not based on the so-called Palestinian issue, but on the desire of Muslim neighbours and international anti-Semites to destroy Israel - the only Jewish state! Non-Jewish population in Israel, Judea, Samaria and Gaza, is just a tool to achieve it!

Most so-called Palestinian will not leave voluntarily, even if they are paid, in fear for their lives. Those of them who have sold land to Jews are killed, lucky ones are put in jail by the PA. Why Israel must pay them for ending occupation of Jewish land?

Have Arab/Muslim states paid 850,000 Jews, who were forced to leave their homes, where they had lived for many centuries? Most of the so-called Palestinians were encouraged to move to Jewish land, starting 120 years ago, to prevent creation of Israel!


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Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The same people, in the US and Europe, who have invented term and crying “Islamophobia”, have been deliberately and actively promoting hate for Israel and anti-Semitism! Like Nazis of Hitler Germany, they use the deeply ingrained, in the psyche of the Western Christian society, the hate for Jews to control and mobilise brainless idiots to commit authorities again. In the name of what this time – Islam?

Israel Must Help the PA to Disengage not Just Economically

Aiming to end the reliance on Israel and counter the US plan for the region, the PA prime minister is looking for trading partners and investment in Amman and Baghdad. (Jordan and Iran are 'definitely' the great economic powers on the ME! Why not to end the reliance on ad from international anti-Semites of the UN?)

Faking 'Poor Children of Gaza'!

An aid organization called “Save the Children of Gaza” is displaying photos of hungry children in difficult conditions on its Facebook page with the objective of prompting supporters to donate to the organization. However, the photos on display are not from the Gaza Strip. They are from Syria!

Nobody Thinks Fake Palestinians are “Rational”

A Hamas leader warned Friday that if Israel doesn’t lift its “siege” on the Gaza Strip within a week, Palestinians worldwide will “explode in the faces” of their enemies. “They think that we are rational people. Well, we aren’t,” said Fathi Hammad. We must attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them,” he said. (No threats to Egypt for 'siege' of Gaza, or to Arab states for not allowing fake Palestinians refugees to live normal life!)

Arab Water Thieves Arrested

IDF forces, the police, and Civil Administration conducted an enforcement campaign against water theft in the Judea. 8 trucks, three water pumps confiscated; illegal plumbing networks and eight illegal water pools seized. (From stealing Jewish land to water, fake Palestinians contributing nothing to development of the land!)

Jewish Contributions to the World

Hebrew University Researchers Produce Chemical Insulin - a new process allowing chemical production with high-efficiency of human insulin and increasing its stability and its effect on the hormonal balance. The hormone’s stability makes it possible to reduce the frequency of injecting it into the body to once every few days, as opposed to a number of injections per day currently. The new insulin’s durability will also allow simple transport, without special storage instructions and cooling facilities!

Israel to Convert Public Transport to Electric

Israel plans to minimize air and noise pollution by converting the engines of the inner-city bus fleet to electric power by 2025. The goal is to convert 60 percent of the inner-city buses. The buses will be sent from China in parts and assembled in Israel.

Incoherent Policy Encourages Self-Haters Act!

Police defy Netanyahu, send troops to demolish Jewish outpost! Hundreds of police arrived Wednesday morning to demolish the Maoz Esther outpost near Kochav Hashahar. Police appear to have acted in clear defiance of the policy change stated on July 11 by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who vowed that he would no longer allow the evacuation of any settlement – Jewish or Arab. The outpost Maoz Esther was established some 13 years ago. (When there is NO strong Zionist political standing - self-haters relentless in their attempts to destroy Jewish people dream!)

US Killed Peace Process?

Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) negotiator Saeb Erekat accused the United States of destroying any hope for peace in the Middle East. Erekat said that American policy was responsible for the failure of the peace process, mentioning the cessation of US aid to UNRWA and the administration's "blind" bias in favour of Israel. (One can't kill anything that has never been 'alive'! It is nice to see for a change, that the US being 'pro-Israel'. In fact, the US is always pro-US! I only wish that Israeli politicians and governments have the same level of self-respect and care for Israel as Americans do!)

Quote of the Week:

“With me being president, if you don’t get that deal done, it will never happen. I know (the Palestinian Authority) want to make a deal, but they want to be a little bit cute, and that’s okay. I fully understand where they’re coming from.” - President Donald Trump - The fake Palestinians are not "cute"! They were created in 1960s with the only goal - destruction of the Jewish state. If he thinks that the PA wants a ‘deal’, he does not really "understand where they’re coming from.” Only their removal from Jewish land will end the conflict!

