Help them Leave Gaza!

by Frank Mecklenburg

Arabs have a huge desire to leave the Gaza Strip and at least half of them are willing to leave if they had a place to go.

Thousands of Gazans want to leave the Gaza Strip as soon as possible. Israel has been trying to help their dreams come true by having talks with other nations, mostly Arab, to be willing to absorb them. Some 35,000 left Gaza in 2019 through the Sinai and flying out of Cairo. Israel is willing to cover the cost and use Israeli airfields. The biggest problem is that few Middle East countries have agreed to take in Gazans even though they have plenty of land to spare and some have highly successful economies.

If Gaza were empty of all civilians not wanting to be under Hamas or associated with Hamas, then that would solve the problem of killing civilians when bombing Hamas. The terrorist organization then could be finally destroyed eliminating any more rockets, balloons, or terrorist attacks. There would be no Gaza Strip, but instead only Israel which would develop that coastal area into the Singapore of the Middle East for any Arabs willing to live in peace with the Jewish state. If the world really cared about Gazans, that is the solution they would be supporting. (During the last month conflict Israel missed another opportunity to implement the Sinai Option and motivate all residents of Gaza to leave.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

In 2005, some 8,500 Jews were forcefully removed from Gaza. There was not a single condemnation of the Israeli government for breaking the international law of “population transfer” from the UN, EU, UNHCR and other Jew-haters. This ‘law’ applies only to Israel to prevent transfer of the enemy population from Jewish land! (Note: Israel is often accused of breaking international law, but Jew-haters have never said which ones!) The Israeli government tried to appease international Anti-Semites, but they are still calling Israel an “apartheid state and an “occupier”! This is in spite of the fact that there are no Jews living in Gaza; IDF withdrew from Gaza. Hamas has governed Gaza since 2005 – no IDF personnel or Jewish civilian are there!

Self-interest First, Israel's much Later!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Knesset lawmakers from all parties to “vote their conscience” if the so-called change coalition presents a new government to the Knesset this week. “If, God forbid, the government is formed, we will make sure to topple it very quickly,” he said. (I am also not happy to see the new government being formed! At the same time, there is a reason why parties of such diverse political standing found one common point which has united them - removal Netanyahu from PM office! Why?)


Israel Must not Wait for Another Attack!

The 1973 war proved to be one of Israel’s most traumatic - with over 3,000 dead, thousands wounded, and enormous economic damage. Israeli government knew that Syria and Egypt were set to attack Israel on Yom Kippur 1973, but chose not to make a pre-emptive strike, fearing international condemnation. Sovereignty means self-respect!

Netanyahu Tried to Create the Same ‘Change’ Government

Despite repeated meetings with many of his rivals and unprecedented outreach to the leader of a small Islamist Arab party, Netanyahu has not been able to close a deal during a four-week window. (Only later, after he had failed) Netanyahu ruled out serving in a government with the Arab partners, he has courted.

UAE Opens Holocaust-Education Exhibit

In a continuing cultural relationship with Israel and the United Arab Emirates as part of the Abraham Accords, UAE becomes first Arab Gulf country to open Holocaust-education exhibit in its museum. It features artefacts and testimonies from Holocaust survivors, as well as pays tribute to Holocaust victims.

Next War with Israel - Why Wait?

The next battle between Israel and Hamas will change the shape of the Middle East, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said. Sinwar called on its leaders not to expect anything from the US administration. He said that the only way for the (so-called) Palestinians to achieve their goals was through unity and a “popular resistance backed by an armed resistance.” (Why does Israel always wait for enemies to attack first, knowing their intention? It is time to become pro-active and end occupation of Jewish land by fake Palestinians! Many Jews say that the world will really come down on Israel should it act first, and the world of Jew-haters does not let Israel defend itself the way any other country would. Jew-haters do it now! Why must Israel care?)

Shameful Hypocrites of Democratic Party

More than 30 Democrats, led by New Jersey congressman Josh Gottheimer, signed a bipartisan letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, expressing their support for Israel's missile defense system. The move came weeks after those same Democrats voted against a Republican measure providing $500 million to fund the Iron Dome and other missile defense cooperation programs. The Democrats' pro-Iron Dome flip-flop comes after an outside group aligned with House Republicans launched ads targeting them over the May votes. The Democrats "shamefully voted no, even as terrorists' rockets rained down on Israeli cities," the ads said. 

