How Long will this Hudna* Last?

The ceasefire went into effect at 9:00 PM Wednesday, 21 November. Israel made certain concessions. The most damaging was acceding to Egypt’s role as truce monitor and arbitrator between itself and Hamas.

Just before the ceasefire went into effect, terrorists fired a barrage of 40 rockets at the area, targeting Ashdod, Ashkelon and Be’er Sheva among other cities. 20 rockets were fired from Gaza into southern Israel in three hours since the ceasefire went into effect:

At 9:21 three rockets were fired into Ashkelon and Sderot.

At 9:38 three more landed in Sha'ar Ha'Negev.

At 10:01 sirens were heard in Kiryat Malachi and Ashdod.

At 10:08 a rocket landed in Ashdod.

Let us be totally honest: This is not a ceasefire - it is SURRENDER! Israel raised the white flag and surrendered. It gave up and decided to stop fighting.

Hamas, on the other hand, signed some silly piece of paper given to them by Hillary Clinton, which they never had any intention of reading nor fulfilling. (*Hudna is an Arabic term - “clam” - meaning a temporary truce, which Muslims make with intention to violate, as did the prophet Mohamed!)

Hamas Provoking Israel in order to Break Hudna at any Time

Several hundred Palestinians had mobbed the Gaza border fence. When they attempted to breach it, a soldier first fired warning shots in the air, then at the lower limbs of the trespassers - a Palestinian youth was shot dead and nine were injured by gunfire.

Two Big Questions.

The cease fire was supposed to go into effect at 9 pm local time, but the rockets were still flying in record numbers out of Gaza. The reality is that Hamas does not want to end the fighting and will no doubt use any opportunity to begin the barrage again.

1) How much pressure did Hillary Clinton, representing President Barack Obama, put on Netanyahu to accept this cease-fire without having brought Hamas’ fire power to an end, and what will that mean for Israel’s ability to act in its own national security interests in the future? 

2)  Should rocket fire from Gaza resume, will Israel’s government allow the new assault to go unanswered?

According to the agreement powered together between Clinton and Morsi, any renewed rocket fire from Gaza will break the agreement, freeing Israel to respond. But will world opinion and continued US pressure trump the details?

Hamas Prayer for Peace

A reporter from the Hamas “Al Aqsa” television station rejoiced in the attack and announced that the Arab world awaits further news of “Zionist casualties.” “God willing we will soon see black body bags,” he said. “I pray to Allah the exalted that we will see black body bags in a short while.”

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

It is hard to change preconceived ideas of many Jews - which they formed after being exposed for a long period of time to anti-Israel propaganda and under the constant threat of terror and relentless discrimination by enemies and ‘friends’. Those views are predominately shaped by PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) and the Stockholm syndrome!

Bill to Annex Judea and Samaria is Ready

MK Yariv Levin (Likud), chairman of the Knesset’s House Committee, told Arutz Sheva on Wednesday that he has a bill that calls to apply Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria that is ready to be submitted for Knesset approval. Levin said that if the PA goes ahead with its statehood bid at the United Nations, he will submit his bill for approval immediately after January’s election. "Regardless of the Palestinian move we should have applied sovereignty long ago," said Levin, "but the unilateral move by the Palestinians is a good time to do so.”

Iran Advancing its Nuclear Program

Iran has made a significant advancement in its nuclear program with the completion of its underground uranium enrichment facility near the holy city of Qom. The International Atomic Energy Agency report stated Iran has now installed all of the nearly 2,800 centrifuges it will use to enrich uranium at the Fordow plant. The IAEA also says Iran has increased its stockpile of both 5% and 20% enriched uranium, which can more readily be converted to a weapons grade level.

Pro-Islamic Hysteria of Useful Idiots in the Media

The murder of Shaima Alawadi, a Muslim woman in California, was trumpeted worldwide as an “anti-Muslim hate crime.” Now it turns out that it was an Islamic honour killing committed by her husband. But rest assured that there will be no media stampede to correct the deliberate lie. For the Islamic supremacists and their useful idiots in the media, this poor woman has served her purpose.

Israel’s Effort of Minimise Civilian Casualties

Israel, armed with precise intelligence and newly developed munitions, has carried out hundreds of surgical airstrikes in a campaign meant to hit militants hard while avoiding civilian casualties. Other technological means used to avoid collateral damage include specially designed munitions with smaller blowback, a system of sending text messages and automated phone calls to warn residents to vacate areas ahead of strikes and stun explosives that are deployed to create large explosive sounds - to scare off civilians before the real payload is deployed against militants.

Hamas is Undermining PA’s UN Bid

PA President Mahmoud Abbas, whose forces were chased out of Gaza by Hamas in 2007 told journalists that "Everything that is happening is in order to block our endeavors (diplomatic upgrade) to reach the United Nations". (Hamas had intensified rocket attacks at Israel, using long range missiles - provoking Israel’s retaliation. So, who is undermining Abbas? Hamas rejects any legal agreement with Israel as it would give recognition to the Jewish state, but Hamas’ goal is the destruction of Israel!)

