Hezbollah Terrorists in Europe

by Nicholas Kulish

In a little-noticed trial in a small courtroom here, Cyprus, on Wednesday a 24-year-old man provided a rare look inside a covert global war between Israel and Iran, admitting that he is an operative of the militant group Hezbollah, for which he acted as a courier in Europe and staked out locations in this port city that Israelis were known to frequent.

Breaking with the group’s ironclad discipline and practiced secrecy, the operative, Hossam Taleb Yaacoub, described being handled by a masked man he knew only as Ayman. He told of doing simple tasks at first: picking up a couple of bags in Lyon, France, taking a cell phone, two SIM cards and a mysterious package wrapped in newspaper from Amsterdam to Lebanon.

Officials in Cyprus have tried to keep the case as low-key as possible, declining in most instances to comment or to release documents.

Mr. Yaacoub’s testimony offered unaccustomed insights from an active Hezbollah member into the militant group’s secret operations. But it carried potentially greater significance for the European Union, which has thus far resisted following Washington’s lead in declaring the group a terrorist organization. Experts say that a conviction here would substantially raise the pressure on the bloc for such a designation.

EU's Hezbollah Terror List Hesitation is Stupidity at Best

Home Front Commander Avi Dichter denounced Europe's hesitation in putting Hezbollah on its terror list, saying debate on the issue as "almost a joke." "Asking if Hezbollah is a terror organization is like asking if Paris belongs to France," he told reporters during a visit to France. "To speak about Hassan Nasrallah as someone who is only political is ridiculous," Dichter added. (Most likely, delay is motivated by traditional anti-Semitism and concerns for oil supply.)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders, visited Australia. In spite of factual inaccuracy, which was even proved in court of law, he was still continuously accused of racism and instigating hate by members of the press and Islamists - real hate-mongers! A ‘politically correct’ Australian government has snubbed him, ignoring the fact that he is just trying to warn the world about mistakes Europe has made and, as a consequence, is facing the danger of Islamisation of the world.

No Change in Netanyahu’s Gutless Politics

Kadima is in line as the second party to join the Netanyahu government, after its leader Shaul Mofaz was promised the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee chair. Likud and Hatnuah signed their accord, assigning Tzipi Livni the Justice Ministry portfolio and responsibility for peace talks with the PA.  Her party of six mandates was the first to join Binyamin Netanyahu’s post-election lineup. (Disregarding the clear swing to Zionist ideology among Israeli voters, after almost 20 years of face peace war, Netanyahu invites the same traitors to the political pie. Israelis are sick and tired with the lack of national leadership!)

US Surrender to Iranian Nuclear Fatwa?

The North Korean test of a “miniature nuclear device” capability, combined with Iran’s ability to launch a capsule with a monkey payload into orbit, add up to their having achieved a nuclear warhead capacity through shared technology. Officials in Jerusalem were dismayed to discover that, instead of cutting this menace short, members of President Barack Obama’s circle were studying a bizarre plan to appease Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei by seeking UN Security Council endorsement for his nuclear fatwa.

Bennett to Netanyahu: 'Not Too Late to Make Amends'

Bayit Yehudi head Naftali Bennett calls on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to patch things up with the Bayit Yehudi party before it's too late: "We are at a historic junction and the ball is in the prime minister's court." In a reference to Likud's hurtful election campaign that targeted religious Zionism and its rabbis, Bennett added: "For many decades, there was a natural partnership between Likud and religious Zionists, but in the last campaign we were brutally attacked. Something in the partnership was frayed, but it is not too late to make amends." Bennett has formed a tactical pact with secularist Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party, which stipulates that neither party will enter a coalition without the other. (Netanyahu fears strong Zionist partners and still plays “divide and conquer” game!)

Brits do not Apologies, but Israel Always Must

British Prime Minister David Cameron visited the site of a colonial-era massacre in India at Jallianwala Bagh where British troops opened fire on thousands of unarmed protesters in 1919, describing the episode as “deeply shameful” while stopping short of a public apology. It immediately invited a debate about why Cameron was opening up wounds from the past - and was stopping short of saying sorry - during a visit designed to stress the future of Indo-British ties. (Not long ago, the British Empire committed hundreds of atrocities against civilians around the word - in India, the Middle East, South Africa, etc. Israel is the only country in the world, which is continuously forced to apologize by international anti-Semitic bigots for defending its right to exist!)