Duplicity of Occupied Lands.

by Steven Shamrak.

There are many lands around the world that have been occupied not so long ago by other countries. Many of them are still subjugated to the rule of an occupying power. They were conquered during offensive or defensive wars, throughout the process of establishment of statehood or as a part of colonial and imperial policy. The following is a far from complete list of the currently occupied lands:

Great Britain still occupies 17 provinces of Ireland, Gibraltar and is holding on to the many residual symbols of her former colonial glory around the world.

France is still holding on to many overseas territories like New Caledonia and French Guinea. France and Spain divided and have no intention to give independence to the Basque people, the oldest indigenous living group known in Europe.

Belgium is an artificially forged country, which was created in order to protect the Netherlands from continuous attacks by France. There is still “no love lost” between the French and Flemish speaking populations of the country.

China - The international community has done nothing to stop occupation of Tibet by China. Eastern, predominantly Muslim, provinces of China are still under ‘imperial’ communist rule.

Chile - From the 1840s, heavy Anglo-Chilean investments were made in nitrate mining on the Bolivian coast. Bolivia lost its coastal region after the war of 1879-1884. Since then, Bolivia has been economically stifled by Chile with limited access to the sea ports.

Indonesia – It was ‘painful’ for Indonesia to allow freedom to East Timor. International pressure was applied only because of the huge oil reserves off the coast of East Timor were found. But there is no pressure in relation to the continuous occupation of Bali, West Papua and numerous islands that would love to obtain independence from the Muslim tyranny of Jakarta.

Panama proclaimed its independence after the US expressed interest in obtaining the rights to the canal, which Colombia refused. US marines landed in Panama the same day when independence was declared.

Russia has no plans to return the eastern part of Poland it has occupied since before WW2 and end occupation of eastern Prussia, the Kuril Islands and Southern Sakhalin. Russia still retains its status as an imperial power by holding on to Chechnya, Dagistan, North Ossetia, Tatarstan and many other national enclaves which were occupied by Tsar.

USA – The biggest and leading democracy of the world is one of the biggest occupiers as well. There is no intention of even talking about compensation for, never mind returning, the occupied land which used to be, not long ago, a part of Mexico. What about Puerto Rico, Hawaii and other ‘strategic interests’?

The United Nations maintains a list of territories that do not govern themselves. The list was initially prepared in 1946 and adopted in 1986. It has officially endorsed control of these lands by their former colonial powers!

It should be remembered that most countries around the world (including USA, UK, France, Germany, China and Russia) were forged and established their current borders during the last 300 years. Their creation was accompanied by dramatic conquests and destruction of unique and independent cultures. In a Russian play one character asked the audience: “Look, who are the judges?” Yes, who are they to tell Jews what is their land and to force Israel to give away Jewish land to Arab scoundrels?

Israel is the only country that can claim its statehood and ownership of the land. Jewish people have over 3,000 years of spiritual and historical connection with the land. Israel is the only state, which withdrew from the Sinai Peninsula after it was conquered during a defensive war. In exchange, Israel received the worthless piece of paper, which is called the Peace Agreement with Egypt. And yet, Israel is the only country under international pressure to surrender her own land to the enemy, a recently forged people - called Palestinians, whose only goal, they are not even hiding it, is to destroy the Jewish state.

There are three reasons why Israel is under such an international onslaught – Traditional international anti-Semitism, a desire to sell out Israel in exchange for a steady supply of oil, and an appeasement of Islamic terrorists in order to defer attacks on the West!

Does it make sense? What definitely takes place and make sense is that the world’s economic and political powers (“Puppet Masters”) apply pressure on Israel and use any means at their disposal, including manipulation of international law. An example of this is how it was done after Israel won the War of Independence. Immediately the Fourth Geneva convention ruled out population transfer as a legitimate way of resolving conflicts – but only when it suits their economic and political interests, with complete disregard to historical, spiritual and even legal rights of any people, not just Jews (remember ongoing dismantling of Yugoslavia and non-existence of Kurdistan – the homeland of 35 million Kurds, divided and occupied by five countries). The multitude of international organizations - including the UN, IRC, Amnesty International etc - are at full disposal of the international “Puppet Masters” and only too eager to assist by generating and manipulating public opinion - creating the illusion of propriety. The bottom line: it is all about power, control and beyond doubt money!