Israel May Declare Oslo Dead and Buried

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has told its ambassadors to explain that the PA’s plan to ask for United Nations recognition is a violation of the Oslo Accords and may cause Israel to officially announce that it is “canceling them partially or completely.” The agreement commits the PA to negotiate with Israel for the establishment of an independent PA entity. (Why wait - cancel the dead agreement now!)

Islamists Reject New Syrian Coalition

The new Syrian National Coalition was announced less than two weeks ago amid much fanfare in Doha - almost immediately recognised by the Gulf states, Turkey and France. It was snubbed by Islamist groups including the two most important, the al-Nusra Front and Liwa al-Tawhid. The Islamist rebel groups announced their aim to make Syria an Islamist state! (The fakery of Middle Eastern politics is exposed again. Time to face the truth that, step by step, they are building the Islamic Caliphate - it’s coming to your neighbourhood! What are you doing in order to prevent it? One can start with supporting Israel in its fight against our common enemy.)

Case of Israeli Arab Made a Legal Break Through

The Jerusalem District Court, in a landmark decision 10 years in the making, ruled that the PA can be sued in an Israeli court for damages suffered by an Israeli Arab tortured and kidnapped by their security forces on suspicion of spying for Israel. The case will not only enable Arab victims of PA intimidation to find justice, but will allow terror victims to sue the PA for compensation. (Why was the suffering of Jews not compelling enough and ignored by the Israeli self-hating, left-infested legal system for so long?)

Gaza Residents are Urged to Leave

Israel has been dropping leaflets on the Gaza Strip, urging residents to leave their homes immediately if they want to stay safe. The flyers, dropped on Tuesday, urged residents in northern Gaza to use specific routes when leaving their homes: "For your own safety, you are requested to evacuate your houses right away and to move towards Gaza City through Cairo Road, Arab League Road..." (The safest destination for terror infested anti-Israel people is the Sinai!)

Truckloads of Food, Medical Supplies Enter Gaza

Both the Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings are open now to enable goods to pass through to Gaza, as well as allow foreign diplomats and patients with medical conditions to enter Israel. (Does the US provide medical supplies to Taliban?)

IDF Arrested 55 Arab Terror Suspects

The IDF arrested 55 terror suspects in Judea and Samaria last week, following a wave of violent disorder in recent days. The arrests included organisers of riots from Hamas, Fatah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, as well as members of parliament suspected of being involved in the violence.

Quote of the Week:

"(Ban) expressed his concern (to Netanyahu) about the deteriorating situation in southern Israel and the Gaza Strip, which includes an alarming escalation of indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza into Israel and the targeted killing by Israel of a Hamas military operative in Gaza," - the United Nations said - The UN Security Council did not hold an emergency meeting when hundreds of rockets were fired by terrorists from Gaza and there were ‘concerns’ when the US performed the targeted killings of Al Quida terrorists!

Egypt - Another ‘Honest’ Broker!

In spite of the world expectation that Egypt use influence and affiliation of Muslim Brotherhood with Hamas in order to deescalate current conflict, Egypt's Islamist president delivered his fiercest condemnation yet of Israel's offensive in Gaza. Mohammed Morsi spoke in a speech at a mosque after weekly Friday prayers, dramatically stepping up his rhetoric against Israel hours after his prime minister, Hesham Kandil, visited Gaza in a show of support for its Hamas rulers. 

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has recalled the Egyptian ambassador to Israel, Atef Mohamed Salem. In a televised statement, presidential spokesperson Yasser Ali said that Morsi has also summoned the Israeli ambassador in Cairo to convey Egypt's rejection of the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. Even before the IDF operation in Gaza began, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the movement to which Morsi belongs, blamed Israel for escalating the situation in Gaza.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi described Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defence in Gaza in as a "blatant aggression against humanity," and he said "Egypt will not leave Gaza on its own, and what is happening is a blatant aggression against humanity." 

Earlier Egyptian prime minister, Hisham Qandil told reporters in Gaza, "Egypt will not hesitate to intensify its efforts and make sacrifices to stop this aggression and achieve a lasting truce." (not peace) Egypt requested the ceasefire during the visit. However, while Israel stopped firing during Qandil’s visit, Hamas terrorists continued to fire rockets at Israel. (Egypt did not protest when hundreds of Rockets from Gaza were fired at Israel, which has been terrorising the civilian population for years!)

Morsi appears to be trying to turn the crisis to his advantage, by depicting Egypt as the Arab world's main protector of the Palestinians, after years under Mubarak, who was closely tied to Israel and opposed the Hamas militant group.

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