Islamic Marriage a License to Rape?

Lebanese women are taking to the streets to demand laws to protect against abusive partners. But local religious courts often claim domestic violence is a matter of "personal status" outside their authority. (Female genital mutilation, gang rapes, limb amputations, acid attacks, absence of freedom of religious worshiping or speech - how many more reasons do the fake liberals need to change their anti-Israel attitude and focus on true villain - barbaric Islamic ideology of world domination?)

US Arm Trade - Business as Usual

The United Arab Emirates has signed defense contracts worth $1.4bn, including one for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. The deal marks General Atomics' first sale of an unarmed version of its Predator drones in the Middle East.

Will Islamists Confront Israel from Golan?

Assad has evacuated most of the troops of his 5th Army Division from their permanent bases on the Golan opposite Israeli forces and transferred them along with their artillery to Damascus. This step was intended by Assad to reinforce the defense of his capital, while at the same time providing the al Qaeda-linked fighters in rebel ranks direct access to the Israel border.

Berlin Film Festival - Anti-Semitic Europe at Its Best

Danish-Palestinian film director Mahdi Fleifel, who was awarded the Berlin International Film Festival’s annual Peace Prize, publically said at the Q&A session following the ceremony that he did not recognize Jewish legitimacy in the Land of Israel.

Quote(s) of the Week:

“Steven, 105 years ago Zion was just getting well organized to enslave the world into a perpetual war based economy. First they murdered my cousin, Czar Nicolas. Then after the three stooges were done using them for the power grab, they spilled over into the rest of Europe and organized labor unions. Yes, they did a few good things but they also caused an environment of no Liberty.” - This kind of delussional garbage I receive often from deranged anti-Semites and even some self-hating Jews. Unfortunately, there are still too many of them around. We should not waste too much of our time on rebuking idiots. Blinded by hate, they will never change their mind. We must focus on our own national goal!

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" - Benjamin Franklin

Nothing to Celebrate - Al-Qaeda Alive and Well

by Reza Kahlili

In an agreement between al-Qaida and the Islamic regime, three camps have been set up within Iran to train terrorists, WND has learned.

Al-Qaeda members are trained to attack NATO forces in Afghanistan and collaborate with the Islamic regime on terrorist activities against Israel, the United States and some European countries, according to a source within the Revolutionary Guards intelligence division.

The camps are in the Sistan and Baluchestan provinces of Iran bordering Pakistan, where the al-Qaida members are trained in terrorism and guerrilla-warfare tactics.

The al-Qaida members, under the pretext of conducting commerce, enter Iran through local bazaars along the Pakistani-Iranian border, the source said. After completing the course, each al-Qaida member is paid the equivalent of $12,000 in appreciation of their participation and further collaboration with the regime’s Quds Forces.

Three training bases have been set up:

The Revolutionary Guards base, close to the airport and near Azadi Square in the city of Zahedan. It is equipped with a unit for bomb-making and explosives.

Zaboli, a camp built in the desert adjacent to the city of Zabol. It has a harsh 45-day training program.

The third site is south in the city of Nikshahr, though recently it was transformed into a type of hospital. It’s not clear what kind of activity occurred there.

Pakistan has collaborated with Iran for well over a decade on the terrorism training, according to the source. He said officials from the Pakistani Consulate across from the Guards base routinely watch the training. (While the United States is celebrating the fake victory over Al-Qaeda, including the botched assassination of bin Laden, the Sunni base terror organization joined its enemy Shia leadership of Iran in their common goal, establishing global domination of Islam! Islamists have used ‘Arab Spring’ to infiltrate in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and are attempting it in Syria now. Mali has become another battleground like Somalia and Yemen.)

Obama still Needs ‘Convincing’

The White House was unmoved by the IAEA finding that Iran had installed 180 advanced centrifuges at Natanz to speed enrichment and commented on Thursday, Feb. 21 that “a diplomatic solution is still possible”