Holocaust Commemoration - Good and Ugly!

by David M. Halbfinger

World leaders, who came to commemorate the Holocaust, were urged to fight ‘Deadly Cancer’! The extraordinary meeting, on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, heard warnings about the present-day rise in anti-Jewish violence.

The gathering in Jerusalem was orchestrated to focus even more on the present day, with anti-Jewish violence and rhetoric spreading across Europe and North America.

King Felipe VI of Spain - whose inherited titles include the Crusader-era King of Jerusalem - urged other world leaders to show an “unyielding commitment to fighting the ignorant intolerance, hatred and the total lack of human empathy that permitted and gave birth to the Holocaust.”

The actual anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, where 1.1 million people were slaughtered, most of them Jews, was observed in Poland on Monday at the site of the infamous death camp near the town of Oswiecim.

President Reuven Rivlin, in remarks as host of the dinner, urged that the point of the Holocaust forum not be lost in the noise of nationalist-tinged disputes (b/w Poland and Russia). “The role of political leaders is to shape the future,” he said. “Leave history for the historians.”

“I hope and pray that from this room, the message will go out to every country on earth: that the leaders of the world will stand united, will stand united together in the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and extremism,” Mr. Rivlin said “In defending democracy and democratic values. This is the call of our time.”

Anti-Semitic Idiots and Political Prostitutes

Must not be allowed in Israel!

Macron has Disgusting Anti-Semitic Manners!

French President Emmanuel Macron has been involved in an altercation with Israeli security officers in Jerusalem's Old City. He shouted at Israeli security officers on a stop at a church in the Old City that France considers its sovereign territory, recalling a similar tussle in Jerusalem involving his predecessor Jacques Chirac in 1996. (The Church belongs to France, but this is the Jewish sovereign state! Even while vising Israel during Holocaust remembrance, Macron couldn't help himself and met Abbas in Ramallah ahead of Holocaust remembrance forum. He is not the only one who met the Holocaust denier, Abbas, during this visit. Other international Anti-Semites, like Prince Charles, also could not resist temptation to snub the Jewish state!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel has too many narcissistic, opportunistic and even idiotic political 'jesters', but hardly any real Zionist leaders, who are actually care about the future of Israel and the Jewish people!

ICC Delays Debate on Fake War Crimes Probe

The International Criminal Court (ICC) will delay its debate into whether it has the jurisdiction to probe alleged Israeli “war crimes” in Palestinian Authority-assigned areas of Judea and Samaria, Gaza and eastern Jerusalem. (UN involvement is never good for Israel! International Anti-Semites love to smear Israel for as long as possible with fake accusations, dropping the charges quietly later! It has been done many times before.)

Gaza Terrorists are Killed - 'Normality' of Life in Israel

Three Arabs terrorists infiltrate from Gaza and attack soldiers, sparking a firefight which ended in the deaths of the terrorists. (Tolerance must have its limit!)

'Ugly Nazi' has no Shame!

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday presented four options aimed at boosting the protection of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, from sending UN rights monitors and unarmed observers to deploying a military or police force under UN mandate. (UN military units were protecting Hezbollah from Israel's retaliation in Southern Lebanon, and now he wants to facilitate attacks from Gaza.)

Ending Occupation of Jewish Land - in Progress!

Ateret Cohanim organization succeeded in having a Palestinian family evicted from the neighborhood of Silwan, at the southern end of the Temple Mount near the Dung Gate in Jerusalem, on the grounds that the land was owned by Jews before 1948. The Jerusalem neighborhood originally housed Yemenite Jews who arrived in Jerusalem in the late 1800's. The Jewish residents were forced out of the neighborhood and their homes were razed in 1938 by British authorities, (after the British instigated) dangerous Arab revolts in the area. The ruling could set a precedent for the eviction of another 700 Palestinian residents living in Silwan. (Hopefully, more Jewish land will be reclaimed soon!)

Enemies Want Caliphate not just Palestine!

Jerusalem will soon become the capital of a global caliphate, a Palestinian preacher has told a crowd of Muslim worshipers at the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Old City, before calling on them to seek martyrdom. He told the enthusiastic crowd that three prophecies would soon be fulfilled: that a rightly-guided caliphate will be established, that Jerusalem will be liberated and established as its capital, and that Islam “will throw its neighbors to the ground” and achieve world domination. The real task of the Muslim faithful is to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah, and make the word of the infidels inferior to the word of Allah, he said, before calling upon them to become martyrs for Allah. (When will the Western BDS supporters and Anti-Semitic idiots realise that after Jews they are next in the list of advancing Islamism?)