'Palestinians' Support Killing Jews

For 11 days last month, Hamas continued to arc more than 4,000 rockets into Israel, terrorizing residents of Tel Aviv and other cities. That performance has earned Hamas newfound admiration among Palestinians not only in Gaza, which it governs, but also crucially in Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank), where despite the prohibition, Palestinians waved Hamas flags and chanted the group’s slogans during demonstrations. (Most political commentators blame Hamas and other terrorist organisations for the conflict with Israel. The reality is that the so-called Palestinian population, even those living within Israel, are incurably infected with hate for Jews and Israel!)

Islamic Secret behind Arab-Israeli Conflict! (please watch)

Iraq's Miss Universe reveals (in 3.27 minutes) the secret essence of Arab-Israeli Conflict. Approximately 25% of Muslims are Islamists! The goal: Get rid of Israel and Jews first; next, America and the rest of the Western world. It has never been fake Palestinians!

UNRWA Chief Recalled for Telling the Truth

Despite an apology, Matthias Schmale, head of the UNRWA in Gaza, and his deputy have been recalled from their post for consultations in Jerusalem, angering Hamas after he told Israeli TV that IDF strikes during last month’s 11-day war appeared to be “precise” and “sophisticated.” (When in danger they always retreat to Israel!)

Terror Tunnel was Underneath UNRWA Gaza School

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has admitted that it has likely revealed a tunnel beneath one of its schools that armed terrorist groups utilized during the recent 11-day conflagration with Israel. (International Jew-haters give money to Hamas, do not care how they are used, and provide cover for the terrorists!)

Who Supplied Weapons to Hamas?

In the latest round of hostilities with Israel, Hamas used weapons, rockets, components of missiles and rocket launchers that were smuggled into the Gaza Strip from Libya. The Libyan officials accused Turkey, Qatar, and Iran of exploiting the instability in Libya to use it to smuggle weapons and technology to Hamas in Gaza. In some cases, the materials were smuggled in by sea, and in other cases smuggled over land – from Libya to Egypt, through the Sinai Peninsula into Gaza. (Why is Turkey still a member of NATO and why is Egypt still called a "moderate" Islamic state?)

Quote of the Week:

"Netanyahu is not Israel and Israel is not Netanyahu. That is what he wants everyone to think. This country, founded 73 years ago, is tough, resilient and far greater than one single person, no matter how talented he or she might be, or how long that person has been in office." - Yaakov Katz, Jpost.

Government has done Nothing!

Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Hirsch

Twenty years ago, on June 1, 2001, a Hamas terrorist blew himself up at the entrance of the Dolphinarium Bar on the Tel Aviv beachfront. That Arab suicide bomber killed 21 Israeli teenagers and young adults, and injured more than a hundred.

What was the Israeli government's reaction? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

What followed: on August 9, 2001, another suicide bomber blew up the Sbarro restaurant at the corner of Yafo and King George, killing 15 Israelis, mainly kids, and injuring 130.

It was only after the Seder night massacre in 2002 at the Park Hotel in Netanya, when thirty Israelis were killed and 140 injured, that then PM Ariel Sharon reacted.

The next morning, the IDF invaded Ramallah and permanently besieged terrorist Yasser Arafat in his headquarters, for the rest of his miserable life...

The lesson to be learned: they must be made to lose. Unless the Arabs lose something that they value, their murderous attacks on Jews continue. In that case, in 2002, they lost freedom of movement - permanently. And if you examine every case where Arabs were not forced to lose something permanently, they continued attacks on the state of Israel...

Israel's mistake on May 21, 2021, was to stop shooting at Hamas in Gaza before the IDF retook Alei Sinai, one of the Israeli towns in Gush Katif, less than a kilometer from the border with pre-1967 Israel...

The nonsense goes further: Hamas' missiles provided a smokescreen for Arab squatters in the middle of downtown Yerushalayim to continue to steal Jewish-owned land in the Shimon Hatzadik area. (Bombing empty buildings and killing a few lower-ranking terrorists is equal to NOTHING! Letting Hamas attack Israel again and again is borderlines with CRIMINALITY! Removal of all enemies from Gaza would be the best way to make them "lose something that they value", such as KILLING Jews and it will stop rockets from Gaza!)