Don't Deny the Genocidal Past

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, ministers and senior officials from 34 countries, members of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), published a statement condemning distortion of the Holocaust and historical revisionism. In recent years, Poland enacted a law that prohibited implicating it in Nazi crimes. Hungary was accused of attempting to obscure its responsibility for the extermination of Jews and Lithuania was accused of clearing the name of a Nazi criminal recognized as a national hero. (By restricting Jewish immigration from Europe, international Anti-Semites deliberately facilitated the Holocaust, even before the WW2 began! During the war they did nothing to stop or hinder the Nazi genocidal system!)

Jordanian Parliament to Ban Israeli Gas

Jordan’s parliament on Sunday approved a draft law banning the import of Israeli natural gas. The motion was passed unanimously by all 130 lawmakers. Earlier this month, Israel began pumping gas to Jordan from its offshore Leviathan gas field. Most Jordanians still view Israel as the enemy, despite a peace treaty between the countries. Israel gives Jordan 50,000,000 cubic meters of water each year, and also agreed to help Jordan use desalination technology in order to find additional water. So, when it comes to water, the Jordanians aren’t rejecting the Zionist offering!

Israel Foiled 560 Significant Terror Attacks!

Israel’s internal security agency, Shin Bet, says it has thwarted over 560 “significant” terror plots in 2019, including suicide 10 suicide plots, 4 abductions and over 300 shooting attacks. Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman said the attacks were aimed against Israeli civilians and infrastructure. (No other country would tolerate this security threat! Why does the inapt Israeli leadership is?)

An Attack Can be a Game-Changer!

The Palestinian Authority’s daily newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida (The New Life) called for murders in Jerusalem to halt the upcoming diplomatic event marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz to be attended by more than 40 world leaders. The opinion piece said: “One shot will disrupt the ceremony and one body will cancel the ceremony.” Hamas may see this event as a unique chance for an earth-shattering rocket attack on the unprecedented concentration of world leaders in Jerusalem. (Israel must change the ugly status quo, with or without ‘help’ from the PA! ‘Quiet’ and ‘Ceasefires’ do not work! Removal of Israel-hating enemy population from Jewish land is the only option. Let them have “New Life” somewhere else!)

Germans haven’t learned lesson of Holocaust

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Thursday that his nation had not fully learned the lessons of the Holocaust, as Jew-hatred was still growing. Steinmeier vowed to combat anti-Semitism, as well as “the poison that is nationalism.” He promised to protect Jewish life in Germany and to stand with the State of Israel. (Words are cheap! Germany has been allowing act of Antisemitism to be committed by neo-Nazis, leftists and Muslims. It is one of the main Western 'partners' of Iran.)

Bills Must be Paid

Israel’s state-owned electric company said Wednesday it was ending power cuts to the West Bank after the Palestinian Authority paid over half of its outstanding debt. of the West Bank over the NIS 1.7 billion ($500 million) debt owed by the main Palestinian power distributor in Judea and Samaria. (Hospitals and many other bills are still not paid by the PA. Israel must start deducting funds from the PA's taxes, it collects.)

Quote of the Week:

"Have you noticed that all the nations who virtually left the Jewish people in Israel to be slaughtered by Muslims states in 1948, are now being overrun by Muslims who are living off their welfare, gang raping their girls, causing havoc, crime and murders and creating almost dessert like places wherever they populate! Has Israel gone mad, surely to take the enemy behind Israeli lines is straight murder for the Jewish people? It is bad enough that governments are brain dead enough to bring them to the West, but to take them into Israel is unbelievable!" – a comment from a Christian friend.

Waiting for Death of Jewish Children in Sderot?

by Dov Trachtman

For the past 19 years, the south has been battered by terrorism from Gaza that has the sole aim of taking human life, and when are the decision-makers going to actually do something to help us?

…The question is not where one of the bomb balloons (or rockets) sent from Gaza will explode, but rather when and how many casualties it will cause. Will our decision-makers only wake up when there are dead and wounded? The State of Israel is suffering from chronic procrastination that is affecting everyone's daily lives, especially those of us living in the south.

It started with mortars and rocket fire, and over the last two years new mechanisms of death such as incendiary kites and bomb balloons have been added to the roster.

It is pure luck that there have not been any victims of these new types of terrorism, but since when have we relied on luck instead of addressing the root of the problem?

Each time, the State of Israel finds another excuse to postpone dealing with the problem.

Sometimes it's the Iranians at the gates, sometimes it's Hezbollah in their tunnels and sometimes its efforts to reach a deal with Hamas.

Sometimes it's because of the right-wing government, sometimes because of the left-wing government and sometimes because of the interim government.

This is what Israeli procrastination looks like: Explosive balloons are delivered to our children in the morning, incendiary kites are dispatched to our farmers at noon and rockets are fired at us all at night.

A sovereign and strong state is not supposed to simply

accept such ugly surreal reality!

Peace Can Only be Made with Defeated Enemies!

...It is the hope of every generation that there will be peace here, but the classic diplomatic paradigm of Israel giving up territories has failed before our eyes time and again. So we have to change our tactics and seek to quell the other side, for peace can only be made with defeated enemies.